blackbird poets

this story could be about divorce,
but you are not a ghost, not yet.

you asked me what poets were–
it is the middle of the night
and there is a cheap hotel room
i cannot fathom myself into.

i smoked my first cigarette
the first time i saw you naked,
your lonely colors carved into arcs;
now, my hands are brittle
and your back is an expanse
i will write about
a year from here
where it wears thin
because poetry is for the birds
and i am not made to lead revolutions.

twenty one and imprinted,
i have learned to grovel.

—copyright Elizabeth Mathis, September 2014—
—This is a first line poem originally posted on my deviantart: http://betwixtthepages.deviantart.com/art/blackbird-poets-481211390 —


Poetic Persuasions (#1)


A weekly post featuring all things of the Poetic Persuasion!  Because I’m sort of a poetry freak, and love sharing my loves–particularly…

Found Poetry

(click the image to go to the source page!)

I love everything about this piece–the subtle, quiet word choice; the background artwork; the hope trailing and fading out at the end for a more realistic, human focus.  It’s gorgeous.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to have pretty colors or artwork for a powerful piece.  Take this one–beauty in brevity.

The piece also doesn’t have to make sense to MAKE sense, if you know what I mean.  There’s something strangely abstract…and altogether beautiful!…about this found poem collage.

Magnetic poetry also counts as found poetry, in my book–FridgePoet Project is one of my favorites at this form!

And, of course, I had to mention book spine poetry–this one manages to be coherent and amusing in just four small words, which I love!

What do you guys think of found poetry?  Do you have any favorites you’d like to share with me?  Feel free to link me below, or make your own Poetic Persuasions post!

Until next time, happy book-ing!