Real Neat Blog Award

RN BlogAward

I was tagged by the wonderfully awesome Kei @ The Lovely Pages Reviews.  Thank you so so much, Kei!  You can see her post and nominations right here!

The Rules:

♥ Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
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Kei’s Questions:


  • Name the most re-read book on your shelf.

Oh jeez.  Okay.  Uhm.  I’m going to go with

Pride and Prejudice

because do you even KNOW how many different versions/adaptations/retellings of this book I’ve read?  Do you know how many I OWN?!  It’s a lot.  And it takes the top spot for this question, no doubt about it.

  • Have you ever spoiled the ending of a book for yourself or others?

Erm.  I don’t think so?  I mean I HAVE spoiled the endings of books for others, BUT ONLY WHEN ASKED!  And even then, I have to reeeeeeeally make sure they mean business and actually want to be spoiled, because I HATE being spoiled and hate to do that to other people.  Usually though, I’m as spoiler-free as they come!

  • Do you read negative reviews?

Definitely!  I like to read negative reviews of books I’ve read and loved, books I’ve read and loathed, AND books I haven’t read YET but am attempting to decide if I should.  I think negative reviews can bring a lot of insight to a reader.  Of course, some negative reviews should never be read EVER.  It’s a very fine thread of tight rope.

  • Name a book you’ve lied about reading or not reading.

Anything I was *required* to read for classes.  For the most part, I was SOOPAH bored by those books, and usually could get away with skimming or not reading at all.  Also, STUPID HUCKLEBERRY FINN.  I will throw that book into a raging fire if I EVER see it again.  I read it SO MANY TIMES throughout middle/high school and college… SO MANY.  I started lying about having actually read it, because I had the damn thing memorized.

No, really, you don’t understand.  In college?  I had the same professor pretty much every single semester, okay?  And he loved…and I mean LOVED…this stupid book.  Which meant we read this stupid book literally every semester.  I got soooo sick of it.  It is the only book I will maim on sight.

  • Series or standalones?

It…depends?!  I know, that’s really not a helpful answer, but I honestly don’t care one way or the other.  If the prose is pretty and the book wounds my porcelain heart, it doesn’t matter.  Unless it DOES.  By which I mean, if the standalone is SO soopah pretty and hurtful and gaaaaaaaaah and I find myself, at the end of the book, needing more.  In which case, I will curse the fact it’s a standalone.  But…this doesn’t happen often.

  • Name the book you’re currently reading.

Alice Takes Back Wonderland

  • Would you rather re-read the same book forever or forget every book you finish reading? (I’m so evil *insert evil laugh*)

Forget every book I finish reading…because then I can read them again, and again, and again, AND ALWAYS BE SURPRISED by the sneakeh heart-wrenching plot twists!  I mean sure, I’ll never remember WHY said books are my favorites…but…REREADING!

My Questions (of Scary Awesome)

♥ If you were a book, would genre would you be and why?

♥ Surprise!  You wake up and discover you can talk to ONE animal for 24 hours.  What do you talk about?

♥ Pick your last 5 Star read.  Give us 1 song, 1 emotion, and 1 color to describe it.

♥ What’s one book you love to hate?  Why?

♥ What’s your favorite retelling?  Least favorite?

♥ Your house is rigged to explode!  You have 5 seconds to grab your most prized possession.  What do you pick?

♥ What are your favorite bookish buzzwords?


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As always, feel free to skip or ignore this award if you don’t want to do it!


Real Neat Blog Award


Thank you SO SO much to Lashaan and Trang @ bookidote for nominating me!  I don’t know much about them yet, but their blog is pretty, and neat–and pretty neat!  So go check them out!


1. Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.

2. Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.

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Bookidote’s Questions:

  • 1. What book would you recommend to anyone and why?


I just LOVE that the main focus of this book is on familial love, not romantic!  Also, this is the sort of feel-good read I think everyone can get into.

  • 2. Assuming you enjoy movies, what book-to-movie adaptation are you looking forward to or aren’t looking forward to?

  • 3. What book would you give a plastic surgery (a new book cover :D)?


  • 4. What movie would you love to see as a book? What author would you want that book to be written by?

I saw this on Netflix and just… Immediate love for this movie?  I’d LOVE to see it written by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff–I think they’d do wonders for the story!

  • 5. What books are you looking forward to in 2016?

Oh gosh.  Let’s see…

There are just WAY too many, so let me link you a few places:

Top Ten Tuesday (#11)
Top Ten Tuesday (#8)
Top Ten Tuesday (#4)

  • 6. What would you love to improve in your blog?


Okay, I jest.  I’d love more discussion/spontaneous conversations, though–I promise I don’t bite!  Talk to me about all things bookish!

  • 7. What would be a nice advice for bloggers to grow and interact more with the community?

I don’t know?  I guess…stop worrying so much about impressing others, and worry more about being true to yourself.  Yeah.  That works.

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