Whisper: These Angels Slay with Sass


Whisper (Whisper Trilogy, #1)

Whisper Trilogy, Book 1
Goodreads Rating: 3.78 Stars
220 Pages
Publication Date: March 31st, 2012
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When Callie Evans starts suffering monster headaches and hearing mysterious voices, she wonders if her fragile teenage psyche has finally cracked. After all, being the only girl without a cell phone in a world where you only show up on the social GPS if you’re in the network is a total stressor. Throw in a fretful yet loving mother who is always up her arsenal – well, there’s only so much junk a typical teenager can handle, right?

Newsflash. Callie Evans is anything but typical. When she discovers just how unique she is, Callie’s life morphs into an endless series of surprises at every turn.

Silas and Jules feed Callie a tale she can only laugh at. Until- gasp – she discovers it’s all true. She not only has to hide her secret identity from everyone in her universe (including Joshua Pride, the super-hot new guy at school who harbors a secret of his own,) but she must learn to navigate her new reality and fulfill her revealed purpose.

In a world where whispers are the deadliest of weapons, Callie’s biggest challenge of all will be to simply survive the evil that seeks to destroy her.

Quick Reasons: I just…had some issues overall; unique voice, charismatic and entertaining characters; sometimes the MC seemed a bit younger than her actual age; special snowflakes; insta-love; quite predictable; some stereotypes

Huge thanks to Dana Faletti for sending me a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this title.

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Now, don’t get me wrong–this year has been ALL ABOUT stepping out of my comfort zone in terms of reading. So when I saw this was about angels and demons, I thought… “well, why not give it a try!” And for the most part, that was okay–I took the focus on religion (or, at least, Christian ideals) in stride and convinced myself to approach it as it was–literature. Overall, though, I’m not sure this book (or this series, honestly) will be the right fit for me personally.


For one–our MC, and the boy she decides immediately she’s into (hello, insta-love! great to see you! I mean… yeah, that was a lie)–are both “special snowflakes” in their own rights. Him, because he can defeat pretty much any demon thrown his way without even trying! Heck, he doesn’t even NEED guidance anymore, and has actually become sort of a rebel, but who cares?! He’s a legacy! And her because… Well, she pretty much flies into this fighting demon things like a pro. I mean, that’s realistic, right? One five minute session of arguing and disbelief is more than enough to tide her over and make it A-okay!


Now, that’s not to say there aren’t some interesting ideas happening in this book. I was pretty entertained throughout–the narrator’s voices are so distinctive and unique! I adored the way Callie uses her own personal dictionary when “cursing”–while at times it was a bit strange or overdone, I was reminded of myself at that age. (Let’s be honest, I’m STILL the girl who uses “oh my penguins” over cursing, because that’s just who I am) So this was realistic for me, and came off rather endearing!


The plot was also interesting. Action-packed and fast-paced, it was pretty easy to fall into the story and get swept away. However…there were some stereotypes I wasn’t fond of. And Calliope, while a snarky and entertaining character, was VERY prone to making harsh snap judgments, which I also didn’t like. Yes, she’s only “human.” Yes, we ALL make judgmental statements sometimes. But these were a bit too over-the-top for me–and very much followed the stereotypes, on top of that. It just didn’t work, is what I’m saying. I DID, however, love a lot of the “moral” implications happening throughout. There were some very wise moments spawned from the battles Calliope finds herself in the midst of–and lessons I think ALL of us need to be reminded of, no matter our age.

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Overall, this was a decent read, though I’m not sure the right fit for me. I will still be picking up the other books in this series, as I’d like to know what happens next and see where the story goes from here. I would recommend this to those who enjoy unique takes on the war between good and evil, lovers of angel/demon stories, and those looking for fast-paced plots. It just wasn’t quite what I expected, going in–fingers crossed I like the next one more!