Kiss Me After–Cue the Butterflies, SO MANY Butterflies


Kiss Me After Kiss Me After
(Kiss A Belle #1)
by Cecilia Gray

Historical / Romance / YA
127 Pages
Gray Life, LLC
Publication Date:  March 1st, 2016
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A brand new series from the author of The Gentlemen Next Door, praised for being a “delightful Regency romp… in the spirit of Georgette Heyer.”

Meet Alice Belle—the Bossy Belle—used to getting her way. If anyone has to fall on the matrimonial sword it will be she and not her sisters. She has set her sights on the richest, most titled gentlemen in her acquaintance. The perfect man to make her father happy, leaving her beloved sisters free to marry whom they choose.

Meet Robert Crawford—ringleader—used to masterminding his way. If anyone is going to marry Alice Belle, it is he. Never mind that he’s poor, without a title, and completely unsuitable for Alice in the eyes of her father. He loves her. Which makes him the perfect man to make her happy, whether she realizes it or not.


Quick Reasons: cue the butterflies, SO many butterflies!; LOVELOVELOVE the humor and entertainment factor woven into the narrative voice; these are interesting, headstrong, vibrantly written characters; I didn’t really “see” the setting/surroundings


Huge thanks to Cecilia Gray; Gray Life, LLC; and Xpresso Book Toursfor sending me a free digital galley of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


KAB Quote1

This was such a TREAT of a read, Penguins! I know I say, after every historical romance read, that I really OUGHT to read more of the genre but…that would mean missing out on the wonders and excitement of picking up such books, I think. So while I read them rarely…I am better able to appreciate and enjoy the journey? Does that make any sense?! Regardless, this was just such an awesome read!


I did, unfortunately, find it a little difficult to put myself into the settings of this novel. While we get several descriptions of the characters, and I could pretty vividly “see” them, I didn’t feel as much attention to detail was given to their surroundings or the goings-on around them. Of course, this in no way detracted from the read! While I missed out, a little, on being able to “see” the settings, I was so thoroughly entertained by the characters–and by rooting for the love to unfold!–that it was a passing, occasional thought.


KAB Quote2

There were also moments of humor I wasn’t expecting headed into this read. The beginning “warning” was enough, when I read it, to set me tittering and giggling–the outside narrative voice was able to both draw me into the subject matter AND give a taste of the historical setting before I turned to the first page and saw the time period. This small nod to humor was played throughout, in both the narratives (in this instance, a dual POV between the two main characters) and the character interactions/reactions. Robert and Alice were swept up in a journey of propriety and familial obligations, and I found myself torn right along with them in the headiest moments of drama and passion.


This was an authentically written, gorgeously rendered glimpse into the past. The characters were complex, vibrant, and SO super endearing. While I wasn’t necessarily able to visualize the settings, I appreciated the narrative humor and butterfly-inducing roMESS that happens between these pages! I definitely recommend this read to lovers of historical romances, intriguing familial obligations, and characters with entertaining growth journeys. Prepare yourselves for a wild ride, Penguins; with stolen kisses, anything can happen!


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