Woodwalker: Fantastic Action, Kindle-Throwing Plot Twist


Woodwalker (Woodwalker, #1)Woodwalker
(Woodwalker, #1)
by Emily B. Martin
336 Pages
Harper Voyager Impulse
Fantasy / Romance
Publication Date: May 17th, 2016
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“What on earth would I gain from that?” I asked him. “Risk my own neck by violating my banishment just to leave you? The sentence placed on me if I return is execution. If I’m entering the mountains again, I’d damn well better get something out of it.”

Exiled from the Silverwood and the people she loves, Mae has few illusions about ever returning to her home. But when she comes across three out-of-place strangers in her wanderings, she finds herself contemplating the unthinkable: risking death to help a deposed queen regain her throne.

And if anyone can help Mona Alastaire of Lumen Lake, it is a former Woodwalker—a ranger whose very being is intimately tied to the woods they are sworn to protect. Mae was once one of the best, and despite the potential of every tree limb to become the gibbet she’s hanged from, she not only feels a duty to aide Mona and her brothers, but also to walk beneath her beloved trees once more.

A grand quest in the tradition of great epic fantasies, filled with adventure and the sharp wit—and tongue—of a unique hero, Woodwalker is the perfect novel to start your own journey into the realm of magical fiction.


Other Books in the Series:

Ashes to Fire (Woodwalker, #2) Creatures of Light (Woodwalker, #3)

About the Author:

Emily B. MartinPark ranger by summer, stay-at-home mom the rest of the year, I am also a freelance artist and illustrator. An avid hiker and explorer, my experiences as ranger helped inform the character of Mae and the world of WOODWALKER.

When not patrolling places like Yellowstone, the Great Smoky Mountains, or Philmont Scout Ranch, I live in South Carolina with my husband, Will, and two daughters, Lucy and Amelia.

Find Her Online:

Goodreads | Twitter | Website | Amazon

Quick Reasons: fantastic action; smooth, fast-paced plot from page 1; believable, complex, and compelling characters; an explosive start to what promises to be an awesome series; THAT PLOT TWIST I CAN’T EVEN!

Huge thanks to Emily B. Martin and Harper Voyager Impulse for sending a free digital galley of this title my way in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.

WW Quote1

I just have to start this off by mentioning that plot twist, Penguins–seriously, it caught me completely off guard! Like…if that plot twist were a cliff, I walked right off the edge and was caught, cartoon-style, mid-air before I even realized! For about a minute, in fact, my poor penguin heart dropped; for a minute, I thought that twist was leading to a completely different place. I almost threw my kindle across the room, in fact, I was THAT upset! Lucky for me (and the hardware) I decided to keep reading and was wrong in my assumptions. Still, it’s obvious that Emily B. Martin knows how to keep readers guessing–and surprise them in huge ways!


These characters are compelling and complex. I really enjoyed the addition of the origin stories for their different POVs–this helped to more fully round them out for me, as well as giving me a better glimpse into the whys and hows of the ways they approached things like hardships and every day life. I really appreciated that Emily B. Martin took the time to so fully devote herself to bringing these characters to life, while still also bringing the world around them more fully into focus. It is books like this, with the focus on dual narrative techniques, that really set my reading life on fire!


This journey was also action-packed and FULL of surprises from page 1. I’ll admit, I don’t often read high fantasy–mostly because the more popular novels that everyone goes GAGA over often leave me feeling bored or dissatisfied. THIS book, though–and hopefully the rest of this series–swept me up from the very beginning! I didn’t even realize this was categorized as high fantasy until after I’d finished the book and looked it up on Goodreads (because that’s how I do things, you know–backwards.) I am VERY impressed, and cannot WAIT to settle in to book 2!

WW Quote2

I definitely recommend this to lovers of fantasy, origin / oral narratives, complex and compelling personalities, and action-packed awesome! I cannot wait to see where book 2 leads these characters–and the ways their futures will change with this new-found agreement. Emily B. Martin is an author to watch, Penguins; why don’t you pick up this book and find out why!

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