Bookmark Monday (#66)


Bookmark Monday
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My Theme:  Dandelions

There’s just something so magical and mysterious about dandelions in my world–especially the seeds.  They’re so pretty, floating on the breeze in the spring, I just cannot even… I mean, who can?!  (Also, wishes.  Because we all need more of those)

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Dandelions - bookmark

Aqua Sparkling dewdrops on a Dandelion- Flower Flowers Art Print

Dragonfly & Dandelion Dance Art Print

Dandelion And Hedgehog No. 3 Art Print


Which are your favorites from this batch?  Have any bookmarks you’ve discovered recently you’d like to share with me?  Let me know below!

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The Friday 56 (#7)


*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that’s ok.)
*Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it)
*Post it.
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*It’s that simple.
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Today’s #friday56 comes from #gregorymaguireand #afteralice !!!

I am so wanting to drop everything and #read this #book this second, but alas, it must wait! Have you read this one ? Thoughts on it, if so?

“Let me think,” said Rosa Rugosa. “No. Rosinathorn, Rosadolorosa, have you seen an Alice?”

Perhaps they didn’t know what an Alice was. Rosinathorn and Rosadolorosa refused to reply.

Ada hurried on. “It’s just that–well, if she’s here, I seem to have lost her.”

“Perhaps SHE has lost YOU,” said Rosa Rugosa. “You aren’t much in the way of sparkling companionship so far. You’re new here, aren’t you?”

My thoughts: first off, wow with the rose names. I think it’s safe to guess these are the lovely singing flowers. Secondly, I forgot how much I looooove Gregory Maguire?! Everything he writes is so entertaining!

After AliceFrom the multi-million-copy bestselling author of Wicked comes a magical new twist on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lewis’s Carroll’s beloved classic

When Alice toppled down the rabbit-hole 150 years ago, she found a Wonderland as rife with inconsistent rules and abrasive egos as the world she left behind. But what of that world? How did 1860s Oxford react to Alice’s disappearance?

In this brilliant new work of fiction, Gregory Maguire turns his dazzling imagination to the question of underworlds, undergrounds, underpinnings — and understandings old and new, offering an inventive spin on Carroll’s enduring tale. Ada, a friend of Alice’s mentioned briefly in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is off to visit her friend, but arrives a moment too late — and tumbles down the rabbit hole herself.

Ada brings to Wonderland her own imperfect apprehension of cause and effect as she embarks on an odyssey to find Alice and see her safely home from this surreal world below the world. If Euridyce can ever be returned to the arms of Orpheus, or Lazarus can be raised from the tomb, perhaps Alice can be returned to life. Either way, everything that happens next is After Alice.


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Villainous Love Songs (#1)


Because c’mon–you think those characters with the hearts of ice, the unbreakable wills, the huge tendency to bully DON’T jam out to the mushy-gushy on their iPods sometimes?

I am of the firm opinion that villains, just like everybody else, have a love song they just can’t help but…well…LOVE!

This will be a consistent new feature on my blog–probably posted every Monday.  Because there are a LOT of villains, and a LOT of love songs, out there to match… and I’m bound and determined to do it!

If you like this meme, feel free to post up your own–just be sure to link back to mine!

Villainous Love Songs

The Darkling
(The Grisha Trilogy)

Now, I KNOW this isn’t technically a LOVE song…but!  It’s a SELF love song, and The Darkling…is all about himself.  SO.  It works.

Clancy Gray
(The Darkest Minds Trilogy)

Because HE CAN DO THAT, YOU KNOW!  He’s just that awesome.  And creepy.

“Your comrades are your pressure point, this girl in particular,” his father said, nodding toward the window as if nothing had happened. “Why would I waste my time with a seven-hour-long procedure when I can make you talk right now?”

Victor Westervelt II
(The Vinyl Trilogy)

Except he’s not thinking about LOVE, he’s thinking about his love for THE MUSIC–which keeps everyone in their places, and in their places GOOD.  So…change every “love” to “Music” and you’ll know what I mean.  (trust me, it works!)

And there you have it!

Villains…and the love songs they don’t want anyone to know they rock out to.

If villains in your world had a favorite love song, which would it be?  Let me know what you think of this post below–or feel free to jump in and post your own pairs!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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If Book Genres had Babies…

Hey, readers!  Me again, bringing you another random post.  I wanted to play around with the idea of book genres, and babies, and… Well, basically, this is how it works:

Pick out a pair of genres.  Doesn’t matter which you pick–you can plot it out based on characters, like I did, OR just pair them off and go from there.  Then imagine what that pairing MIGHT result in, if genres could get pregnant.  And voila!

If Book Genres had Babies, their Kids would Be…

Humor + Erotica


Poet, from Trick (Natalia Jaster)

Steampunk + Space Opera


Marvin, from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)

Adventure + Utopian


Peter Pan!  (from, well, duh.)

Tragic Romance + Science Fiction


Melanie, from The Girl with All the Gifts (M.R. Carey)

Horror + Historical


Okiku, from The Girl from the Well (Rin Chupeco)

Fluffy Romance + Dystopian


Iko, from The Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer)

and finally

Poetry + Western


Roland, from The Dark Tower Series (Stephen King)

If book genres had babies in YOUR world, what characters would they be?!  Feel free to make up your own pairs/results–just link back so I can see what you come up with!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



Page 394


Hosted By: Jessica @ novelcravings
Hello everyone and welcome to the very first ‘Page 394‘ meme!
Page 394 is an original meme that began here at Novelcravings. I wanted to start a meme in honor of Alan Rickman and what could be better than using the famous Professor Snape quote? The meme is simple, turn to page 394 in your current read or a favourite book, find a passage/quote you love and share it with us! Everyone is welcome to join just please remember to link back to this page and share the link to your blog post in the comments. The meme with go up on the 14th of every month. Enjoy!

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I read this in September 2015.  I don’t think I will EVER love a book in the same way I love this trilogy–except maybe The Darkest Minds trilogy, because my love for those three is about the same.

As it had then, her hand went to the fireplace poker.  She lifted it, feeling its weight in her hand.  The fire had climbed higher.  She saw the world through a golden haze as she raised the poker and brought it down on the clockwork angel.

Iron though the poker was, it burst into metallic powder, a cloud of shining filaments that sifted to the floor, dusting the surface of the clockwork angel, which lay, untouched and undamaged, on the ground before her knees.

–page 394

This whole trilogy is brilliant, and heart-breaking, and gorgeous…. But this book.  THIS.  BOOK.  broke me into about a thousand tiny, irreparable pieces.  It is my favorite of the three.

And there you have it–my first post for this awesome new meme!  What’s YOUR first Page 394?  Link me below, or let me know in the comments!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



Book Reading Meme–Tagged!

A friend of mine over on deviantART tagged me to do this meme she created for books!
The only rule: Try to stay away from the more mainstream stuff – everyone already knows you love Harry Potter, shut up.
So…let’s do this thing!

1. Name three of your favorite books and tell us a bit about them.
Magonia, by Maria Dahvana Headley

This book is absolutely gorgeous!  The prose is poetic and lyrical, the plot is well-constructed, the characters are realistic (er… y’know, in the ways that matter, like motivations/reactions/dialogue/etc.)  Despite the conflicting reviews I’ve seen/read, I found this to be a beautiful debut to the realm of fantasy.

The Wrath and the Dawn (The Wrath and the Dawn, #1)
The Wrath & The Dawn, by Renee Ahdieh

Another debut, this reinvents One Thousand and One Nights with a fantastic, heart-stopping story about revenge, hope, and love.  The main protagonist is intelligent, independent, and snarky; the ending is concussive and jaw-dropping.  I was on the edge of my seat, refusing to put this book down.  I NEED BOOK TWO!

The Girl With All the Gifts
The Girl with All the Gifts, by M.R. Carey

Different from the other two, this is a science fiction which explores the world post-Zombie outbreak…with a slight twist.  M.R. Carey reexamined and reinvented the idea of this “plague” in a fascinating and enthralling way. The main character–a young girl–will have you reconsidering what actions you’d take if faced by these flesh eaters.


2. Name three of your least favorite books.
Bird Box
Bird Box, by Josh Malerman
This book.  THIS.  STUPID.  BOOK.  I just…what makes me really angry is, this book was AWESOME…until the last few chapters.  There were so many plot twists hinted at, so many different ways he could have ended this…and he picked a cop-out.  Honestly?  Who does that.

Seeker (Seeker, #1)
Seeker, by Arwen Elys Dayton

The writing itself wasn’t bad. Not the most descriptive ever, but not bad.  The world building, on the other hand… Nonexistent.  This book drove me crazy.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain

Go ahead.  Fight me.  If YOU’d been required to read it as much as I have in my life (twice in middle school, at least three times in high school, AND EVERY DAMN SEMESTER–not even exaggerating!–in college) you’d hate it as much as I do.  So yeah, sure.  Give it to me as a present.  I dare you.  I’ll burn it on the spot.


3. Name some books you’ve loved since childhood.
The Secret Garden,     by Frances Hodgson Burnett
A Little Princess,      by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Matilda,      by Roald Dahl
The Giver,      by Lois Lowry


4. Name a book the disappointed you.
Everything You and I could have Been if we were’t You and I, by Albert Espinosa

Long title is LONG, I know.  I went in hoping this would be as awesome as the goodreads blurb makes it sound.  Instead, I got a mess–the plot is all over the place, I’m not sure what bits were important to the story and what were thrown in haphazardly… Ugh.  It has some pretty unique and inventive ideas, but execution-wise it’s lacking.


5. Name a book that surprised you.
Solace, by Therin Knite

I discovered this author on tumblr, of all places, when she was searching for permanent reviewers.  Of course I hopped on board, because free books are free books…and I fell IN LOVE with her writing immediately.  This book is different from others I’ve read.  Instead of focusing on teenage angst/romance, it follows a girl set on a path toward “meeting” the father she never got the chance to know.  And it’s just…it’s so gorgeously done.  You should all check it out.


6. Name a favorite graphic novel/ comic/ manga.
Graphic Novel: 
Blankets, by Craig Thompson OR Locke and Key: Volume 1, by Joe Hill

Comic Book:
I keep meaning to pick up comic books, but… I honestly have no idea where to even start.  Thus, I haven’t actually really READ any.  Oops.  Well, unless you count The Walking Dead: Compendium 1 by Robert Kirkman.
Again, I’m not very well-versed in manga, but I have read–and own!–a few.  I really enjoyed It Takes a Wizard, by Thomas R. Hart and Hell Girl: Volume 1, by Miyuki Eto


7. Name a favorite non-fiction book.
I haven’t read a nonfiction book since…middle school? or something, but… I read and enjoyed Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter by Adeline Yen Mah for a school project way back in the day.


8. Name a favorite poetry book.
This one’s EASY!  And it’s all thanks to the husband for taking poetry AFTER I did and thus having different reading materials.

Kinky, by Denise Duhamel — BECAUSE BARBIE DOLLS!  Need I really say more?


9. Name a book you’d like to see made into a movie.
Horrorstor, by Grady Hendrix…because… if done CORRECTLY… this would be TERRIFYING to see made into a film.  And I like me some scary sometimes.


10. What are you reading now?
Trollhunters, by Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus

Because…trolls?  Also, I’ve really enjoyed del Toro’s other works–both film AND writing–and thought this first middle grade read might be just as awesome.  So far, I’m not disappointed.
Let’s see, I’m going to summon my victims AHEM tag…