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Bookmark Monday
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My Theme:  Giraffes!

Because…how could you EVAH lose something with such a long neck?!  Therefore…how could you EVAH lose one of these pretties?!?!?!?!

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Giraffe Bookmark -  Animal Bookmark / Book Lover Gift / Cute Bookmark / Laminated Bookmark / Illustrated Kids Bookmark / Stocking Stuffer

LOOKA THE CUTE LITTLE LEAF in his cute little mouth oh my goodness!  I mean seriously, he’s adooooorable and I luffs him.

Handmade Giraffe Bookmark, Crocheted Bookmark

I mean let’s be honest….I’d buy this one JUST to pet it.  *petpetpet*

Giraffe Bookmark - Gold Metal Beaded Bookmark with African Map Jasper and Tiger's Eye Stone Beads with Glazed Ceramic Giraffe Charm

The only issue is, the horns on this one are a little….weird?  But I adoooore how cute and glossy this is!

045 Crochet Pattern Giraffe Bookmark or decor - baby Amigurumi - PDF file by Zabelina Etsy

LOOK.  AT.  THAT.  NECK!  That is all.

Magnetic Page Keepers - giraffe - bookmark

Awwww, he’s an itty bitty cuuuuuutie pie!  I wanna squish and squiggles him!


Which are your favorites from this batch?  Have any bookmarks you’ve discovered recently you’d like to share with me?  Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



Pondering Giraffes


we watched a giraffe fall five feet into the world.

bleating and blinking,
shivering with cold –
a harsh reality breaking.

“they rarely lie down,” you murmured,
breath fluttering against the conched curves of my ears.

you told me giraffes sleep on their hooves –
and even then, only for two hours.
cowed by their strength, i pondered a life on my feet;
calves burning, heels blistering, back bent forward with cramps.

after ten minutes, the newborn –
fresh faced and spot painted –
plucked hooves from thick tumbleweeds
and ran with the herd
head high, muscles rippling
as if not just thrust from the womb.

“i wonder,” you whispered,
soft fingers trailing the gooseflesh of my skin,
“what it says about humans that animals learn on the run.”

i pondered this
while watching tall shapes turn to silhouettes
in the sunset.

“it means,” i smiled, turning to face you,
“we know less about animals than we think.”

—copyright Elizabeth Mathis, December 2014—