Star-Crossed in Romeo and Juliet: This Verona is Full of Strife and… Pizza Sauce?!



Fakespeare: Starcrossed in Romeo and JulietStar-Crossed in Romeo and Juliet
(Fakespeare, #1)
by M.E. Castle

280 Pages
Middle-grade / Children’s / Retellings
Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group /
Imprint Publishing
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2017
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Three kids get lost inside Shakespeare’s book and must help Romeo and Juliet finish their story in order to return home in this silly middle school series!

Dear Reader, 

You are reading this because you expressed interest in the Get Lost Book Club. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey to Italy, where you’ll find yourself right in the middle of a major feud between two rival pizza-making families: the Montagues and the Capulets? A swordsman and perfumer will hunt you. There will be disguises, fake pizza, and tomato fights (make sure to duck!). You must help Becca, her stepbrother Sam, and her dog Rufus convince Romeo Montague to ask Juliet Capulet on a date, or you will all be stuck in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet forever! 

Intrigued? Worried? Downright terrified? You should be. But if you’re ready for an adventure, step right up and follow me. It’s time to get lost.


The Narrator


Quick Reasons: this was, throughout, laugh out loud hilarious; I LOVE the new “spins” that M.E. Castle put on this classic; the morals and lessons are whimsical, witty, and well-done; the nods to the original play were woven in to this story brilliantly

HUGE thanks to M.E. Castle and Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group/Imprint Publishing for sending me a gorgeous hardcover copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.

SCRJ Quote1

Okay, Penguins. Here’s what’s going to happen next: I’m going to FREAK THE FRACK OUT about this hilarious, awesome book…and then you’re going to drop everything you’re doing for the next few hours and go read it! Trust me, the time is well worth it, and passes in a fit of rib-cracking laughter and manic cackling that’s bound to make your (insert family, roommate, lover, children, pet, wallpaper, violent pink flamingo, etc. here) wonder just what it is you’re up to. Which is GOOD, because that means more Penguins wanting to pick this book up, and that means my army will grow even bigger! Yes. This is such a great plan, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!


This book is, as I mentioned a time or two earlier, absolutely gut-bustingly hilarious! Within a page, I was giggling (very obnoxiously, might I add). From the very get go, this book sucked me into the story–almost as literally as the book in the book that eats the main characters, in fact! (Wow, that was a mouthful of a sentence! Let’s not do that again.) The action begins almost immediately upon landing in Verona, though we quickly learn that things are not QUITE like the original play led us to believe. This retelling was super inventive, with some genius spins on the “tragedy” that kept this read perfectly acceptable for young hearts and minds. I really appreciated the amount of humor M.E. Castle put into this, while still maintaining the bigger plot points from Shakespeare’s star-crossed tale of woe.

SCRJ Quote2.png

The morals and lessons woven throughout the journey–about bullying, and family, and self-love/self-acceptance, and so many other delicious things!–were well-handled and portrayed in a light that made them both entertainingly humorous and super easy to understand. This is such a great book to lead mid-grade readers to, both for the morals AND for the introduction to Shakespeare. While the prose is much less complex (and much easier to understand!) than Shakespeare’s tragedy, the main story is still mostly there–just minus the actual TRAGEDY of the, uh, tragedy.


I had an absolute BLAST blasting my way through this retelling, and cannot wait to pick up the next book in this series (and YAY me, I already own it!) These characters are entertaining and set on a path of growth/acceptance; the prose is humorous and enlightening; and the new spins on an old tragedy both made this read unique and were laugh-out-loud hilarious. I definitely recommend this to lovers of middle-grade novels, those seeking a less intimidating introduction to The Bard, and readers who love humor and word play. Be careful when touching this book, Penguins; it just might eat you while your back is turned!


Happy Book Birthday, Secrets of a Reluctant Princess!



soarp-coverSecrets of a Reluctant Princess
by Casey Griffin
Publication Date: March 7, 2017
Publisher: Entangled Teen


At Beverly Hills High, you have to be ruthless to survive…

Adrianna Bottom always wanted to be liked. But this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Now, she’s in the spotlight…and out of her geeky comfort zone. She’ll do whatever it takes to turn the rumor mill in her favor—even if it means keeping secrets. So far, it’s working.

Wear the right clothes. Say the right things. Be seen with the right people.

Kevin, the adorable sketch artist who shares her love of all things nerd, isn’t exactly the right people. But that doesn’t stop Adrianna from crushing on him. The only way she can spend time with him is in disguise, as Princess Andy, the masked girl he’s been LARPing with. If he found out who she really was, though, he’d hate her.

The rules have been set. The teams have their players. Game on.



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casey-griffinAbout the Author:

Casey Griffin can often be found at comic conventions on her days off from her day job, driving 400 ton dump trucks in

Northern Alberta, Canada. As a jack of all trades with a resume boasting registered nurse, English teacher, and

photographer, books are her true passion. Casey is a 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel finalist, and is currently busy

writing every moment she can.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads



Cover Reveal: Shopping for a CEO’s Wife


shoppingforaceoswife-7Shopping for a CEO’s Wife
(Shopping for a Billionaire, #12)

by Julia Kent
Publication date: April 25th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance

Snowbound. Sounds so romantic,
with visions of cuddling before a roaring fire, hot chocolate spiked with brandy, and a
secret elopement.

Wait. What?

My fiancé’s father won’t stop trying to turn our pending wedding into a three-ring
media circus so he can get free publicity for his family’s Fortune 500 company. My
mother has decided she’s done with All Things Wedding and asks her teacup
Chihuahua for mother-of-the-bride advice.

They’ve all gone certifiably mad.

Then the stress from the wedding puts my mother in the hospital, I scream at my
future father-in-law in front of a camera crew and the video goes viral, and the romantic wedding that started with Andrew’s grand Pride and Prejudice proposal looks less like Jane Austen and more like Dostoyevsky.

So what do you do when you’re a fixer and you can’t fix something?

You give up on it.

Not on Andrew, silly.

The wedding.

Shopping for a CEO’s Wife is the 12th book in Julia Kent’s New York
Times bestselling Shopping series. As Shannon and Declan enjoy their newlywed bliss, Andrew’s father wants to exploit Amanda and Andrew’s nuptials, much to Amanda’s chagrin. Can she learn to stand up to her future father-in-law and fight for what’s right? But the real question is: will Spritzy the teacup Chihuahua end up being a flower girl?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play



juliaAuthor Bio:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men’s room toilet (and he isn’t a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband
and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter




Sugar & Other Luxuries: The Internal Monologues could Put Shakespeare to Shame


Sugar & Other Luxuries

Katherine Humphries wants to find the love of her life.

As a recovering perfectionist who hasn’t been on a date in five years, finding love is harder than she thought. Faced with beginning her twenty-sixth year of life insecure and living in Los Angeles where men and women either ignore or insult her curvy existence, Katherine decides to make dating her bitch. She’s not changing her curvy body. She won’t put down the dessert. And she isn’t going to apologize for any of it.

Her first night out ends nothing like she’d planned. When a flirty and rugged New Yorker asks for her phone number, Katherine freezes. She’s ready to give up before heartbreak happens. That is, until she meets a polyamorous, fairy-godmother-wanna-be, Hunter. The self proclaimed Queen of Pleasure coaches Katherine on badass, dating etiquette. Hunter’s first rule? Don’t fall in love. The second rule? Perfection doesn’t exist.

But when a bet with a sexy and sensitive music teacher changes her perspective on the dating game, Katherine learns that breaking badass rule #1 before loving every inch of herself might spell trouble. On the other hand, breaking rules might be exactly what Katherine needs to discover the true power of a woman’s body, the sugary sweetness of indulgence, and whether saying yes to her dream life against the wishes of advice-slinging friends will lead to heartache or harmony.


Contemporary/Romance/Chick Lit
225 Pages
Publication Date:  April 4th, 2016
Get a copy here!

Quick Reasons: cutesy contemporary; unique, endearing characters; the internal monologues are both hilarious and, at times, really self-deprecating; realistic and true to life; there were some super entertaining, laugh-out-loud moments; Katherine is the sort of character we need more of in our reading lives

Huge thanks to Everly Scott and Xpresso Book Tours for sending me a free digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


This is not the type of book I usually read, but PENGUINS, did this one call to me. First off–LOOK at that cover! It’s absolutely stunning. I love the pastels, the fact that the macaroons are in a china cup, how gorgeously soft the entire look is. It’s drool-worthy, okay, and it immediately caught my eye when I stumbled across it on social media or in my email or wherever it happened to be lurking on my internet when I found out about this book to begin with. Second, the blurb sounded SO intriguing and entertaining and exactly like the kind of book I needed to take a chance on…and I’m so so glad, having finished the read tonight, that I did.

Katherine is exactly the sort of fierce, realistic character I feel I’ve been lacking in my reads of late. Her inner monologues are snarky, hilarious, and just the tiniest bit self-deprecating at the start of the read. While normally, this would bother me…I found it endearing and realistic for this particular book. It worked for me; her flaws and quirks actually made me feel more connected to her than I expected. There are SO many gorgeously written, complex moments of character growth throughout this read–and I feel like more girls and women could learn some things about body positivity from the journey.

SL Quote2.jpg

This is, in the end, a cutesy contemporary with a very BIG message–we are all our own worst critics, every single one of us is human and beautifully flawed…and we should own the things that define us, that make us unique, instead of trying to push them below the surface or mold ourselves into somebody different. Of course, there are other, smaller morals laced throughout as well…but self-love? Self-acceptance? Self-confidence? Those are the big kickers, and I love how beautifully Everly Scott wrote them into this.

While just a bit out of my comfort zone, I had quite a bit of fun being taken on this journey! The characters are realistic and beautifully flawed, the morals are poignant and complex, and the snark that ensues in some of the internal monologues were absolutely hilarious. Katherine is the type of character I need more of in my life! I definitely recommend this to lovers of cutesy contemporaries, strong-willed and fierce women on the path to self-love, and endearing journeys. Plus, that cover is gorgeous enough to eat–so why not give it a taste?!


Pumpkintown Perils: For a Magical Town, There isn’t Much Magic


Pumpkintown Perils: A Witch Mystery Collection (Wild Wild Witch Mystery Bundle Book 1)

Deep in the Jagged Wood enchanted forest, wild witch Wanda Tempest owns a magic supply shop, practices witchcraft, drinks too much, dances, and struggles with a weakness for attractive men. She also happens to be a promising, if only part-time, Private Investigator. She’s talented, beautiful, and has earned the respect and admiration of the equally talented, though far less striking, Police Inspector Sam Shamrock, an overweight leprechaun. He’s crazy about her… she’s crazy about her cat-food-refusing whiskered companion, Jinxy.

Join this formidable, if mismatched, crime-solving duo, as they tackle mysteries ranging from the scandalous to the outright strange. Talking trees, evil gnomes, murderous wood trolls, and homicidal humans will keep Wanda and Sam fighting for justice, and their very lives.

Troublesome twin sisters, a crazy great-aunt, a kiss that shouldn’t have happened, and a spoiled Siberian cat with a smart mouth all guarantee that Wanda’s life remains full of surprises. As long as Sam doesn’t drink too many Irish Coffees everything usually works out.

Wild Wild Witch Mystery Bundle (Book 1)
260 Pages
Publication Date: August 4th, 2016
Get a FREE copy here!

Quick Reasons: fairly annoying, arrogant main character; none of the characters really came to life for me; weird moments of crude humor; very fast, unbelievable plots; easy-to-spot endings; the internal monologue happening throughout this read was chaotic and often confusing; a lot of repetition and awkward sentences

Huge thanks to Aubrey Law and the crew at BookTasters for sending me a copy of this title free in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


I’m going to be honest, penguins–this book didn’t work for me, personally, for several different reasons. When I picked this book up, I was really looking forward to diving into my first actual mystery read–as you might know, I don’t usually pick up mystery books, and I’ve been hoping to change that as I feel some of them sound like a ton of fun. This one, for instance, seemed to be right up my alley–and I really DID enjoy the quirky setting and the element of magic/fantasy that was woven throughout the story. The characters, for the most part, sounded like a ton of fun–who wouldn’t want to follow a witch and her talking cat around, after all? Or meet up with leprechauns? Or solve magical mysteries?

Unfortunately, that’s not quite what I got from this book. Don’t get me wrong, the four stories included in this read do all have an element of mystery/whodunit….but the plot was so quick, the stories so concise to fit all four into one go, I don’t feel like we really got the best side of Aubrey Law’s writing. Instead, I felt like we got a high level of crude humor and arrogant confidence in the form of our main character…mixed with some quickly-written and chaotic stories. Instead of being able to dive into the world of this town, I found myself plodding along listening to the main character make snap judgments about everybody and talk about herself as if she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.


The writing is also pretty spotty throughout the read. There are some awkward transitions, some poorly-chosen descriptive images, and a LOT of repetition. The main character often thinks to herself before opening her mouth…which leads to readers already knowing what she’s going to say, and then having to follow along after while she actually carries on the conversation. I think Wanda could be a sassy, snarky, strongly independent character…if she were written in a slightly different way. In this book, however, she comes off as arrogant and prideful, and I found myself rolling my own eyes more than once throughout the read at her antics or thoughts.

Overall, this perhaps wasn’t the best fit for me personally. The characters and world fell a bit flat, I was annoyed with how arrogant Wanda seemed, and I didn’t really connect with anyone or anything I read about. The spotty writing and unbelievably quick plots also didn’t help to make this book more entertaining. I will, hopefully, be picking up more mysteries in the future…perhaps I’ll find that this genre just doesn’t work for me. I’d recommend this to lovers of crude humor, magical mysteries, and quirky characters. Just because I wasn’t caught up in the race, doesn’t mean you can’t be!


The Friday 56 (#5)


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*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
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Technically from page 57 but eh, who’s keeping track?! Besides, I liked this better than page 56. Don’t judge me !

Charlotte: Really? Really? Let’s talk about heroines. What IS up with Catherine? “Oh, we have the same soul, I’m going to haunt you forever, boooo, life is a prison, poor me!”

Emily: Right, and it makes so much MORE sense to collapse into a coma because of the color of a ROOM??

This book is hilarious, I definitely recommend if you’re looking for a good giggle!
Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to FacebookWhen humorist Sarah Schmelling transformed Hamlet into a Facebook news feed, it launched the next big humor trend-Facebook lit. This hilarious book is the first to bring more than fifty authors and stories from classic literature back to life and online. Schmelling uses the conventions of social networking-profile pages, status updates, news feeds, and applications-to retell everything from The Odyssey to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to Lolita.

Every day 150 million active users of Facebook log on to reconnect with old classmates, add pictures, share quizzes, and post news stories, notes, and videos. In Schmelling-s network, Satan and Beelzebub connect using the fiend finder, Don Quixote vows vengeance against Superpoke, Jane Eyre listens to Jay-Z-s -Hard-Knock Life- on repeat, Ernest Hemingway completes the -Are you a real man?- quiz, and Oedipus works on his family tree.

A loving spoof of the most-trafficked social networking website in the world and a playful game of literary who-s who, Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don-t Float will have book lovers and Facebook addicts alike twittering with joy.

Are you participating in #Friday56 ?!  Link me below if you are, or find me on instagram at betwixtthesepages !
Until next time, happy book-ing!
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Teaser Review: Surviving High School, by Lele Pons and Melissa de la Cruz


Surviving High School: A Novel

Goodreads Rating: 3.81 Stars
272 Pages
Gallery Books Publishing
Get a copy here!

Vine superstar Lele Pons—“one of the coolest girls on the web” (Teen Vogue)—teams up with #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz (The Isle of the Lost) in this lovable debut novel about the wilds and wonders of high school that’s as laugh-out-loud addictive as Lele’s popular videos.

Ten million followers and I still sit alone at lunch. Lele is a bulls-eye target at her new school in Miami until, overnight, her digital fame catapults the girl with cheerleader looks, a seriously silly personality, and a self-deprecating funny bone into the popular crowd. Now she’s facing a whole new set of challenges—the relentless drama, the ruthless cliques, the unexpected internet celebrity—all while trying to keep her grades up and make her parents proud.

Filled with the zany enthusiasm that has made Lele into Vine’s most viewed star, this charming novel is proof that high school is a trip. From crushing your crushes (what’s up with that hot transfer student Alexei??) to throwing Insta-fake parties with your BFFs and moaning over homework (GAH) with your frenemies, high school is a rollercoaster of exhilarating highs and totally embarrassing lows. Leave it to Lele to reassure us that falling flat on your face is definitely not the end of the world. Fans of Mean Girls will love this fun and heartwarming fish-out-of-water story.

– – – – –

Quick Reasons: ohmah goodness, I love this character; snarky, quirky, my type of narrator!; this is a coming-of-age like you wouldn’t believe; tackles the topic of “internet fame” and how to handle the pressures that come with it; it’s like I looked into this character’s head…and the journey was amazing; this is laugh-out-loud funny; so many pop culture references!

Huge thanks to: Lele Pons, Melissa de la Cruz, Gallery Books Publishing, Netgalley, and Giselle @ Xpresso Book Tours for hooking me up with early access to this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.

Because this is part of a blog tour, my full review is under wraps until May 6th! Keep an eye out for that to come!

For now, take a gander at my favorite status updates:


I already LOVE the sass on this character! Seriously, she could fry an egg just looking at it.

Also, hello references to the Disney channel *I* grew up with!

Thirdly…LOVE that this reads like a blog so far. She even addresses the readers. Way to break the 4th wall! (my inner English major is squealing!)


Ohmahgosh, never have I EVER met a more awkward character! She’s even more awkward than Bella Swan, which…is saying something. The defining difference? Lele has a personality to stand up with. Also, Bella never made me laugh so hard.


The more I read, the more entertained I am. Lele is SUPER dramatic and over-the-top and I usually don’t like characters like her, but for some reason, the pop culture references and her awkwardness all sort of work together to create something messy and unique and lovable.

I want to be her friend. It would make life interesting.



Release Blitz and Giveaway–Surviving High School


They call us the Firework Girls.
I’m Isabella. My comfort zone consists of a bank of test tubes and a Bunsen burner. But having to take a philosophy class to graduate from college—well, that’s causing a different kind of burn altogether. I mean, the hottest professor at Hartman is looking right at me.
Can you blame me for looking back?

Surviving High School: A Novel

Vine superstar Lele Pons—“one of the coolest girls on the web” (Teen Vogue)—teams up with #1 New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz (The Isle of the Lost) in this lovable debut novel about the wilds and wonders of high school that’s as laugh-out-loud addictive as Lele’s popular videos.

Ten million followers and I still sit alone at lunch. Lele is a bulls-eye target at her new school in Miami until, overnight, her digital fame catapults the girl with cheerleader looks, a seriously silly personality, and a self-deprecating funny bone into the popular crowd. Now she’s facing a whole new set of challenges—the relentless drama, the ruthless cliques, the unexpected internet celebrity—all while trying to keep her grades up and make her parents proud.

Filled with the zany enthusiasm that has made Lele into Vine’s most viewed star, this charming novel is proof that high school is a trip. From crushing your crushes (what’s up with that hot transfer student Alexei??) to throwing Insta-fake parties with your BFFs and moaning over homework (GAH) with your frenemies, high school is a rollercoaster of exhilarating highs and totally embarrassing lows. Leave it to Lele to reassure us that falling flat on your face is definitely not the end of the world. Fans of Mean Girls will love this fun and heartwarming fish-out-of-water story.

Book & Author Details:

Surviving High School
by Lele Pons & Melissa de la Cruz
Published by: Gallery Books
Publication date: April 5th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

 About the Authors:

Lele Pons was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved with her family to Miami when she was five years old. She got her start when she created a page on the video-sharing app Vine in December 2013. Originally intended as a fun outlet to showcase her creativity, her vines evolved into comedic sketches and pulling practical jokes on family and friends. Her following grew from five thousand local followers to more than ten million by November 2015.

Today she is one of the most recognizable names on social media, and has been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Time, and more. Lele has been nominated for three Teen Choice Awards, a People’s Choice Award, and a Streamy Award. In 2015, she was invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama to help launch her campaign for disadvantaged kids to go to college. Lele graduated from high school in 2015 and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Melissa de la Cruz is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of books for readers of all ages, including the Witches of East End, Blue Bloods, and Descendants series.


Interested in a chance to win a paperback copy of this novel?!

Today until April 14th, follow the link below to enter!

Here’s the Giveaway!


A Review of Grumpy Cat (Volume 1), by Ben McCool


Dynamite proudly presents the comic book misadventures of Grumpy Cat, featuring “The World’s Grumpiest Cat” and her brother, Pokey! With her ever-present pout and sassy disposition, Grumpy Cat has won the hearts of people everywhere. Now, her unbearable cuteness and infectious sourpuss are featured in an all-new, all-sensational collection of comic stories, sure to make fans of all ages laugh! If you love the memes, the videos, and that irresistible scowl, then get ready for the wildly fun antics of Grumpy Cat and Pokey!

– – – – –

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Quick Reasons: gorgeous illustrations; love the flow of the panels; the dialogue between Grumpy and Pokey is adorable, at times disturbing, and filled with snark; from superheroes to conspiracy theories, there’s something for everyone here

Huge thanks to the authors Ben McCool, Royal McGraw, Elliott Serrano, and Ben Fisher—as well as to Diamond Book Distributors and Netgalley—for free access to this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review! Please note that this in no way altered my opinions on this book.

Grumpy Cat strikes it big in the world with this collection of comic strips! The humor, the snark, and the witty banter between the characters is bracing, at times acidic, and always entertaining. I went into this read with only the smallest amount of knowledge on Grumpy Cat. Obviously, I’ve seen several of the memes and have read a few posts about the REAL Grumpy, but aside from the most basic workings of backstory I didn’t have much to go by. The cover of this immediately drew me in on Netgalley; I fell in love with Grumpy with just those few small words, and knew I needed to read this.

The humor, for me, was spot-on. I cackled like a lunatic throughout the read, often causing my husband to glower at me and shake his head in amusement. I particularly enjoyed Paws of Justice, Vincent Van Grump, and A Grump in Time—though honestly, I found something to cackle at and love about every single strip. If I had to pick, though, my favorite—hands down—is Vincent Van Grump. The snark, the cultural references, and the artwork for that strip all came together in a beautiful, glorious read; I had a ton of fun with it!

Throughout, the artwork is gorgeous. The panels are well-proportioned and evenly spaced out, making the read both easy and entertaining. And between the varying subject matters and focuses, there’s something for EVERYONE here. Literally. We go from Private Eyes to (sort of) alien invasions to conspiracy theories—and cover everything in between!


This is, by far, a journey unto itself—one I feel lovers of humor, cultural references, and the ever snarky Grumpy Cat will enjoy! I had a ton of fun cackling like a lunatic to myself whilst reading, and promise you will, too! I can’t wait to see what other misadventures await our feline duo. Until next time, I’ll be returning again and again to this collection—it’s just too much fun to read only once!