The Wrong Prince: So. Many. Butterflies!



The Wrong PrinceThe Wrong Prince
by C.K. Brooke
Fantasy / Romance / New Adult
48fourteen Publishing
236 Pages
Publication Year: 2016
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Two princes. One bride. A dire misunderstanding…

Geo and Dmitri are the princes of Tybiria. Though Geo is the obvious athlete, it’s bookish Dmitri that yields the credit – and consequences – for slaying a foreign prince. But whose arrow really struck the boy?

Luccia Camerlane is the Baron of Backshore’s enigmatic daughter…as well as Prince Geo’s secret mistress…until she learns of her disastrous betrothal to none other than his brother, Prince Dmitri.

When Dmitri is abducted by the deranged King of Llewes, star-crossed lovers Geo and Lucie must set aside their woes and differences to rescue the Crown Prince from the formidable Wintersea fortress. A precocious castle ward, a fascinating love-quadrangle, and a hit-woman harlot complete this action packed rom com in another wickedly fast-paced fantasy adventure from C.K. Brooke, author of The Red Pearl and the Books of Jordinia.


Quick Reasons: YAY for more Jordinia!; this premise was super entertaining; well-rounded, complex characters; fast-paced, humorous (at times), romantically-charged plot; C.K. Brooke is awesome at penning headstrong, independent characters

Huge thanks to C.K. Brooke and 48fourteen Publishing for sending me a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest voluntary review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book (because Penguins, you all KNOW I go absolutely gaga for Jordinia–and if you don’t know that, you should).


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Okay, Penguins–I have to come clean. I absolutely cannot imagine a world where I don’t go GAGA for Jordinia! (bet you thought I’d say Cocoa Puffs, didn’t you? WRONG! although Cocoa Puffs sound really tasty right about now.)


Well-known slogans for cereal aside, I cannot think of a time I picked up a book by C.K. Brooke and didn’t come out absolutely loving the world/characters. Seriously, everything this woman writes is, in my opinion, almost absolute perfection–this book being just another example of such! So I’m going to start with the characters. C.K. Brooke knows how to write complex, headstrong, fiercely independent personalities. Every one leaps off the page and into reality for me while reading; I can imagine them almost entirely, from their reactions to their words. They are so well-written, in fact, I leave each novel feeling as if I’ve just said goodbye to very dear friends.


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Once again, the plot of this read is fast-paced and filled with humor, romance, and drama. I thoroughly enjoy following each of C.K. Brooke’s characters and learning the different ways they tick…but I ALSO enjoy watching them interact with and react to the world surrounding them! Each story is filled with believable emotions and situations; my poor penguin heart usually winds up a twisted mess of FEELS by the end of chapter one, which should tell you just how immersive and awesome these books always are!


I am so happy to have been able to pick up yet another Jordinia story! The characters are just as colorful and realistic as always. C.K. Brooke definitely knows how to weave her worlds around readers, and keep them fully entrenched until the very end! I recommend this (or any of her novels!) to lovers of fantasy, fantastic world-building, and SO MANY BUTTERFLIES! Saddle up your trusty steed, Penguins; the rescue is afoot!


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