Wounded Dance: Seriously, Blitz is the Absolute ADORBS


Wounded Dance by Deanna Roy

For four years, I’ve had a terrible, wonderful, beautiful secret.

But now it’s out.

My brief brush with fame caught the attention of a boy I once loved. He was ripped from my life at a tender age by my father, who moved us and hid me away so that we could not meet again.

Only after he was gone did I learn I was pregnant with his child.

He’s spent years trying to find me.

And now he’s at Dreamcatcher Dance Academy.

He’s going to find our baby, he says. The adoption wasn’t legal since he didn’t know.

He has no idea how close our little girl really is. That I secretly teach her ballet.

He can’t know how important it is that I keep the secret.

But when your boyfriend is Blitz Craven, the reality TV dance show star, the press follows you everywhere.

And no matter how much Blitz wants to protect me from my old love, from the threat he poses to our happy life, there’s one fact I have to face.

My past has caught up with me.

Wounded Dance is book two of the Lovers Dance series. Each book is full length and stands alone, but should be read in series order to avoid spoilers.

Lovers Dance #2
New Adult / Romance / Contemporary
260 Pages
Casey Shay Press
Publication Date:  April 11th, 2017
Get a copy here!

Rating: 4.25/5 Penguins
Quick Reasons: okay, WOW; the mystery, resolved!; I just cannot EVEN with her family at this point; LOVELOVELOVE the love!; awesome, emotionally-challenging, journey; there is so much growth happening here; can we talk about how perfect and strong and ADORABLE Blitz is?!

HUGE thanks to Deanna Roy and Casey Shay Press for sending me a free digital galley of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


WD Quote1

Okay, penguins. If you read my review for Forbidden Dance (and if you haven’t, you just have to click right there on that linky!), you’ll know that at the end of the first book, I was wholly in love with these characters…but also still searching for some answers. Because book one? Leaves out some VERY big plot points, and I was confused, and I NEEDED to know the story. I needed it SO badly. So when I was offered the chance to (maybe?) find out some of these answers, you can bet your button beak I jumped at the chance. Literally. If this book wasn’t being offered to me already, I might have been brought up on charges for stealing. (Okay, okay. Maybe I was not quite THAT desperate…but I was pretty desperate!)

This sequel in no way let me down, let me tell you. The characters, once again, came to life and breathed themselves into my veins. We start off at the beginning like bullets, hurtled out of the comfort zone we’d let ourselves fall into and straight into chaos–exactly like, I imagine, Livia felt when she walked out of that building and saw the past standing before her. Because that’s the way life works, isn’t it? It takes us by surprise. It gives us no warning. And I can tell you, I for one was NOT ready for the answers I’d been so desperate to find out at the closing of book one, just a few mere pages prior. Because the answers, like life, are messy, and a bit jarring, and uncomfortable. I was thrust into this place of discomfit and weirdness…and suddenly, understood Livia–and, in a disturbing way, her family’s–life prior to Blitz much more clearly.


WD Quote2

This story is challenging, in that it makes readers step outside themselves and consider things they might not otherwise think about. The ways our lives are woven between and interact with others’…it’s a complex and perplexing subject to explore, and Deanna Roy, I believe, did a beautiful job of this. The characters are as vibrant and snarky and endearing as they were in book one. The addition of the past, while he in the end turns out to be just as reckless and lost as we’re told…he’s just as human, and redeemable in his own ways. There are subjects here that, I feel, should be talked about more in our world, because they are important. Deanna Roy did a lovely job of at least opening the dialogue, and forcing readers to step outside of themselves for a moment.

I am so, so happy I was given the chance to see where book two leads these characters…and am now desperate for the next book in the series! The characters are realistic; the subjects broached are important and emotionally-challenging. I recommend this to readers of contemporaries, lovers of dance romances, and those seeking a book that forces them to step outside of themselves. Strap on your pointe shoes and step up to the bar, penguins; the music is just the beginning.


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