Stacking the Shelves (#52)


Stacking the Shelves
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HELLOOOOOOO, penguins!  It is I, your royal beakness!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be updating your fins today–since my last Stacking the Shelves, not a whoooole lot has changed really.  Let’s see…. people continue quitting at work (they’re dropping like flies, penguins.  LIKE FLIIIIIES!)  I’m going to be officially starting my OFFICIAL schedule in the near soonish future…meaning 9am-5pm…six days a week.  On the plus side, YAY OVERTIME!  On the negative side….there really isn’t one actually, so YAY that too!  Seriously, I’m really enjoying this job.  My bosses are fantastic, I’ve been offered a SUPER awesome promotion packet for when I take on the GM position, and I’m super enthusiastic about this opportunity–seriously, the timing could not have been better with all of these life changes.  Obviously something wanted me to be in THIS place, doing THIS work, at this exact time.

Keith apparently ordered the DVD shelves earlier today, so we’ll be receiving that around Valentines Day, which means YAY I can actually unpack some of my boxes finally (seriously, all my stuff is still pretty much in boxes.  Or hampers.  Or bags.  We really need to start working on sprucing up the apartment.)  He also informed me the other night that we will be celebrating Valentines Day with dinner out and a movie.  Having come out of a series of relationships where Valentines Day wasn’t really a big deal….this is interesting for me.  Because honestly, until he said something, while I KNEW subconsciously that VDay is a thing…I had forgotten?  the VDay is a thing couples actually DO?!  I’m so terrible at this game, I can’t even.

Wyoming is getting DUMPED on by mountains of snow and all I can do is sit here and laugh because I SO TOTALLY don’t miss that frickfrack right now.  I mean, we’ve had some cold days here…but…I’ll take this cold over the snow and the below zeroes and the ICK that’s happening back home.

I actually have tomorrow (Saturday!) off, so Keith and I are gonna do….I dunno what but hopefully something fun because I sort of need to get out of the apartment for a bit.  Maybe I’ll talk him into going to a movie, or something… SOOOOOMETHING DIFFERENT, at the very least!

Other than that, I’ve just been doing the usual–going to work (I went in like two hours earlier today than usual because YAY catering orders! boooo I’m exhausted.  YAY tomorrow off!), coming home, eating dinner and sleeping….rinse and repeat.  Oh, and also squashing ants, because apparently the last tenants weren’t clean at all and so we have those.  Little tiny ones.  EWWWW.  (side note…why is it I can’t get away from the pests, no matter where I go?!)

What’s been happening in your worlds, penguins?!


from publishers/authors/edelweiss/netgalley
(for blog tours)

Any Boy But You (North Pole, Minnesota, #1)


from publishers/authors/edelweiss/netgalley
(for review)

The Duchess's Descendants (Jordinia #3)

To Fall For You

from ebook subscription service

Catalyst (The Deception Game, #1)




The Star-Touched Queen (The Star-Touched Queen, #1)

Love, Lies and Spies


What are some of the books YOU picked up/added to your shelves (either real or virtual?)  Let me know below, or link me to your own Stacking the Shelves!

Until next time, happy book-ing!


20 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (#52)

  1. V Day just leaves me cold! If you have to tell a guy to buy you something on a specific day to prove his love well, you have a relationship issue! I think buying each other a surprise gift from time to time is much more fun. Then again, I don’t have a romantic bone in my body! Have a good week!

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    • LOL I have never in my life told any guy he HAS to buy me things to prove his love for me, because that’s just stupid. Which is probably why VDay was never a big deal in my past relationships–still, given how much we’ve been working and how few days off we have together, it’s sort of nice that he wants to go out and actually DO something, you know?


  2. So cool that you enjoy doing your job so much and sounds like you’re gonna have a great Valentines! Love your stack and Following you on Instagram (Totally Stalking) cause I loved catching up with you from your description! Love your TBR stack!
    Here’s the link to my first Stacking the Shelves

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  3. Sounds like a great week, and congrats on finding someone to spoil you on Valentine’s Day! I don’t care much for the holiday, but would gladly take it as an excuse to cuddle and feel adored. My bf and I have an awesome routine of buying ourselves what we want and then thanking the other person LOL My only regret is that he can’t eat out much due to his allergies so we never really have date nights. Ohh, I’m rambling. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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