Book Blitz, Teasers, Excerpt, and Giveaway: The Piper’s Price


piperspriceThe Piper’s Price (The Neverland Wars #2)
Audrey Greathouse
Published by: Clean Reads Publishing
Publication date: February 21st 2017
Genres: Fairy Tales, Retelling, Young Adult

Peter is plotting his retaliation against the latest bombing. Neverland needs an army, and Peter Pan is certain children will join him once they know what is at stake. The lost boys and girls are planning an invasion in suburbia to recruit, but in order to deliver their message, they will need the help of an old and dangerous associate—the infamous
Pied Piper.

Hunting him down will require a spy in in the real world, and Gwen soon finds herself in charge of locating the Piper and cutting an uncertain deal with him. She isn’t sure if Peter trusts her that much, or if he’s just trying to keep her away from him in Neverland. Are they friends, or just allies? But Peter might not even matter now that
she’s nearly home and meeting with Jay again.

The Piper isn’t the only one hiding from the adults’ war on magic though, and when
Gwen goes back to reality, she’ll have to confront one of Peter’s oldest friends… and
one of his earliest enemies.

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Peaceful background, blue night sky. Elements furnished by NASAart abstract spring background or summer background with fresh grass


They found the forest’s hiking trail moments before breaking the tree line. “Where
are we going, Peter?” He was heading toward a mobile home community next to the
state park.

He continued to walk with confidence. His usual cocky stride looked surprisingly like
the swagger of an ordinary teenage boy. “My friend lives here. Don’t worry. Don’t look
like such a stranger here.”

She didn’t want to appear conspicuous, but Gwen was too baffled to help it. The
unkempt lawns were boxed in by chain-link fences covered in varying degrees of rust.
They passed a lawn littered with bicycles; on the other side of the gravel street, two
different cars were parked on the lawn, clearly non-functional. Satellite dishes were on
every trailer home. Despite all being painted differently, the track housing still managed
to present a uniformity of depressing color.

Multiple houses had motorcycles out front or a dog milling around their yard. When
she and Peter passed a pack of Rottweilers, the dogs ran up to the fence and began
snarling until all the other dogs in the neighborhood were barking too. “Ignore it,” Peter
advised her.

She was scared. This was not the sort of place she ever expected to visit with Peter.
She didn’t trust his ability to protect her here. This wasn’t his world, but it wasn’t hers
either. They were both out of their element. Peter just didn’t have the sense to realize

Winding down the gravel road, Gwen matched Peter’s pace almost step for step.
They approached a blue-and-grey house. Like the others, it had wooden latticework
around the bottom to help obscure the fact it didn’t have a foundation in the ground. The
square house reminded Gwen of how she would take shoeboxes and try to turn them
into homes for her dolls by decorating them. It was hard to fathom that she was walking
up the plastic steps of the porch to knock on the door.

She waited, feeling her heartbeat in her throat, her toes, and everywhere besides
her chest. Even the predictable noise of the door opening startled her.

A woman with a long, black braid and beige cardigan stood in the doorway. Gwen
looked up at her, and then watched as the sharp features of her dark face dissolved into
unadulterated shock.


The startled woman ushered them in. She was just as uncomfortable with their
presence in the trailer park as Gwen. Once inside, they stood in a living room full of old
furniture, facing a kitchen with old electric appliances. There was no unity or romance to
the orange recliner, chipped mixing bowl, off-white blender, dull toaster, and sunken
couch. It was a bunch of old stuff that looked like it represented several decades of
objects abandoned at Goodwill. The chingadera and bric-a-brac wasn’t any more
cohesive: porcelain angles, an antique pot, a vase full of bird feathers, and a stopped
clock made the place confusing and strange in the same way her grandmother’s house
had been.

“What are you doing here?” she hissed, pulling her cardigan close and tossing her
thick braid over her shoulder and out of her way. She had a shapeless housedress
underneath the beige sweater, and a pair of black leggings insulating her legs as she
stomped around, heavy-footed in her leather slippers. She looked comfortable, except
for the unexpected guests who were putting her so ill at ease. “You shouldn’t be

“I need your help,” Peter said.

“They’re still keeping tabs on me.”

“That’s why I came in disguise.”

“You’re being irresponsible. You’re jeopardizing us both, and Neverland to

“I took all the right precautions. This is important.” Hollyhock and Foxglove wrestled
their way out of the pixie purse and came twinkling out now that they knew they were
safely inside.

“You brought fairies here?” she exclaimed. She leaned down and grabbed a hold of
his arm, forcing him to look her dead in her dark eyes. Gwen wanted to leave. This
wasn’t a friend, not anymore. This was a grown-up, and unlike Antoine the aviator, she
was not amused with Peter’s wartime antics.

“What happens if they figure it out and come to question me?”

Peter scoffed. “You won’t tell them.”

“What if they threaten to arrest me? They could put me away forever until I told
them what they needed to know, and nobody here would stop them.”

Peter broke free of her hold with ease; she wasn’t actually trying to restrain him.
“Preposterous,” he declared. “If they did that, you would sit, stone-faced and silent in
your cell until they all died.”

“What if they beat me?”

“You’d take the blows as though you were made of rock, and you would not speak.”
Peter seemed to disregard the question.

“What if they tortured me and stuck blades under my nails?” she demanded.

“Then you would not even scream, but stay silent as a stone!” Peter insisted,
hopping up onto a wooden kitchen chair at her dining table, looking down at the

“What if they bring knives and cut off my fingers, one at a time, until I told them how
to find you?”

Peter yelled right back, “Then you would steal their knives and scalp them all like
the redskin princess you are!”

Her anger slunk off her face and out of her shoulders. She shook her head, frowning
as a sad laugh escaped her. She clung to her sweater, blinking back tears, until, at last,
she flung her arms around Peter. Still on the chair, he had to bend down to return the

“Oh, Peter,” she muttered, unaware of the tears slipping off her smiling face. “Oh,

“It’s good to see you, Tiger Lily.”

Vine growing on concrete wallStarry sky through trees


Author Bio:

Audrey Greathouse is a lost child in a perpetual and footloose quest for her own
post-adolescent Neverland. Originally from Seattle, she earned her English B.A. from
Southern New Hampshire University’s online program while backpacking around the
west coast and pretending to be a student at Stanford. A pianist, circus artist, fire-eater,
street mime, swing dancer, and novelist, Audrey wears many hats wherever she is. She has grand hopes for the future which include publishing more books and owning a crockpot. You can find her at audreygreathouse.com.

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Book Blitz, Teasers, Excerpt, and Giveaway: Only a Duke Will Do


dukeOnly a Duke Will Do (To Marry a Rogue #2)
Tamara Gill
Published by: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: February 20th, 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

Without a Season, Lady Isolde Worthingham captured
the Duke of Moore’s heart at a country dance. But on the eve of her wedding, a scandal
that rocked the ton and sent her fleeing to Scotland alone and unwed,
leaves her perfectly planned future in a tangle of disgrace and heartbreak.

Merrick Mountshaw, the Duke of Moore loathes the pitiful existence he hides from
the ton. With a scandalous wife he never wanted, who flaunts her many indiscretions,
life is a never-ending parade of hell. When the one woman he loved and lost returns to
London, he knows he can no longer live without her.

But vows and past hurts are not easily forgotten. Love may not win against the ton
when a too proper Lord and Lady play by the rules.

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“I’m sorry you feel that way, but you cannot stop Isolde from marrying. She will marry one day. It may not be me, but it will be someone. And if the reports around London are correct, she is looking for a husband.”

“Damn you to hell.” Merrick left Wardoor, grabbed a half-filled bottle of whisky from
the pavilion, and started toward the Italian Walk. He found a secluded grassy spot within the trees. The sweet-smelling scent floating on the breeze did little to lesson his ire.

Merrick clung to the tree branch above his head and fought not to snap it off,
imagining it as Wardoor’s neck. He flung back a good portion of the whisky and
welcomed the burn to his throat. How could his closest friend do this to him?

The thought of Isolde welcoming his attentions was like a physical blow.

Damn them. Damn him.


It had always boded trouble when Isolde called him by his title. He turned, wanting
and yet not wanting her here right at this moment. “My lady.”

She came up to him, standing but a few feet from his person, close enough to reach
out and touch, to pull close and take what he desperately sought. And wished for.

“What do you think you’re doing, running off Wardoor from courting me?”

“He told you?” Merrick made a note to choke the bastard to death the next time he
was in range to do so.

“Yes, he told me. After seeing you two trying to kill each other, in front of everyone, I
might add, I asked him what you were about. Demanded to know, in fact.” She placed
her hands on her hips, her perfect brow marred with a slight frown. Hell, she was
beautiful. More beautiful than when he had met her at Cranleigh. “Now answer the

“He’s my friend.”

She stood staring at him a while, before she slouched, as if gauging his meaning.
“Merrick, you keep forgetting you married someone else. You have to let me go, if this is your struggle.”

It was his struggle. A constant gnawing on his soul that would never leave. “What if I
do not want to?”




tamaraAuthor Bio:

Tamara is an Australian author who grew up in an old mining town in country South
Australia, where her love of history was founded. So much so, she made her darling
husband travel to the UK for their honeymoon, where she dragged him from one
historical monument and castle to another.

A mother of three, her two little gentleman in the making, a future lady (she hopes)
and a part-time job keep her busy in the real world, but whenever she gets a moment’s
peace she loves to write romance novels in an array of genres, including regency,
medieval and paranormal.

Tamara loves hearing from readers and writers alike. You can contact her through
her website, and sign up to follow her blog or newsletter.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook /



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Blog Tour, Teasers, Q&A, Playlist, Giveaway and Review: Obsidian Sky

The third and final novel in an epic steampunk horror series, OBSIDIAN SKY closes the dramatic adventures of Claire, Sawyer, Gemma, and Nash, digging up the final secrets of their past, bringing new allies into a dangerous fray, and drawing friends and foes into a battle where the cost may be too much to pay…

osThe final struggle against the Hellions has arrived. A trapped engineer and a desperate marauder scramble to fight an enemy with unspeakable power on its side. Time is running out, and one world will be destroyed…

After sacrificing herself to save the lives of her friends and family, Claire Abernathy struggles to outwit her Hellion captors. They torment and terrify her into working on a weapon with the sole purpose of obliterating the world, friends, and love she has struggled to save. If Claire has any chance of saving those she loves, she must delve deeper into the Hellion world, and witness nightmares she could never imagine.

In Westraven, Sawyer Kendric is desperate to find the woman he loves. To do so, he must finally embrace his family’s atrocious past and heal the wounds it has caused. He will be forced to make new allies, uncover secrets that change all he knows, and find the courage to lead a ragtag crew into the darkest, deadliest battle of their lives.

Claire and Sawyer fight to save their broken world in the final installment of the epic DARK SKY trilogy.

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Two stories are told in OBSIDIAN SKY––the first chronicling a young engineer named Claire Abernathy as she struggles to survive the in the terrifying world of Hellnore, home of the blood-drinking Hellions, forced to serve their ghastly King and avoid the torment of Davin Kendric, the Hellion general, in hopes that she will be able to escape and return to her home and loved ones. The second story follows Sawyer Kendric, the young pirate captain who must make final peace with his own inner demons and face his responsibilities as a leader, all while uncovering secrets that will either save Claire, or seal her bloody fate. Their adventures will collide in an explosive finale that will change their lives forever, and leave one world altered forever…


A Message from AMY BRAUN (author):

While I love every book in the DARK SKY series, OBSIDIAN SKY is my favorite. I know I’m not supposed to pick a favorite, but I can’t help it. The book was just so much fun to write, allowing me the chance to write a story from two different perspectives and challenge myself as an author while bringing events to a conclusion where everything fell into place. Sometimes I worried that I was going to stray off from the main storyline, but thankfully everything fell into place just the way it needed to.

One of the great things about this novel is that it gets to move outside of Westraven. That’s been the main hub of activity throughout the first two books and two novellas, but I had made an expanded world and wanted to explore it. While Claire is stuck in Hellnore, which I modeled after Mordor from Lord of the Rings (a source of inspiration for almost every fantasy author, let’s be honest), Sawyer gets to explore the Aon, the country beyond the borders of Westraven. Both of them attract more than their share of trouble because let’s be honest, they couldn’t stay away from it if they tried.

World building aside, the best part about splitting the engineer and the marauder up was being able to focus on their individual characters and their final arcs. I did my best to balance the events and keep the tension and action flowing throughout the story, making the pacing fast for one character and slow for the other. When Claire needs a breather, Sawyer is the one getting into trouble and vice versa.

The ending is a lot more emotional than I intended, and it was sad to see these beloved characters reach their conclusions. This series has been with me for years, and there were a couple tears shed when I wrote the final chapter. I’m committed to going out with a big bang, so I worked hard with my editor to wrap up all the details and worked with XPresso Book Tours for a book blitz while organizing a second blog tour. I’ve also discounted the prices of every book in the series, and will keep them lowered for the month of February.

I can’t begin to express how excited the cover and artwork have made me. Deranged Doctor Design outdid themselves yet again, capturing everything this book is about: The red lava that represents Hellnore, the crossed swords for Sawyer, the claw marks and dents inflicted by the Hellions. I’m constantly floored by their fantastic work and can’t wait to work with them again in the future.

This is the second series I’ve closed in the past year, the first being the CURSED trilogy for urban fantasy fans. While I’m just as sad to say goodbye to this one, I’m also relieved that it’s a project off my plate. I learned so much from writing OBSIDIAN SKY and the DARK SKY series, and can’t wait to take these lessons and apply them to future work.


Q & A: Amy Braun and Obsidian Sky–

Q: Were you nervous about writing the end of Obsidian Sky? Was everything planned or were some events spontaneous?

A: I’m a meticulous planner when it comes to world building and plots, but there were some events that I hadn’t intended that were added into the final story. Certain characters and events appeared in places and scenes where I hadn’t intended them to. Characters acted in ways I hadn’t originally planned, or would have to think creatively to escape a challenge. I had a great time experimenting and using a lot of “What If” scenarios where my characters were pushed to the limits and forced to react unconventionally. I felt like I was experiencing their adventures with them, and at some points, didn’t know what would happen next, either.

Q: Did you have any challenges writing Obsidian Sky?

A: Sometimes I can’t seem to control my characters––they go off and do what they want! Sawyer was notorious for this (which isn’t a surprise, really), and his scenes often took off in directions I didn’t anticipate. Claire’s challenges were a little more planned out, though I remember a particular moment about three-quarters of the way through the book where she got to be an ultra badass. That was a lot of fun to do. Other challenges I had were with the new elements and characters being introduced. I wanted them to have a major impact to the story, and had to work with my editor to make sure their presence was balanced with the other characters. But for the most part, I was stoked to write this book and couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out.


Q: How did it feel to close out a series you’ve worked on for so long?

A: It’s a mix of sadness and happiness. On one hand, I realize how much I’ll miss these characters and this world. I came up with the idea when I was fourteen years old, and now over ten years later, it’s finally over. It’s a lot to let go of. But on the other hand, I feel a great deal of closure. Here was this crazy, random idea I had as a kid, and I finally went ahead and made it a reality. Now that it’s done with and received with better success than I could have hoped for, helped me establish my career, I’m aware that if I work hard, put in the time and effort, and do all the re-writes, I can transform any idea into a book. And if you’re an author still hesitant about such a thing, read the opening dedication to Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. She did the same thing, and she became published. Never give up on your idea!

Q: What will you miss most about the series and the characters?

A: I’m definitely going to miss the world and the creatures in it. Writing the Hellions and Hellnore was so much fun. I’m also going to miss Claire’s inventiveness, Sawyer’s attitude, Nash’s soft-heart, and Gemma’s tendency to scream her lungs out in battle.

Q: Is there any chance of a continuation or a spin-off series in the future?

A: A reviewer actually asked me that not too long ago. While I’ll never say never to anything, at this moment, I have no plans to continue the Dark Sky books. Nash and Gemma have both already had their own spin-off prequel novellas, titled Amber SkyAmber Sky and Smoke Sky respectively, and if I did do another spinoff, it would likely be a prequel series. But the odds of that happening in the near future are slim, given how I want to move onto other projects.


Q: Now that the series is over, what’s next?

A: At the moment, I’m working on two brand new series. I don’t want to say much about them to avoid giving away spoilers, but the first series will be an urban fantasy involving the Greek gods, and the second project is a Young Adult fantasy series with Gargoyles that was inspired by Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. I wish I could tell you more at this point, but I can’t give you anything such as titles or release dates as both of these projects are going to be going to literary agents. I received amazing feedback on the Greek god project from one of my favorite fantasy authors, Michael J. Sullivan, and have been diligently working to improve it. I’ll know in the next month or so whether or not it’ll be going the indie or traditional route, and my newsletter subscribers and website/social media followers will be the first to know.

The same can be said for the YA fantasy Gargoyle project. I’m working on editing it and am hoping that in the next month or so I can send it to literary agents. YA fantasy is extremely popular right now, and I’m hoping that will be my “in,” but if not, I will happily take the project through independent publishing. I learned a lot last year and am ready to use that knowledge to expand my horizons and hopefully gain new readers.

At this point, the only project that will be happening will be the release of the complete Dark Sky box set in April. But anything can happen in this industry, and I doubt anything could slow me down at this point. I’m having too much fun!

amyAuthor Bio:

Amy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves around monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in her early teens, and never stopped. She loves building unique worlds filled with fun characters and intense
action. She is the recipient of April Moon Books Editor Award for “author voice, worldbuilding
and general bad-assery,” and the One Book Two Standout Award in 2015 for her Cursed trilogy. She has been featured on various author blogs and publishing websites, and is an active member of the Writing GIAM and Weekend Writing Warrior communities. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos, gaming, and struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


(because fun!)

1. Far From Over – Rev Theory

2. Brave This Storm – Trivium

3. Forget About Me – Escape The Fate

4. Dangerous – Within Temptation feat. Howard Jones

5. Canine – Senses Fail

6. Gateways – Dimmu Borgir

7. Fever Dream – Tyler Bates

8. Eye Of The Storm – Killswitch Engage

9. Before The Hangmans’s Noose – DevilDriver

10. Ghost River – Nightwish

11. Beast – Nico Vega

12. Let You Down – Black Veil Brides

13. Iron – Woodkid

14. My Name (Wearing Me Put) – Shinedown

15. Forgiveness Is A Six Gun – DevilDriver

16. Drunken Whaler (The Dishonored Video Game Track)



Quick Reasons: can we talk about this cover?!; can we talk about THIS SERIES?!; awesome, complex, strong-willed characters; satisfying end; trigger warning for sensitive readers; this whole journey was filled with heartbreak, horror, and darkly intense atmospheres; I’m sad to see it end, but so happy to have read it

HUGE thanks, as always, to Amy Braun for being the epic author she is and sending me a free digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


Wheeeeeew, penguins. This was an intense, bitter-sweet ending to a journey that I’ve adored and been in awe of these last few years. And I don’t mean bitter-sweet in terms of the way this series ended…but instead that it had to end at all. I’ve fallen so deeply in love with this world, and these characters… I’m sad to see them go. I know one of the first things I intend to do, as soon as I’m able, is buy these books in physical copies–I NEED them on my shelves. I mean, just the covers alone are GOOOOORGEOUS; whoever designed these books did an A++ job on it, seriously. But the stories?! The stories inside are just as gorgeous, and I need them in more than one form. NEED, penguins.

Let’s talk gritty for a minute, though. This is a courtesy trigger warning for sensitive readers–certain difficult topics are broached and handled throughout. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: rape; physical assault; physical abuse. These are, by far, the biggest that I found. Please be careful if you decide to pick this series up–keep yourselves safe! While most scenes are brief and not overly detailed, there were some difficult moments, so keep this in mind.

OS Quote2.jpg

These characters are just… They’re going to haunt me for a while to come. They are well-rounded and realistic, and while they’ve made some judgement calls I’m not sure I agree with… I love them. I love them all so hardcore, I can’t even. The plot is action-packed, filled with drama, and just SO epic I can’t even begin to explain. Amy Braun knows how to ratchet up the tension, and she does so twenty-fold in this book especially. I found myself unhinged in several key instances, both glued to the pages and wanting to fling the book away in “NO NO NO don’t hurt me again!” pleas. These, of course, went mostly unheard.

In the end, this was a WILD ride–from page one, book one to the last closing words. I have, once again, been reminded why I need to pick up more steampunk novels–they always wind up being some of my favorites, and this series is no exception! I definitely recommend this journey to lovers of alien vampires, cloud-surfing pirates, and plots that are more like delicious action stew. Amy Braun, this series has turned the cogs in my penguin heart; I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for your writing! Take down the Hellions with me, penguins; let’s save the world!


Blog Tour, Teasers, Giveaway, and Review: Frost



Frost (Midnight Ice Book One)
by Kaitlyn Davis
Genre: YA, Paranormal Romance
Release date: January 26th, 2017
Summary from Goodreads:
Even the hottest love can turn a girl cold-blooded…

Life’s tough for a vampire thief on the run—just ask Pandora Scott, she knows. Four years ago she ran away from home after everyone she loved betrayed her. But now her annoyingly grown up (and handsome) ex boyfriend is stalking her, begging her to return. A mysterious vamp with a particularly dangerous (and sexy) stare keeps popping unexpectedly into her life. The extremely powerful head vampire of New York is hunting her down because she may or may not have broken into his highly-secure, highly-secretive personal vault. And the fate she’s been trying to outrun? Well, it’s about to catch up. Because even a super-speedy vamp with the ability to disappear can’t escape her own destiny.

A brand new spinoff to the Midnight Fire series! Fans will enjoy special appearances from Kira, Luke and Tristan while falling in love with the new characters and new adventure of Midnight Ice.

*Please note, you do not need to read the books of Midnight Fire to enjoy Frost (Midnight Ice Book 1). They are two standalone series with character crossover.


Available from:
Amazon | Apple | B&N | Google Play | Kobo | Smashwords

If you haven’t read the bestselling Midnight Fire series, you can get the first two books free when you buy the entire series at once!
**Over 200,000 Copies of the Midnight Fire Series Sold!**
**Over 5000 5-Star Reviews on Goodreads!**

Kira Dawson has the power to burn vampires to a crisp. The problem is, she doesn’t know it yet. The even bigger problem is, she’s dating one.

When Kira Dawson moves to South Carolina, she meets Luke, a blond goofball who quickly becomes her best friend, and Tristan, a mysterious bad boy who sends shivers down her spine. Kira knows they’re keeping secrets, but when she discovers Tristan’s lust for blood and her own dormant mystical powers, Kira is forced to fight for her life and make the heartbreaking decision between the familiar comfort of friendship and the fiery passion of love.

From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis comes a paranormal romance perfect for fans of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Ignite is the first book in the Midnight Fire series and it is approximately 65,000 words.

Books included in this bundle:

Ignite – Book One
Simmer – Book Two
Blaze – Book Three
Scorch – Book Four
Burn – An Anniversary Novella

Available from:
Rave Reviews for the Midnight Fire series!
“The writing is effortlessly mind-blowing. I could not put this entire series down.”
                                               – Happy Tales and Tails Blog
“Read the books. Do it.”
                                – Urban Girl Reader
“Some of the best action scenes I have come across in a young adult book.”
                                                   – Reflections of a Bookworm
“I was riveted throughout … there was drama, danger, action and romance that was wonderfully detailed and described.”
                                             – Obsession With Books
“You’ll make friends with Kira, choose sides with Tristan and Luke, and fall in love with the story at heart about a girl with so bright a future…even shades aren’t gonna cut it.”
                                                                         – Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers
kaitlyn-davis-author-photoAbout the Author:

Bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis writes young adult fantasy novels under the name Kaitlyn Davis and contemporary romance novels under the name Kay Marie.
Always blessed with an overactive imagination, Kaitlyn has been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to share her work with the world. When she’s not daydreaming, typing stories, or getting lost in fictional worlds, Kaitlyn can be found indulging in some puppy videos, watching a little too much television, or spending time with her family. If you have any questions for her–about her books, about scheduling an event, or just in general–you may contact her at: KaitlynDavisBooks@gmail.com
To stay up-to-date with all of Kaitlyn’s new releases, sign up for hernew release newsletter here: TinyLetter.com/KaitlynDavisBooks
Author Links:


Quick Reasons: LOVE the snark; awesome world-building; great use of dramatic mystery; the memory-loss trope has never been so well-written; I am spell-bound; Pandora is an entertaining, strong-willed, complex character; I didn’t see that ending coming

Huge thanks to Kaitlyn Davis and YA Bound Book Tours for sending me a free digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


Okay, penguins–I’m HOOKED. And I don’t mean just hooked in an, I want to know what happens next, sort of way. I mean I am drooling for the rest of this series…and to pick up the series that this is apparently a spin-off for. I need–NEED–to know these characters better. And not just one of two of them, but all of them. Which…is bad news for my wallet, because that’s more money out of my pocket for more books. But I don’t care, penguins–I must read them all (I mean, you know…when I get the chance to).

Let’s talk nitty gritty, yes? Starting with characters. Pandora is, without a doubt, one of the BEST uses of the memory loss/amnesia trope I’ve stumbled across in my reading career. I particularly enjoyed, as well, how snarky and vibrantly written she is. There were so many moments I found myself giggling at her reactions and antics. For a character with a type of memory loss, she doesn’t let it hold her back–instead, she embraces life head-on. And she’s SO strong-willed… she really helped to make this read an entertaining and mysterious journey for me! Of course, the rest of the characters are no slouches–each one is just as complex, pertinent to the story-line, and humorous to read about.


The plot is action-packed and FILLED with drama. There were a few inconsistencies in terms of age in regards to Pandora, which both confused and sort of bothered me, but they weren’t glaring enough to put much dent in my reading. The world-building is also complex and vividly rendered. While I have some questions–mostly about how the “magic” of this world works–I feel I was given sufficient enough information to understand what was happening. I imagine that, were I to pick up the original series right now, the questions I do have might be quickly answered, so this doesn’t bother me too much.

This was, in the end, a snarky, action-packed, and entertaining read! The characters are vibrant and complex, the word-building is vivid, and the plot was a race to the climax from start to finish. I cannot WAIT to pick up more books from Kaitlyn Davis in the future, and definitely recommend this read to lovers of urban fantasy, memory loss/amnesia tropes, and widely humorous reads. The frost bit me deep, penguins; take off your gloves and feel the chill!

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Book Blitz, Teasers, Excerpt, and Giveaway: Celtic Fire


Celtic Fire (Highland Celts Series, #1)
Liz Gavin
Publication date: January 31st, 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical, Paranormal Romance

This is a standalone, historical/paranormal romance. Its mature themes – violence, religious war, and pagan rituals – might not be appropriate for audiences under 18.

When ancient gods ruled and Druids kept Faith alive, the Celts thrived as a
democratic, matriarchal society. Then savage Roman soldiers swept across Europe,
killing and enslaving. The Celts did not succumb without a fight. Their Old Ways
survived centuries of ruthless domain until another menace loomed: a tortured god
worshiped in cold stone buildings. The sacred shores of Avalon began to drift away, the mists threatened to hide the island from mortal eyes forever.

Against the bleak backdrop of war, the gorgeous Scottish Highlands stood tall,
sheltering its inhabitants from greedy invaders. Yet the reach of the eagle banners was long and the highlanders turned to the Goddess for protection. However, the sacred groves felt silent and grim as Avalon faded away. Once sad, pealing bells began to sound strangely comforting while the high walls of monasteries offered an alluring
barrier from violence. Caught in the middle of this centuries-old war, a young High
Priestess might be Avalon’s last chance.

Wise beyond her years and powerful like no other Priestess in her lifetime, Rowen
had served the Goddess faithfully, forsaking her family and the company of her
soulmate. When the Lady of the Lake asks for another sacrifice, it might be one too
many for her scarred heart. How could she obey the Goddess without betraying
Caddaric? Could she trust Eochaid, who embodied everything she despised and hated?
Would she be able to fulfill her duties without losing her soul?

Caddaric had been Rowen’s companion in countless lives; but, now, they existed in
different realms. Beautiful Rowen lived in the mortal world while sweet Caddaric
remained in the sacred isle of Avalon, watching over her. Could he step aside to allow
another man – a flesh and blood man – to become her protector?

Eochaid had sworn to protect the Old Ways. The rude warrior never quite
understood his faith yet his loyal heart belonged to the Goddess. A gorgeous, fiery High Priestess was not in his plans. He would risk his life to protect Rowen; but, would the Goddess safeguard his heart? Could he defend the bewitching maiden from

When stakes were so high that a simple mistake could cost their very world, a
priestess, a Druid, and a warrior must learn to trust each other and the mysterious ways of the Goddess. Their success would save Avalon. Their failure would tear the island from the human realm forever, condemning it to oblivion.

Failure was not an option.

Goodreads / Amazon



Although my heart is heavy and my thoughts are gloomy, I take a deep breath and
focus on the task at hand. I search for the sacred oak, the oldest tree in the grove.
Finding it, I lie on the ground, face down, in front of the revered tree. Earth’s energy
radiates from the ground, traveling through my body and limbs, filling me with a potent magnetism, and making my skin tingle as I say my prayer.

“Forgive me, Great Mother. I have failed you yet again. I am your vessel on this
realm and as such I should never doubt your ways. Nevertheless, when the time came
for Caddaric to go back to Avalon, I despaired and fought against the inevitable, as I
always do.

Please, give me strength to control my weak heart, wisdom to understand your
signs, and courage to do your bidding.”

The wind picks up around me making the dry leaves and little twigs swirl. Faint
whispers come in the breeze. A thousand gentle fingers move over my body caressing,
soothing me.

“Oh, Mother, you are too kind and never abandon me. I promise to serve you
faithfully and perform my duties accordingly from now on.”

The wind blows stronger, molding my clothes to my body, covering me in dry
leaves. I feel faint and when I open my eyes, I’m not in the sacred grove any longer. I’m lying on a sunny field, there’s a gentle breeze blowing from the distant line of apple trees, bringing the sweet smell of their flowers in full bloom. Recognizing my beloved isle of Avalon, I get up and look around. I see the Lady of the Lake standing just a few feet away. I go to her and offer a curtsy. The Lady gently holds me by my shoulders, smiles serenely and holds my gaze. Not for the first time, I wonder if her eyes can read my soul.

“Rise, Rowen, my child. And do not cry. You should rejoice over your successes
instead of mourning what you perceive as failures. Your apprentices look up to you and seek your guidance, because your advice is wise and respectful. The villagers worship the Great Mother according to the old traditions, because they follow your firm yet kind leadership. Despite being so young, my beautiful Rowen, you are wise and your people respect you.”

I am touched by her words. I never expected the Lady of the Lake herself would
answer my prayer and come talk to me, comfort me.

“You are too kind, my lady. I am honored and, although I think I do not deserve your
comfort, I am thankful.”

“I speak only the truth, Rowen, as all true servants of the Goddess shall do. Now,
you will not like what I need to tell you. You have always been loyal to your vows and I
count on that loyalty to see you through the task I need you to undertake.”

“You frighten me, my lady. What do you need from me? You know I would never
deny you, or the Great Mother, anything.”



lizAuthor Bio:

International best-selling author Liz Gavin, has accomplished much in her short career. Her books have made to #1 and Top Five best-selling ranks in her home country Brazil and others as diverse as Japan, the UK and the US; both in English and Portuguese, collecting 5 and 4-star reviews. Nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award in 2016, and again in 2017, this RWA member constantly seeks new opportunities to improve her craft.

This thirst for knowledge propelled Liz to leave the comforts of family and friends in
Brazil and move to California to pursue a Master’s degree in late 2015. She lives in
sunny SoCal, where she’s researching the writing process, for her thesis, in hopes to
figure out why she creates in English instead of her native Portuguese.

Liz Gavin writes in contemporary, paranormal, and historical genres. In her sexy
stories, one finds smart, independent women, who don’t need rescuing by knights in
shining armor, but indulge in steamy action with swoony Alpha males with big hearts.
She also writes about women discovering their sexuality and finding happiness in
unconventional setups.

Blog / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / B&N



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Book Blitz, Teasers, Excerpt, and Giveaway: Pocket Full of Tinder




Pocket Full of Tinder
by Jill Archer
(Noon Onyx #4)
Publication date: December 15th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Science Fiction

Noon Onyx is back! In this long-awaited fourth installment, Jill Archer returns readers
to the dangerous world of Halja, where demons, angels, and humans coexist in an
uneasy state of détente.

Maegester-in-Training Noon Onyx feels like she’s done it all – mastered fiery magic,
become an adept fighter, learned the law, killed countless demons, and survived having
her heart broken by both love and an arrow, but now she’ll face her greatest challenge

Far to the north lies an outpost famous for its unrest – Rockthorn Gorge. The town’s
patron has specifically requested Noon’s help. Her assignment? Help the neophyte
demon lord build his fiefdom and keep what’s his. The problem? Lord Aristos – Noon’s
new employer – is her erstwhile lover, Ari Carmine, the aforementioned heart breaker.
And the number one thing he wants is her.

When Rockthorn Gorge’s viaduct is destroyed by Displodo, an enigmatic bomber,
killing a dozen settlers and wounding scores more, Noon sets off early to aid in the
search and rescue. Ari is listed among the missing and the suspects are legion. But
Noon’s search is just the beginning. Her journey forces Noon to confront not only those
she loves, but also enemies hell-bent on destroying them.

Goodreads / Amazon / iBooks / Kobo




Last year
Second semester

He’d been traveling for weeks, following the river westward. A great aerial beast
with a broken wing trying to follow the curving lines of a bigger, blacker beast on terra
firma. Beneath him, the Lethe River twisted and writhed. Every left turn was agonizing.

The wing, bent at an unnatural angle, caught wind where it shouldn’t. The drag was
enormous. He often felt as if he were drowning, his wings clasping at the edges of a
whirlpool whose edges grew taller and steeper as it closed in on him. And then he’d
have to push, soaring up into the air again with labored breathing that
sounded louder than a blue whale’s blowhole.

As he neared New Babylon he kept a keen eye on the water, searching for boats
and sails and men. Men who may not have seen a drakon in decades, perhaps longer.
Men who would sound an alarm and alert others to his presence. It was the type of
homecoming he wished to avoid.

So he’d flown at night and timed his arrival with the new moon. All below was black
and gray. Far off there were tall ships lit by lanterns, but closer (thank Luck
closer) was his goal – Bradbury’s docks.

A man without fire or an electric torch would have been blind. But to a drakon, the
world seemed drawn with charcoal and smudged with starlight. Another night, with a
different wing and the company he sought, he might have thought it beautiful.

He smelled the river and the city, the scents of men and the rich food they liked to eat.

Loud, boisterous voices rose from the waterside inns, saloons, and taverns. He
clenched his jaw and banked left across the water toward Etincelle, straightening again– or at least trying to – before he got too close. With a last, desperate push
up he rose above the Lethe, beating his inefficient wings against the
midnight sky, until he found warm air to ride down, circling… waiting… watching for
anyone who might still be at the docks. He did not want to be seen in drakon form.

He landed less gracefully than he would have liked, skidding to a halt just before
hitting a crate that would have tumbled into the Lethe had he not finally found purchase on the dock with his claws. With a last glance around, he shifted.

Wings collapsed. Snout, jaws, and teeth were reabsorbed. Claws disintegrated,
turning to dust. Tail wriggled and twisted, curling inward, like a snake eating itself.
Lungs and heart halved. And then halved again. Head pounding, body shaking, Ari fell
to his knees, his right palm pressed against the dock, his left arm cradled uselessly
against his side.

He was home.



jillAuthor Bio:

Jill Archer is the author of the Noon Onyx series, genre-bending fantasy novels
about a postgrad magic user and her off-campus adventures. The series includes

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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The Friday 56 (#7)


*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
*Post it.
*Add your (url) post below in Linky. Add the post url, not your blog url.
*It’s that simple.
Or join The Friday 56 on Instagram!


Today’s #friday56 comes from #gregorymaguireand #afteralice !!!

I am so wanting to drop everything and #read this #book this second, but alas, it must wait! Have you read this one ? Thoughts on it, if so?

“Let me think,” said Rosa Rugosa. “No. Rosinathorn, Rosadolorosa, have you seen an Alice?”

Perhaps they didn’t know what an Alice was. Rosinathorn and Rosadolorosa refused to reply.

Ada hurried on. “It’s just that–well, if she’s here, I seem to have lost her.”

“Perhaps SHE has lost YOU,” said Rosa Rugosa. “You aren’t much in the way of sparkling companionship so far. You’re new here, aren’t you?”

My thoughts: first off, wow with the rose names. I think it’s safe to guess these are the lovely singing flowers. Secondly, I forgot how much I looooove Gregory Maguire?! Everything he writes is so entertaining!

After AliceFrom the multi-million-copy bestselling author of Wicked comes a magical new twist on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lewis’s Carroll’s beloved classic

When Alice toppled down the rabbit-hole 150 years ago, she found a Wonderland as rife with inconsistent rules and abrasive egos as the world she left behind. But what of that world? How did 1860s Oxford react to Alice’s disappearance?

In this brilliant new work of fiction, Gregory Maguire turns his dazzling imagination to the question of underworlds, undergrounds, underpinnings — and understandings old and new, offering an inventive spin on Carroll’s enduring tale. Ada, a friend of Alice’s mentioned briefly in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is off to visit her friend, but arrives a moment too late — and tumbles down the rabbit hole herself.

Ada brings to Wonderland her own imperfect apprehension of cause and effect as she embarks on an odyssey to find Alice and see her safely home from this surreal world below the world. If Euridyce can ever be returned to the arms of Orpheus, or Lazarus can be raised from the tomb, perhaps Alice can be returned to life. Either way, everything that happens next is After Alice.


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Until next time, happy book-ing!

Book Blitz, Teaser, and Giveaway: Discord


Discord, by Katy Haye
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: December 8th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

Beth forgot her past. What if there’s nothing to remember?

Seventeen-year-old Beth has brain damage. That’s why she lives in a hospital in the middle of the English countryside filled with therapeutic music and medical tests. Some days she feels well enough to go home, but other days – the days filled with shadows and ghosts, and a strong sense of déjà vu – she fears she’ll never get better.

Toby’s arrival signals a turning point. Beth faces her fears instead of hiding from them. But even with Toby’s help, is she strong enough to face a truth that is stranger than anything Beth could imagine?



On sale for only $0.99
from 12/8-12/10! Buy at Amazon  


Book Trailer:

About the Author

Katy Haye spends as much time as possible in either her own or someone else’s imaginary worlds. She has a fearsome green tea habit, a partiality for dark chocolate brazils and a fascination with the science of storytelling.
When not lost in a good book, Katy may be found on her allotment growing veg and keeping hens in order to maximise her chances of survival in the event of a zombie apocalypse or similar catastrophe (admittedly, this would not help if the entire country flooded…).
Author Links:



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Book Tour, Teasers, Giveaway and Review: The Bad Boy Bargain


The Bad Boy Bargain,
by Kendra C. Highley

Publication Date: November 14, 2016

Publisher: Entangled Teen Crush

Baseball player Kyle Sawyer has many labels: bad boy, delinquent, ladies’ man, fearless outfielder… Only one of them is actually true. But then sweet ballet dancer Faith Gladwell asks him to help

wreck her reputation, and everything goes sideways.

Faith knows a thing or two about love, and what she had with her cheating jerk of an ex wasn’t it. When he starts spreading rumors about her being an Ice Queen, Faith decides it’s time to let a little bad into her life.

Lucky for her, Kyle Sawyer—dark, dangerous, totally swoonworthy Kyle Sawyer—is landscaping her backyard over Spring Break. Shirtless. And if she can convince him to play along, “dating” Kyle will silence the rumors.

But Faith’s plan threatens to expose Sawyer’s biggest secret of all…and that’s a risk he’s not willing to take.

Disclaimer: This book contains drop-the- book-and- fan-yourself kisses…and touches. Fall in love with a bad boy at your own risk.


kendra-pic-2010About the Author:

Kendra C. Highley lives in north Texas with her husband and two children. She also serves as staff to four self-important and high-powered cats. This, according to the cats, is her most important job. She believes in everyday magic, extraordinary love stories, and the restorative powers of dark chocolate.

Website  |  Twitter   |  Facebook   |

 Tumblr   |  Pinterest



$25 Amazon gift card, a paperback copy of Defying Gravity, and bookmarks from Finding Perfect, Defying Gravity, and The Bad Boy Bargain (US ONLY).


Quick Reasons: adorably realistic, believable romance; faux-romance to real-steamy trope used brilliantly; I swear, this couple is love goals; I adore the familial relationships portrayed in this read; I wish we saw more of Cade and Violet; entertaining, snarky in all the right places, and butterfly-inducing

Huge thank you to Kendra C. Highley, Entangled Teen Publishing, Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours, and Netgalley for sending me a copy of this read free in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book!




Penguins, this is the CUTEST read of my week and I can’t even…. I just…. ALL THE BUTTERFLIES, man! They’ve taken over my heart. They’ve swept their way into every cranny of my veins. They’ve lifted me off my feet and left me floating, limp spaghetti, somewhere near Pluto. I don’t think I could make myself come down if I wanted to, guys–and that’s not at all a bad thing.


So. This book? Is not at ALL what I was expecting going into it. Like, literally, this book took me by surprise–and that’s such an awesome thing, for a contemporary read, to do in my world. Kenda C. Highley broke the mold and pushed me out of the little box I put myself into with contemporary romances; in fact, she pushed the entire BOOK out of the box. And the best part? Every part of this is so believable, so realistic, and SO well done.




These characters are vibrant. They scream for their spot on the stage, they force their way into your head and refuse to leave until the very last page… they make themselves known to the reader, even if they’re hesitant to make themselves known to each other. Kyle was completely the opposite of what I’d been expecting; Faith, also, took me by surprise and left me guessing. And the ROMANCE! I have recently decided that the “faux-romance to real-steamy” trope is one of my absolute favorites. I did not, however, know that parents playing the role of matchmaker was ALSO one of my favorite things…until this book. Because Faith’s mom? She’s got a bit of Mrs. Bennet in her–she plays QUITE the role in the setup, and I adored every interaction with her. I also ADORED Kyle’s grandpa–he plays his own role, and is just as prominent and important a figure in this read. I just wish we’d seen more of Cade and Violet–those two side characters are quirky, complex, and AWESOME, and I’d have loved to know more about them. Of course, if I got everything I asked for, books would never end and this review wouldn’t exist, so… it’s not such a big complaint.



This was an adorable, fluffy, butterfly-inducing read… and I didn’t even get TOO aggravated with the characters for being silly, because….I knew where they were coming from from the start, and was not once disappointed by their decisions. I definitely recommend this to lovers of: faux-mance to ro-mess; complex, flawed characters who own themselves in the end; and well-written, believable family dynamics. I will definitely be picking more of Kendra C. Highley up in the future! Why don’t you take a bargain on this book–you’re bound to win in the end!



Cover Reveal, Excerpt, and Giveaway: Out of Beat

Today is the cover reveal for Out of Beat by Cassandra Giovanni. The cover is designed by Gio Design Studios. This cover reveal is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours.

Out of BeatOut of Beat (Boys of Fallout #1)
By Cassandra Giovanni
Genre: Coming of Age
Age category: Young Adult/ New Adult
Release Date: 6 December 2016

Danny ‘Madman’ Maddox isn’t supposed to make Skylar Haze’s heart beat out of rhythm.

At least not anymore.

She hasn’t seen that boyish face, always covered in a five o’clock shadow, dimpled smile and teasing hazel eyes since the day he left to go on tour with her brother Joey’s band. Now with a major record label backing them the band is in need of a bit of help, and when Joey asks Skylar to be the band’s photographer, she can’t help but say yes.

Of course, Joey doesn’t know about that forbidden kiss.

The one Skylar hopes Danny’s forgotten.

But can she?

One smile and she finds herself slipping again.

But he’s the drummer, and he’s beaten her heart before.

And she won’t let it happen again.

You can find Out of Beat on Goodreads

You can pre-order Out of Beat here:
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Out of Beat full cover

“Lark!” Zack says as he comes in the back door of my bedroom. He sweeps me into his arms and spins me around the room before putting me on the ground. “You’re all grown-up!”
I cross my arms and narrow my eyes at him. “And I still hate it when you call me Lark.”
He pouts, and I can’t stay mad at him. He’s foolishly good looking in his band t-shirt, zip-up hoodie, and beanie. It covers his dapper haircut that has a streak of chemical white-blond he dyes a different color to suit his mood. I pull the beanie off his head, and he winks. Pink.
“Something you’ve been meaning to tell me, Killer?” I ask.
His pout drifts into a smile, complete with lady-killer dimples. “I’m completely secure in my manhood. You can ask my girlfriend.”
“Settling down are we?” I tease just as Aaron bursts through the door and throws me over his shoulder. Where Joey and Zack are tall and skinny, Aaron and Danny are muscular. Danny’s got the arms while Aaron has the abs.
“You get her bags,” Aaron orders. “We’ve got a radio interview to get to.”
“Do either of you know how to use a front door? Or knock?” I ask as I hang suspended over Aaron’s shoulder with my hand cupping my face.
Danny comes through the door next and his head jerks back as he takes in the scene. “Looks like you don’t need my help.”
I nod to my rack of longboards. “You’re the only one I trust with my boards. The pintail and the dinghy.”
“Speak English,” Zack says, but Danny seems to understand and grabs the two boards.
“Look!” Danny says, holding the dinghy up next to Zack’s head. “The trucks match your hair!”
“I was wondering where you fools went to!” Joey says as he walks in the door. “Mom and Dad want to say bye to all of us, but I’m pretty sure Dad will prefer if you’re not hauling Sky around ass over teakettle.”
“Oh, come on! This is totally normal,” Aaron says, and Joey blinks at him. “Fine.”
“Don’t worry,” I say, squeezing Aaron’s arm as he sets me down. “You and Danny can take turns trying to bench press me after.”
“Sick!” Aaron whoops. “You’re the perfect size for that!”
Danny narrows his eyes at me as the guys file up the stairs. I hold my hand out, and he gives me the dinghy. “Bench press you?”
I lean my shoulder into him before we head up the stairs. “Just because you like the idea.”
He laughs, shaking his head as he holds the door open for me. “I’m afraid Aaron will like it too much.”
“Jealous?” I ask.
His neck turns red beneath his scruff. “Protective.”

Cassandra GiovanniAbout the Author:
Cassandra doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character’s stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. Besides being a writer, Cassandra is a professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England their dogs, Bubski and Kanga.

For regular updates visit Cassandra’s website and sign up for her newsletter.

You can find and contact Cassandra here:


There is a cover reveal wide giveaway for the cover reveal of Out of Beat. One winner will win a swag pack including bookmarks and postcards. This Giveaway is US only.

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