Booking the Book Criminals

If you’re a book addict, you already know:  books do bad things.  And we, dedicated masochists that we are, LET them–with no more than a slap on the wrist and, very rarely, a stern “bad form!”

Well, NO MORE!  I’m taking a stand!  It’s time to crack down on these criminals.  It’s time for these books to be booked.  It’s time for

Book Jail

(it’s also time for me to stop trying to be punny, because penguins, that was terrible!)


There you have it–just a few of the books I’ve locked up, and why!

What reads would YOU put in book jail?!  Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

Until next time, penguins, I’ll be keeping your reading worlds safe–apprehending book criminals one page at a time!

(okay, seriously, someone help me–my puns are suffering!)

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