Let’s Talk: Adulting


“Adulting”…and How I Manage It


Today I want to talk about “adulting” and all the struggles that come along with it. I found a great resource for helping people adult and want to share it. Looking into getting your first credit card? Don’t know where to start or what to keep in mind while researching your options? Want to read up on tips to using your credit card responsibly? Need to know things about interest rates, how to pay off your debts, or that one company that keeps calling you with offers? Check out Credit Card Insider! They’re an educational resource that can really help you make good financial decisions.

You’ve had those moments, right?  When you’re plugging along, all sparkles and sunshine…when suddenly, rain clouds!  Chaos!  COMPLETE AND UTTER DESTRUCTION!

Okay, maybe the last few are just me, but I think you get the point.  Adulting is HARD…but there are some ways to deal, and I’m going to share with you my personal favorites.

Let’s start by breaking this down.


NO, this doesn’t mean I leash him up and take him out for walks!  Please note, this is also not nearly as awesome as Sam and Dean make it out to be!  Salt and iron do not work here.  This demon does not glitter OR accept pie bribes.

There is a lot of stress in my life, even leaving out the normal every day surprises.  With type 1 diabetes, I can’t ever turn off completely.  It’s not like I can come home from work and reboot by shutting down.  I mean…that would be soooo nice, but never gonna happen!

Instead, I’ve figured out some (mostly) foolproof ways to get my mind off whatever’s bugging me!  Aside from singing “I Feel Pretty” and scaring the world even more than I already do, that is.

Soft pillows, warm blankets, and SNUGGLES!

For me, obviously, the snuggles come from the husband.  However, any soft floofy thing should do perfectly if your’re in a bind!  Unless it’s an annoyed cat.  Snuggles and claws really don’t mix, trust me.


For me personally, the more depressing the BETTER…because I’m backwards like that.

My Favorite Movies
Very Hot Showers
Adorable Animal GIFs
Scented Candles

Beating Things Up-Lego Style!

You will need: a gaming console, the Lego game of your choice, and lots of pent-up aggression.

and, of course,


which brings us to…


because I can hear you all now.  “But BETH!” you say, “you buy books CONSTANTLY!  How do you not break your bank account?!”

I’m just going to lay these out all neat and list-like…feel free to ask me questions about them, if you want more information, down below!

–Kindle/ereader book sales are my BESTEST friends.  No, really!
–Netgalley for the win!
–Sign up for book tours, or look for authors seeking honest reviews!  You usually get ARC copies of books this way.
–Giveaways, book trades, etc!  There’s even a Books for Trade Hashtag on the twitter, if you’re interested…
–Library sponsored book sales!  because most libraries do this, I think, you just need to check for a schedule in your town.
–Kindle Unlimited (it’s $9.99 a month but there are some AWESOME books on there, and you have access to literally all of them there are.  Sort of like a kindle library loaning system)

and finally…


I mean, maybe I’m not the BEST person to ask advice on this topic from…but…this is how I approach this, personally.

The first thing you need to know is:  The husband and I keep our bank accounts separate.  Right now, this is just easier–he has his own designated bills to pay each month, and I have mine, and it for the most part works.  It’s not for everybody, obvs…but we’re not everybody, so.

So when approaching my upcoming bills/monthly payments, I rank them in order of importance…and ALWAYS make sure I have money for each of the following:

Diabetes Medications/Insurance Premium

These ALWAYS come first for me, because it is literally death without them.  Thankfully, my deductible will be met THIS MONTH, which means I’ll be saving SO. MUCH. MONEY…but the last four months, it’s gone like this:

–Do I need one, or both, insulins this month?  If one, set aside $250.  If both, freak out and find a way to set aside $580.
–Insurance always comes out around the 18th.  Set aside $378.
–Do I need syringes?  Set aside $30.
–I need test strips every week to a week and a half.  Set aside $40 each time (approx $80 a month)
–Do I need to see the doctor this month?  $40 copay.
–Other medications need refilled?  $10 total.

This has been the most stressful part of this year, honestly.  Do the math for a sec.  If I have to buy all these things in one month, that’s a total of… $1,118.  That’s how much is costs for me to stay alive another 30 days, if all of those things above must be done.  I make approximately $1,300 a month.  It gets HARD, very quickly.


The husband and I split this, so I always have a little money coming from him at the end of the month.

If things get tight, and they do more often than we’d like right now (again, YAY for deductibles being met this month!) we buy super cheap groceries.  Pasta, hot dogs, lunch meats, mashed potatoes, hamburger, unhealthy frozen dinners… It’s better this than starving, honestly!

After Everything Else…

we take stock, and if there’s extra money, we sometimes allow ourselves to splurge a little.  Usually, this means Beth buys books.  And I mean actual books, here.  Also, this means Beth gets Lit Cube back!  Which, of course, is super exciting.

Things ALWAYS come up, though, guys.  The unexpected happens.  Hospital bills, emergency dentist visits, the car throws a tantrum and breaks down…I mean, real life, right?!

At the end of the day, all you can really do is take a deep breath, let the butterflies in your stomach loose…and start again tomorrow.  Life’s too short to waste on ulcers.

How do YOU guys “adult”–and would you like to share your tips or tricks with me?  Feel free to leave your thoughts below–I’d love to talk with you about this!  Also, be sure to check out Credit Card Insider for answers and/or help with any of your credit card woes!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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