Somniare: Treachery, Magic, and VooDoo Dolls?! HECK YES!


Somniare (Somniare #1)

Somniare #1
234 Pages
Tik Tok Press
Publication Date: July 19th, 2016
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Remy Novem was murdered…

But she didn’t die.

Forced to escape to Somniare, a dream landscape, Remy must somehow survive living nightmares, and endless torment without using her magic. Her only hope for freedom is to hitch a ride with a human back into reality, tricking the poor creature into believing no harm will befall them.

Remy isn’t troubled by the fact that she must kill to live…

Until love changes everything.

Quick Reasons: interesting and entertaining; LOVE the twists and turns; endearing, creepy, unique characters; not sure what I was expecting going into this, but this wasn’t it; I devoured this book; sort of star-crossed lovers; some of the plot points were confusing, but for good reason

Huge thanks to D.T. Dyllin, Tik Tok Press, and Giselle @ Xpresso Book Tours for sending me a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


Let’s start with the characters. This motley crew holds some of the most entertaining, unique, and diverse characters I’ve come across in the paranormal/fantasy genre–which is awesome! From page one, these characters practically throw themselves into the real world–they are vibrant and snarky and, while not “realistic,” still so very REAL in their reactions/interactions.


The world was also colorful and filled with the twists and turns of dreams–which is, actually, a good thing, as this world is made up by dreams and nightmares. I had a ton of fun following Remy and her companions on their journey to self-discovery and the truth. Of course, most of both of these were found by Remy–the rest of the characters were just pulled along for the ride. Regardless, the world and the characters were all thoughtfully crafted and well-rounded.


I will admit–the beginning of this book was super confusing. D.T. Dyllin tosses readers right into the thick of the story–no answers, all questions–and expects readers to put aside the fact they know nothing about the world or these characters and just go along for the ride. Luckily, I’m just such a reader–but not everybody is. So let me warn you a little before you jump head-first into these pages: the beginning is confusing. Our main character not only has some holes in her memory, but is also pretty easily distracted by her hormones. The prose doesn’t always give you the answers you think you need right away, but instead trickles them to readers slowly over time. Be patient–the pieces will, eventually, all come together, if you give them time to.


Trigger warning for sensitive readers: this book explores subjects like emotional abuse; betrayal; murder/attempted murder… I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed or forgotten about, but just a warning–some of the scenes are a bit difficult to get through, especially for readers who are easily triggered. Please take care of yourselves!


This was a super entertaining, snarky, and unique read from page one. I was enthralled throughout–though, at times, just a bit more than confused. However–have patience! The pieces do get put together in a coherent, well-crafted fashion. I definitely recommend this read to lovers of paranormal fantasy, uniquely diverse characters, and an enthralling dream world that borders on the darker end of the spectrum. This was a great read; I can’t wait to see what D.T. Dyllin does in the future!