The Duchess Inheritance: Soap Opera Scallywags!


The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2)

Her inheritance awaits…but is it what she expects? Dainy Ducelle possesses only one clue to her hidden inheritance. Accompanied by her loyal companions – Mac, Jon and Bos – the young woman embarks upon another riveting quest, braving pirates, desert thieves and mountain gales through the exotic nations of the Great Continent to seek her royal fortune. But when her unusual treasure is finally uncovered, the former duchess gains the sudden potential to become a future empress. Thus ensues the battle to reclaim Jordinia in C.K. Brooke’s gripping sequel to The Duchess Quest (Jordinia: Book 1). Wrought with harrowing adventure and deepening romance, war is waged while love is lost and found in this epic conclusion to the tale of Jordinia.

Jordinia #2
482 Pages
48fourteen Publishers
Publication Date: April 11th, 2015
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Quick Reasons: awesome action/adventure; entertaining, hilarious characters; tons of dramatic, soap opera-esque moments; snark, sass, and all things delicious; endearing, steamy romance; pirates, coups, and power struggles; I’m not so sure I liked the epilogue, but that’s personal preference; a heck of a great read!

So many thank yous to C.K. Brooke and 48fourteen Publishers for sending me a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


Guys, seriously–this series is the absolute BEST. The whole time I was reading, I kept asking myself: am I stuck in the middle of a fantasy, or a soap opera in book form?! And it was awesome! I’m not one for daytime tv, but C.K. Brooke does such a fantastic job crafting her characters and the world surrounding them, I immediately get sucked into her stories–and don’t even mind all the drama! (in fact, the drama in this series only made these books more enjoyable for me!)


The characters are entertaining and endearing. Dainy, especially, called to me, easily keeping me enthralled and wanting to know what happened next. Which is weird, because I don’t usually enjoy characters like her. She has SUCH a huge flair for dramatics and overreacting; I usually find such traits in characters annoying, but C.K. Brooke somehow managed to include them while still rounding Dainy out. She is a truly complex character, and I loved following her on her journey. Of course, the rest of the cast is JUST as well-rounded and entertaining!

There were so many more shifts in perspective–and so many new characters–to keep track of in this book than we were introduced to in the first. This wasn’t confusing, though–each chapter heading told readers which character they were following, and C.K. Brooke wrote the transitions seamlessly. It was a bit daunting at first, though; if I remember correctly, the first book had a few slight perspective shifts, but nothing like this one. Still, the change of pace and scenery from one chapter to the next allowed me to get a broader sense of each player in the story–and helped bring them more fully to life for me.


And the plot! The plot is probably the best thing about this book, because it’s FULL of action, adventure, romance and power struggles. There is a touch of every genre, which is sure to keep even the most easily distracted/bored readers entertained and flipping through the pages at break-neck speed. I, personally, devoured this novel within a few hours, and was left hungering for more.


I’m not so sure I’m keen on the epilogue at the end, but that’s a small matter. I feel like it was written a bit more haphazard than the rest of this duology–more to answer the questions of “what if” than to give closure. But I found I didn’t NEED to know the answers; I almost wish I had left it off at the end of the last chapter, and skipped over the epilogue completely–I’d have still been happy with the ending, and these books, without knowing where the characters ended up. This series, though, is a TON of fun. I recommend this book–nay, this series!–to lovers of fantasy worlds, confident women, and soap opera levels of drama laced into the action. I promise, C.K. Brooke won’t disappoint you–pick her up!