Release Day Blitz, Excerpt, and Giveaway: Ways to Go

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Are you ready to take a chance with Jake and Charleigh?

I am excited to share with you all the third book in the Taking
Chances series! Will Jake overcome his fear? Will Charleigh stand by his side? Find out when
you get your copy of
WAYS TO GO today

Displaying WaysToGo-FrontCover.jpgABOUT THE BOOK

When Jake walked into the tattoo shop Life in Ink, he had no idea his life was about to
change. This time for the better. After his girlfriend left him and decided to raise their daughter
with another man, Jake walked away to put the pieces of his life back together.

Charleigh knows she has what it takes to be the best artist in her uncle’s tattoo
shop. If he’d only give her a chance. When Jake walked into the shop, she’s not
sure why he gets under her skin. But he does, and she doesn’t like it.

Jake has to overcome his fear of living in his parents’ shadow and finally stand up to them,
with Charleigh by his side. But Jake isn’t sure he’ll be able to push aside his
jealousy and raise his daughter. Will his pride get in the way? Or will he finally become the man
he wants to be?

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Read an Excerpt

“W-we would like to get a tattoo,” one of them stutters. I hate when we get the inebriated
ones. It makes everything so much harder.

“Do you know what you want?” I ask, seeing which artists are open.
Adrian just finished up a sleeve, but I don’t want to pawn the drunkards onto him. I glance over
to Bianca’s area, smirking. She’s sitting in the chair she uses for her clients, filing her bright red
nails. She’s had it out for me since I started my apprenticeship. I don’t know what I did to piss
her off, but she’s about to get this group for constantly giving me shit.

“Um, hello?” The guy with blond hair cuts into my thoughts. I must
have been focusing on Bianca a little too hard. I didn’t even hear what ridiculous tattoos they
want to get. I already know whatever they’re getting isn’t going to be genuine.

“Sorry, I’ll need your I.D., and you’ll need to fill out these forms. Are
you all getting tattoos?” I ask as I pull out the forms from under the counter. I place four forms
on top of the surface and dig around in the basket that sits next to the tray holding the forms for
a pen.
The sober one starts speaking, “I don’t think-,” but his friends quickly cut him off.

“Yes, we’re all getting a tattoo,” the surly guy with dark hair says before
patting his friend on the back.”

“Let me guess,” I say. “You’re all going to get cutesy matching tattoos
like the girls that come in here do.” I roll my eyes, and I know they don’t miss the sarcasm
because they’re staring at me with wide grins.”

The blond-haired guy raises his head, “Actually, no. Just because we
came together doesn’t mean we’re getting the same thing.”

I glance down at the form he’s been filling out. His name is Jake, and
not two minutes ago he looked and sounded like he was drunk out of his mind. Now he sounds
as sober as the guy that lead them into the shop.

I’m about to make another sarcastic comment when Uncle Corey
appears out of nowhere. “You called?”

I groan, “Yep. What took you so long? I know you didn’t have any
clients back there.”

“I was finishing my dinner, not that it matters. This is my shop.” I don’t
miss the wink he throws to Jake and his friends, like he’s letting them in on a little secret.”

I roll my eyes. I can’t help it. It’s my automatic reaction when Corey is
being cheesy, or downright ridiculous.

Corey clears his throat. “What can I help you gentlemen with this

Even though I’m pretty sure Jake is drunk, he answers for all of them.
“All of us want to get a tattoo.” He nods at each of his friends. “Nothing big. A few of us have to
be able to hide it during football season.”

This is the perfect time for me to insert myself into the conversation. “I
was just about to set them all up with Bianca.”

Corey looks at me, puzzled. “Why? There’s four of them, and four of

Now it’s my turn to be confused. My eyebrows are furrowed, and my
nose is scrunched up. I’m pretty sure my brows are almost touching. “Noooo,” I drawl out.
“There are only three of you, unless you have another artist hiding in your pocket.”

My uncle glances at me, then the group of guys huddled in front of the
counter,” before pulling me off to the side. He lowers his voice, “There are four of us. I’m letting
you tattoo tonight.”

“Now,” I shriek, and try my best to bring my voice down a few decibels.
“You want me to start tattooing tonight. With this bunch of drunk idiots.”

“It’s the perfect time for you to practice,” he counters, looking at Jake
and his friends once again. “I know that blond guy puts on a pretty good sober face, but I know
pretty much everyone in that group has been drinking. They won’t care if you happen to screw
up. Just make sure you don’t.”

The word “duh” is on the tip of my tongue, but Corey continues.
“Always take pride in your work. Even if the people getting it won’t give it the appreciation it

That’s as close to praise as I’m going to get from my uncle. Finally,
after two years of cleaning the shop, setting up appointments, and showing them I know how to
operate everything, I’m getting my chance.

It’s not the way I envisioned starting my career, but I’ll take it. I groan
when Corey ushers Jake into the empty chair sitting in the area he has held for me these past
two years.

I grab my sketch pad. “So, what kind of tattoo do you want?”

Jake shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know.” Lifting a finger to tap his
chin, he sits in silence drawing it out to grate on my nerves. “Surprise me.” The smugness in his
voice and posture make me want to slap him.

Ugh. “Okay,” I reply.

I put pencil to paper and start drawing the most ridiculous tattoo a guy
his age could get. I’ll take pride in what I do, but this guy in particular gets under my skin. We’ll
see how he likes his surprise tattoo.

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Displaying KatrinaMarie-AuthorPhoto.jpgABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a
lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life. When she’s not writing you can find her at
her children’s sporting events, or curled up reading a book.

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