About the Penguin


Hello, fellow book traveler, and welcome to my corner of the blog block!  I hope you’re doing well.

Chances are, you stumbled here out of the cold and the dark.  Why don’t you stay a while?  Warm yourself near the fire, click around a bit.  I promise, the penguins don’t bite.

Looking for a little something specific?  Maybe this guide will help point you in the right direction…

Review Policy
If you’re an author or publisher seeking this Pengin’s policy toward reviews, click this age!  You’ll also find a handy list of all reviews posted to the blog so far, in case you’re wondering what sort of things I read.

About Me
Posts about me, about my blog, tags/questions not specifically book-related, etc.

Written Words
My writing.  I don’t post much of that around these parts.

Loved and Loathed
My own take on a monthly wrap-up!

Bookishly Obsessed
All things bookishly random!  Book tags, book awards, my unique book memes, etc.

Sunday Post
A weekly post about book news, reading check-ins, challenges, etc!

Bookmark Monday
A weekly post featuring bookmarks!

Top Ten Tuesday
Another weekly post–the subject changes from week to week, but most often books are involved.

Wishlist Wednesday
A weekly post showcasing items pulled from my wishlist.

Friday Finds
A weekly post featuring various Kindle/ebook deals for the week!

Teaser Reviews
Mini reviews for galleys received from Netgalley and/or books that I can’t yet FULLY review (because RULES!)

Book Reviews–5 Penguins
Otherwise known as life-ruiners, favorite reads, etc.

Book Reviews–4 Penguins
Otherwise known as epic, awesome stories; would definitely recommend!

Book Reviews–3 Penguins
Otherwise known as meh/just okay reads; would probably still recommend.

Book Reviews–2 Penguins
Otherwise known as problematic, not worth your time, would not recommend.  I will no longer be doing 1 Penguin reviews because I don’t often read books that I DNF.  I NEVER DNF books I receive for review, and I don’t feel comfortable rating books that I don’t finish.  Therefore, 2 penguins is the lowest rating any book can get from me!

Bookish News
Pretty much what it says!  Book release announcements, cover reveals, etc!  (if you’re an author and would like to get in touch about setting something up, feel free to find me on goodreads or shoot me an email!)

And there you have it!  Hopefully this clears up any potential confusion on my page; some of the titles are a bit misleading, I know.  If you like what you see, I hope you’ll stick around; I’m sure you and the penguins will get along just fine.

Happy book-ing!