Twice the Fun: This was Neither Sexy OR Steamy


Twice the Fun: A Bad Boy MFM Menage Romance

We take what we f*cking want. Even when what we want is the same girl.


I’m one half of the infamous Rossi Brothers.

We share everything. And I do mean f*cking everything.

Together we’ve built an empire known as The Fun House gentleman’s club and we’ve become two of the most powerful— although also the most investigated— men in town.

We need to protect what’s ours and the last thing we need is a f*cking distraction.

But now we can’t seem to keep our two… business interests… out of the hottest dancer to ever walk into our club and into both of our lives.


Jessica showed up out of nowhere, bringing with her the sexiest curves I’d ever seen.

I’d promised myself not to share club girls with Dante.

We’ve set up rules and number one is to never mix business with pleasure.

But Jessica’s so hot we can’t resist. And neither my brother nor I are known for playing by the rules.

I might not be thinking with the right f*cking head but Jessica has me thinking with my heart as well… and that’s when the fun starts to get dangerous.


I’m going undercover. As a stripper.

My Senate committee assigns me to investigate The Fun House and take down the Rossi brothers.

I might be the youngest member of the committee but I’m good at my job— the best. But now I’m doing my job in six-inch heels and not much else.

I’m ready to do whatever it takes but nothing prepares me for Dante and Marino.
These possessive bad boys want me. Exclusively. Giving them private dances.

How was I supposed to know how much fun it would be to bare my body and my soul to two muscular, tattooed brothers at the same time?

They say they care about me but I know they care about loyalty even more.

Will they ever forgive me when they uncover the truth? The real reason I came to their club was to bring them down.

Twice the Fun is a standalone MFM menage romance with no cliffhanger and a double happy ending. It’s all about two hot bad boys falling for one woman. There are no M/M scenes and it’s only about pleasing her. Because the only thing better than being with one bad boy is being with two at the same time!

*** Just a warning that the heat level on this one is scorching hot! If you don’t like steamy scenes featuring two guys pleasing the one woman they both love, take a pass on this one.

For a limited time this edition comes with two bonus books from The Bradford Brothers series: Harlow: A Military Bad Boy Romance and Ramsey: A Military Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance. Twice the Fun ends at approximately 30%. On sale for only 99 cents for a limited time!

Erotica / Menage / Romance
146 Pages
Publication Date:  December 19th, 2016
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Quick Reasons: sub-par plot; 1-dimensional characters; I didn’t connect to the story OR the personalities; there were some weird plot holes that were never really explained; the romance wasn’t believable and things progressed way too quickly; I just didn’t enjoy this one, penguins

I was SO super excited to be picking up a book not on my “reviews required” list, and to be diving into another menage romance (I know, I know–it’s definitely not for everyone, but I enjoy them?! sue me). Unfortunately for me, though…this one fell very, very flat. Just a warning for my dedicated penguin readers: there will be no quotes from this book, because…I really couldn’t find any I liked that were still “reader friendly” for all the ages that stop by here. So no quotes! Again, sue me?

Let’s talk nitty gritty: the blurb promises drama, intrigue, and a lot of steamy action. All of these promises, in the end, fell SUPER flat. The plot was pretty basic and 1-dimensional; there were a lot of sex scenes, but they were so quick and emotionless, I didn’t find them steamy in the slightest. The drama and intrigue, also, fell short–instead of playing major roles in the story progression, they were mentioned once or twice and then forgotten for the “pleasures” of the budding relationship.

The timing was really fast, too. In fact, the pacing was SO quick, I had a very difficult time suspending my disbelief for the plot or the realism of the characters/relationship. I tried, very hard, to find the emotions in these character interactions and reactions…but the dialogue was filled with cursing and foul-mouthed talking. This story wasn’t so much believable as it was a farce on relationships–which is super harsh, I know, but I cannot find a way to wrap my head around how QUICKLY the pace jumped. It just wasn’t realistic.

The writing was pretty iffy, too. Names and characters were confused–one character would be in the middle of talking, but the author would change the name in the next breath. There were a fair number of grammatical errors as well–missing words being the biggest. This wasn’t helped, in the slightest, by the various plot holes laced throughout. The most glaring: why someone working as a SENATOR…would be “investigating” people. Legally, I don’t think they can even do that. Also, they’re not cops; they have no actual standing in regards to upholding the LAW….so….why? Why was this even a thing? It makes no sense to me. There were a few other things I had issues with, but… this was the biggest one.

Overall, I was super confused by this book and couldn’t enjoy it. Neither characters or plot were believable, the pacing was way too fast, and I couldn’t connect emotionally with either the personalities or the story. This was a big penguin-beaks down for me, unfortunately–the “hot and steamy” was, in fact, super disappointing.


The Spot on the Wall: There’s Nothing “Sexy” About these Sex Scenes


The spot on the Wall

A UNIQUE erotic paranormal horror story which centers on Ron, whose sexual obsession with Laura leads him to murder the recluse owner of the house she HAS to have. After Ron secretly hides the corpse in the cellar, the couple moves in. In time, however, a strange spot begins appearing on their dining room wall.

338 Pages
What-If Productions
Publication Date: August 15th, 2016
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Quick Reasons: there wasn’t anything horrifying about this read; I really disliked the amount of graphic, detailed sex fantasies we got from Ron’s POV; I wouldn’t even call this an “erotic” read, there was nothing sexy about it; an interesting look into obsession and the ways it changes us; random ghosts?

Huge thanks to Rob Santana, What-If Productions, and the crew at Booktasters for sending me a copy of this title free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.

It is safe to say I did not particularly enjoy or appreciate this book, for several huge reasons. So let’s start at the beginning. I found the look into obsession and greed, and the ways these things change us or alter our behavior toward others, interesting and thought-provoking. When I first picked up this book, I was SUPER intrigued–I was excited about the idea of an erotic horror story and kept having flashbacks to that scene in American Horror Story: Murder House. If you’ve seen the show, I’m sure you know which scene I’m talking about–it involves a rubber suit? This was not at all what I got from this book, though.

For one….nothing about this book horrified me. I was hoping for fear. I was hoping this book would give me nightmares. I was HOPING I’d be kept awake at night, searching the shadows, fearing the things that go “bump.” None of this happened. Even the scenes that should have been scary, fell flat–and I’m not sure if that’s because of my personal dislike for the book, or the way the scenes were written.

Ron stood up and approached the smudge. Without disturbing Helena, he reached for a hand towel, then dabbed at the spot.

It was gone.

Just a normal, everyday blemish.

I don’t feel like the characters went through much personal growth or discovery. Ron, throughout the read, remains a whiny, sex-crazed guy. Seriously, the dude thought of literally NOTHING ELSE–every other page was smeared with graphic, detailed sex fantasies. He was judgmental, insulting, and obsessive. All of these things, while perhaps calling for an interesting character….put me off. The rest of the characters were just as 1-dimensional; I couldn’t–and didn’t really want to–connect with any of them. Which is depressing, as it made for a very long, very frustrating read.

There were a few moments at the beginning that piqued my interest enough to keep me reading, but…this quickly devolved into the rambling thoughts of a man obsessed with sex and intent on doing ANYTHING to get it. Ron claims to “love” Laura throughout….but when presented with other opportunities to find pleasure in other women, suddenly it’s all “No, I don’t think she really cares for me, what would it matter if I cheated?” Had this been written in a different manner…with less emphasis on sex/the “erotic”…it might have been scary. It might have been more entertaining. I might have actually enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, with everything I detailed above, this just wasn’t the right fit for me personally. While I don’t mind sex in my books, I want there to be an actual plot outside of the bedroom–and while there IS a plot going on here, it’s muddled. It gets lost in Ron’s obsession. I think the emphasis might have been better had it lied upon the ghost story, and not the erotic. Still, the small insight into obsession and greed–and the ways they warp and change us–was interesting. I’m disappointed…but maybe you’ll like this book better than I did. Just because I’m disappointed, doesn’t mean YOU will be–so if you think it sounds interesting, pick it up!