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Another week come and gone, and it’s beginning to get cold in Wyoming.  They’re forecasting snow on Wednesday, which is just… NO.  NO snow.  NO SNOW EVAR!  Lol.  Seriously though, this is the time of year I loathe most–winter has never been a friend to me.

I am doing my best to keep my head up and my heart light, but I’m struggling a little.  I really don’t like living alone, and don’t have many people to talk to or distract myself with.  That being said, if any of YOU lovely people want to exchange facebook/twitter/tumblr/whatever information, let me know!  I’d LOVE to have more/new people to talk to.  And if you already have my facebook/twitter/tumblr/whatever information… WHY YOU NO USE IT MORE?!  I swear I don’t bite, no matter what the penguins say!

Other than that, I’m just trucking along.  Or…maybe crashing along? is more accurate at the moment.  I work, I schedule posts, I read and write my reviews…and then I start it all over again.  I mean, I’m not complaining–I seriously overbooked myself this month so it’s nice to be so far ahead.  Stiiiiiill…

How are you guys?  Read or watch anything awesome recently?!

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Until next time, happy book-ing!

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