In the Land of Broken Time: Time May Break, But Make Sure You Learn From It


In The Land of Broken Time: The Incredible Journey

52 Pages
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2016
Available on Kindle Unlimited
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This book is about the adventures of the boy named Christopher, the girl named Sophia and retriever Duke. By chance they found themselves in a balloon, that took them into a fairyland, where mysterious events happen.

Children wanted to find the way home. The heroes had to solve a lot of mysteries. They learned interesting ways of time measuring and found a time machine.

Quick Reasons: action-packed, fast-paced adventure; the whimsy and wonder of this read took me back to my childhood; this mixes “fun” with “learning” and I adored that; some great lessons and morals passed along to readers; not real heavy on the illustrations–but the ones included are super adorable and add to the journey

HUGE thank you to Max and Maria Evan for forwarding me a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


Now, I have a confession to make, dear penguins: this? Was my first children’s book done for a read and review. I mean, I’ve been reading middle grade for a while, but until this moment, had not picked up a children’s book in years (because they’re different, you know–middle grade and children’s books are not the same). Don’t get me wrong–this wasn’t due to some uppity or snooty reason. It’s just that I don’t have kids, I’m not real close to my family members who DO have small children, and I no longer work in a childcare service. I suppose I could still pick up children’s books despite all this, and I might, in the future–but until today, I hadn’t really even considered breaking into this genre for my reviews. And then I read the synopsis for THIS book. And I immediately changed my mind.

LAND Quote1

The plot is fast-paced and action packed. Children of all ages (and I don’t necessarily mean just the small ones!) are bound to love the whimsy and wonder portrayed throughout this read. Some of the world-building, however, was a bit confusing for me overall. While I understand the children reached the alternate world through their hot air balloon ride…it was unclear exactly HOW the balloon got them there, or why the world is so similar and yet so different from our own. Of course, I could argue that this is the point–the imagination knows no bounds, and therefore might have played a huge role in a lot of the story, but… I don’t think that’s the case, personally.


There are also some great lessons and morals being passed along here. Things like being brave, doing the right thing, and supporting your friends even when things don’t go your way are all called into question and examined closely. Also examined are the differences between “good,” “evil,” and that shady “gray area” in between; try, try, and try again (failure is not an option unless you make it one); and appropriately managing your time. There are, I’m sure, others that I missed or am forgetting about–this book is FULL of lessons and morals, and I loved discovering each of them in turn!

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This is a whimsical, fun, entertaining read–and I’m sure parents and children alike will appreciate the action and the lessons found within the pages. While there are few illustrations, the artwork is adorable, vibrant, and lends even more action to the story/dialogue–as well as, in a few instances, playing key roles in the plot! I am so, so glad I gave this book a chance–and can’t wait to explore, in the future, other reads like it! I definitely recommend to lovers of magical whimsy, “races” to beat time, and moral-laden journeys of friendship and self-discovery.