Betwixt These Pages Proudly Presents…

My Favorite Books
Cast as Mythological Creatures

because I’m a crazy person and feel the need to spread the crazy around a little.

Also…I couldn’t think of a better title for this post.  Sue me!

From this point forward, I will forever cast my favorite books as mythological creatures–because I can!

(covers take you to Goodreads; artwork takes you to their respective art pages/sources)



The Banshee

I swear, this book screams…and will make YOU scream, too!  It’s like a whole bunch of creepy screaming heart attacks waiting to happen.  It’s a ton of fun, I promise!



The Unicorn

This book is magical, mystical, gorgeous….but it’s also pretty much like a unicorn.  Beautiful to look at, but always just a little dangerous.  Careful!  The horn (plot twists?) will get you!



The Fairy

If you look too closely at the Goodreads rating, you’ll understand this one–this book is not for everybody.  Neither are fairies.  I’m totally down with both, though, so win for me!



The Gnome

There’s just the right amount of mischief and oddball hilarity to this collection of poems.  This book is tiny…but the stick it carries packs a gut-aching wallop!



The Phoenix

It freezes, it burns, it leaves feather-shaped scorch marks all over your heart… Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me.  Regardless, this book reminds me of a phoenix, even if I can’t adequately explain why.

And there you go!  Five of my favorite books matched with five mythological beasties!  What do you think of my match ups?  What books would YOU pair with these (or other) mythological pretties?  Let me know in the comments, or make your own post and link me to it!

Thanks for looking, and until next time, happy book-ing!