Hard to Get: This Steamy Read Wreaked Havoc on my Heart!



Hard to Get

A standalone romance with a happily ever after! Includes a 10,000 word excerpt of ON THE ROCKS by Hildred & Cynthia

What do you do when the hottest and richest woman in town asks you out?

Run, apparently.


No one has seen more billionaire-matchmaking carnage than Nadia Gaines, receptionist to the most expensive office around. If it’s not some old (and married) guy trying to impress her with diamonds and trips to paradise, then it’s…

Well, it’s Eva Warren, an old-money heiress whose tabloid exploits are as sordid as they are really, really gay.

Nadia is no stranger to lesbian lust. But no matter how much she wants to give in to Eva’s seduction, one mantra lurks in the back of her mind: Never date a billionaire!

Until the one night she does give in, anyway. Then everything goes to hell.


Life as a billionaire heiress isn’t all sunshine and kitty whiskers, especially if that heiress is Eva Warren. She’s managed to shake off tabloid gossip that’s ruined more than one woman’s life, but she’ll never be able to shake the two things she wants most: to work for her family’s business, and to date every beautiful woman she meets.

Curvy Nadia isn’t like the others, however. Even though the mutual attraction exists, for some reason she keeps shooting down Eva’s advances. Until Eva finally gets Nadia right where she wants her…

So begins one of the hottest games of hard to get to ever befall womankind. High society might not survive it.


Erotica / Romance / LGBTQIA+
468 Pages
Barachou Press
Publication Date:  September 29th, 2016
Get a copy here!

Quick Reasons: diverse romance for the win!; realistic, engaging, and steamy; complex, well-rounded, awesome characters; delicious drama, serious snark; true-to-life, heavy-handed themes; entertaining and thought-provoking read

In my (undeniably never-ending) search for the next great romance, I stumbled across THIS gem–and immediately knew I needed it in my life. I mean, for one–that cover? drool-worthy. Not because it’s the prettiest cover ever, but because hooooooly penguins, it’s hot.


And this book? DEFINITE HEAT LEVEL, penguins. Seriously, if I were to gauge the temperature found between these sheets ahem, pages, I’d give it a 15 on a 1-10 scale. Seriously, the heat is scorching, and I was taken on a journey of delicious drama, serious snark, and steamy scenes. I mean, don’t get me wrong–this book, along with one specific character, definitely played hard to get. But the anticipation? The build-up? The formation and then breaking of the tightrope that Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings lead their readers across? There’s something super satisfying in it all that kept me glued to the pages even when I knew I should be focusing on other things.

HTG Quote1.png

The characters are realistic and well-written. I found myself rooting for them even before I was sure THEY were a thing–and not just because the chemistry was undeniable. Their personalities surged from every page to embrace me, to push me away, to make me thing and reconsider. The more heavy-handed, important morals were handled with sensitivity and respect, and interlaced into a story that, in the end, has a much wider scope than the bedroom scenes. There are so many things readers can take away from this novel, I won’t try to list them all here–just know that there are some super important, poignant messages shared.


In the end, I had a ton of fun reading this title! The steam level was through the roof, the characters were adorable, and the bigger arcing messages were important and wide-reaching. I really enjoyed getting to know Nadia and Eva, and watching their relationship wilt and blossom with the drama. I’d recommend this to lovers of romance, butterfly-inducing moments, and realistic relationships. This book may play hard to get, penguins, but trust me–it’s so worth it!

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