Need/Want to Read (January 2018)


January 2018

Because how ELSE are you guys going to keep track of me and keep me on track, unless I give you a sort of “to do” list for the month?!

(Okay, okay, FINE–I admit it, my beak’s become a little bit full and I might need this reminder to keep MYSELF in check.  Don’t sue me, okay?!  I’m only a penguin after all!)


Woodwalker (Woodwalker, #1)

Ashes to Fire (Woodwalker, #2)

Creatures of Light (Woodwalker, #3)

Derailed: A Moribund Prequel Novella

Blood of the Four

Venus Shining: Trinity Forest Book 3 (Trinity Forest Series)

Annnnd…I think that might be about all I can handle.  I might not even get to all of these, but these are the ones I’m putting at the tippy top of my stack, so fingers crossed!

What books are YOU hoping to read in January?! Let me know, or link me to your TBRs below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!


4 thoughts on “Need/Want to Read (January 2018)

  1. I have some books unfinished from last year. So, I’m going to read them first and then I’m hoping to read Little Women and Rebecca.


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