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Hello, and welcome to betwixt-these-pages!  I’m Elizabeth (Beth, Princess Penguin, or Hey, Weirdo! for short), avid reader and host blogger on this page.  I hope you’re having a great day, and are enjoying the various treasures found here!

I like purring kitties, white chocolate, and things that smell like the color “purple”….

Alright, alright, I kid!  Sort of.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

I accept ARCs, eARCs, and finished copies of the following:

  • literary fiction
  • YA
  • science fiction
  • fantasy
  • dystopian
  • mystery/thrillers
  • humor
  • contemporary
  • new adult
  • horror
  • mid-grade
  • poetry
  • romance

Basically, if it’s not a western or nonfiction (I mean, excluding poetry, which technically can be nonfiction) I’m likely to read it!  I do have this weird thing about books with cop or detective main characters…but I’m trying to get over that.  It’s just not fair to the books, you know?

If you’re not sure and would like to see everything I’ve read so far, mosey on over here:  Elizabeth M’s Bookshelf : Read

I do a few things differently from most.

 For titles received via Netgalley or through authors who’d like my review released closer to the publication date, I do what I like to call “Teaser Reviews.”  These are mini snapshots of my “full” review which include the book cover, the book synopsis, my star rating, and the “quick reasons” why I thought the book was good/bad.

Quick reasons, in my world, are the things that MOST stood out to me–that I either loved or loathed about the read.  These can include but are not limited to:  amount of heartbreak; strong/weak plotline; awesome/boring characters; character arcs (if there were any); etc.  They are ALWAYS snapshots of the things my full review will cover more in-depth.


1. select a few of my favorite, short quotes to be featured on textured backgrounds in the review;
2. select up to four songs for a miniature book “playlist” that, fingers crossed, give readers a small snapshot of the read;
3. highlight the things I most liked and most loathed about any specific book with both “quick reasons” AND Penguin Pokes.

Not sure what a Penguin Poke is?  Check them out below.


I always try to get requested reviews done in a timely matter–these days, it’s usually within a week or two from receiving the title.  I will always send you a message with links to each site the review has been posted or cross-posted to.

Interested in cover reveals or other promotional posts?  Feel free to ask!  I’m still learning, but I’m willing to promote your book in any way I can!

Penguin Ratings:

(please note, I DO use 1/2 or 3/4 penguin ratings–usually for my 4 penguin books; this just means, really, that that book stood out MORE than others I’ve read with the same given rating, but I didn’t feel right moving it the next rating up.)


Life ruiners; instant favorites; I will rave about this book and the many ways it broke me for the rest of probably forever; praise-vomit


Epic, awesome stories; journeys worth falling into; few things bothered me about this read; definitely recommend


Neutral territory; not mind-blowing, but not terrible; some concerning problems with plot, characters, or writing; will still recommend


Problematic; not a cohesive story; lots of weird plot holes or character motivations happening; confusing and hard to follow; would not recommend

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