Sunday Post (#14)


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Hello, and happy Sunday from blustery, chilly Wyoming!  No, seriously–it’s been a bit like this the last few days:

I mean, OKAY, I get that it’s Wyoming.  And it’s APRIL in Wyoming, to boot, which generally means Mother Nature can’t make up her mind about anything, but c’mon!  I’m ready for sunny and warm!

My week was fairly quiet, overall.  I am waiting very impatiently for my reunion with Lit-Cube to go Facebook official.  She’s bringing dragons into the picture this month, and I’m all sorts of excited!

I have a question for you all in regards to this post.  I’ve noticed a lot of people around the blog block usually ALSO include links to all the other fun shenanigans they get up to during the week, as opposed to just their reviews… Is this something I should do?  Would it help you guys “discover” posts from me you might have missed out on?  Let me know, please!

With that said…


Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles #1), by Intisar Khanani
Midnight Burning (The Norse Chronicles #1), by Karissa Laurel
Anyone But Ivy Pocket (Ivy Pocket #1), by Caleb Krisp


The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses

Gilt Hollow


Alise and Bec @ Readers in Wonderland want to talk How to Improve Your Netgalley Feedback Ratio

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Emily @ Loony Literate wants to share tips on How to Get More Views on Your Reviews


YES, I started this from the beginning.  AGAIN.  No, I do not regret this decision.

I FINALLY! convinced the hubby to watch this with me, so we started from season 1 last night!  So far, I think he’s hooked.  He has no idea what he’s in for…but he’s hooked.


Have any fun stories you’d like to share?  How about book recs?  Music?  Funny Disney spoof videos?  Adorable animals doing adorable things?!  Feel free to share down below–or link me to your own weekly wrap up!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post (#14)

  1. Quiet is usually good! Yes to your question! I think you should include links to EVERYTHING you did so we can “stalk” your post properly, every corner *wink* Hope you have some warm and sunny next week 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LMAO well that’s not at aaaaaaall creepy!

      Seriously, though, I’ll probably start linking to ALL TEH THINGS next week. Which…should prove interesting, at the very least, because I post a LOT of posts each week. XD

      Also, HI! Thanks for stopping by and reading and leaving your two (creepy) cents! 😀 Haha, happy book-ing to you!


  2. I need to catch up on Supernatural. I only saw the first five episodes of season one and haven’t had time to get back to it! I’ve got TONS of TV to catch up on but I’m too busy reading to do it!

    I love your penguins by the way! Have a good week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohmah Penguins, I SO know what you mean. I think I made it through season 5, but then real life whacked me over the head and I fell off the watching wagon, and since then have been sitting idle… This is a chance for me to remember what’s happened, and catch up!

      I am SO glad you like the penguins! They’re pretty adorable, if I say so myself. 😉 Happy book-ing to you!


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