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So–I started packing!  Officially!  There are boxes, FILLED, with stuff!

I mean….not many boxes?  BUT THERE ARE BOXES!  Just with books and movies…..BUT IT’S A START!

I don’t know why I felt like screaming at you, penguins.  Please don’t take it personally, I’m just in a screaming mood I guess?  I don’t know.  I don’t know.

I also…don’t really have much going on in my life this week?  I’m not even sure what I’m doing NEXT week, aside from continuing to slowly fill boxes with my stuff because THE MOVE IS COMING, THE MOVE IS COMING!

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So…let’s just get to the post, huh?  Yes?  So I can stop screaming and scaring the penguins?  Cause…I think that’s a great idea.


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Sunday Post (#36)

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Have any fun stories you’d like to share?  How about book recs?  Music?  Funny Disney spoof videos?  Adorable animals doing adorable things?!  Feel free to share down below–or link me to your own weekly wrap up!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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Bookishly Obsessed (#1)


Huge thanks to Maria @ Marwhal Reads for putting this idea into my head!

This is going to be a weekly post for Saturdays featuring anything “Bookish” I find myself obsessed with.  In most cases, this will be a certain type of book/read/author.  I might branch out to include covers, as well, but we’ll see.  By “obsessed”…I mean I own tons of/go out of my way to collect!

This week:

Pride and Prejudice

Because…I’m obsessed!  Check it out:


Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
(The Barnes & Noble Classics edition)
Because why wouldn’t I have at least one copy of the original?!

All of the following, of course, are co-authored by Jane Austen.


Some “classic” retellings or reimaginings:


Two of the weirder retellings I’ve stumbled across:








And…that’s it!  Except I’m sure it’s not, because I can’t stop buying them and will probably be adding more soon!  How are you guys at collecting things?  Do you find your shelves inundated with many copies of the same book, or various retellings?  What book(s) do you do this with?!  Let me know below!

Feel free to join in on this with me, if you’d like, and share what you’re Bookishly Obsessed with!

Until next time, happy book-ing!