Friday Fever (#4)


Hello, and welcome to Friday Fever–your one stop igloo for all things bookish and sales-worthy!

I decided to make this meme because:

1.) I don’t know who hosts the Friday Finds posts anymore;
2.) I’m too lazy to go seeking out the new host, if there is one;
3.) I always did my own thing with Friday Finds anyway, so why not just make it OFFICIALLY my own idea?!

As  always, these are all epic finds under $2.00 $5.00 on Amazon Kindle!
Click the cover to be taken to the AMAZON page!

Remember:  these deals can change at any time.  ALWAYS double check before hitting the buy button!

No descriptions because HOLY BOOKS, PENGUINS (also, lazy)!

Also, I’m not splitting these into prices this week because I don’t wanna because there are SO MANY awesome book deals happening right now I’m very worried for my wallet…

Contemporary vs. Fantasy

Shadow Blessed (The Shadow Accords Book 1) by [Holmberg, D.K.]

Shadow Cursed (The Shadow Accords Book 2) by [Holmberg, D.K.]

Shadow Born (The Shadow Accords Book 3) by [Holmberg, D.K.]

The Muse: A Novel by [Burton, Jessie]

Mage Slave (The Enslaved Chronicles Book 1) by [Thorne, R. K.]

Gena/Finn by [Moskowitz, Hannah, Helgeson, Kat]

Emerge: The Awakening: (Book 1) by [Craven, Melissa A.]

Unspeakable by [Rushton, Abbie]

The Sorcerer's Concubine (The Telepath and the Sorcerer Book 1) by [Dolamore, Jaclyn]

The Sorcerer's Wife (The Telepath and the Sorcerer Book 2) by [Dolamore, Jaclyn]

All the Rage: A Novel by [Summers, Courtney]

Slave, Warrior, Queen (Of Crowns and Glory-Book 1) by [Rice, Morgan]

Rogue, Prisoner, Princess (Of Crowns and Glory-Book 2) by [Rice, Morgan]

Knight, Heir, Prince (Of Crowns and Glory-Book 3) by [Rice, Morgan]

Please Ignore Vera Dietz by [King, A.S.]

Switched (A Trylle Novel Book 1) by [Hocking, Amanda]

Every Day by [Levithan, David]

The Darkest Corners by [Thomas, Kara]

A Great and Terrible Beauty (The Gemma Doyle Trilogy Book 1) by [Bray, Libba]

Welp, there you go!  Some awesome reads for epic prices!  Have you guys read any of them?  Are there any you’re dying to read and bought immediately?  Let me know your thoughts below!

(and please remember:  I DID NOT!!! pick up every single book listed here, just the ones that I didn’t already have and/or am super excited about!  Most of these are just books I feel YOU lovely penguins might be interested in!)

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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