Bookmark Monday (#66)


Bookmark Monday
Description: Do you have a bookmark you want to share? Just take a photo and link up in the linky!

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My Theme:  Dandelions

There’s just something so magical and mysterious about dandelions in my world–especially the seeds.  They’re so pretty, floating on the breeze in the spring, I just cannot even… I mean, who can?!  (Also, wishes.  Because we all need more of those)

As always, click on the image to go to that etsy page/shop!fishbreak


Dandelions - bookmark

Aqua Sparkling dewdrops on a Dandelion- Flower Flowers Art Print

Dragonfly & Dandelion Dance Art Print

Dandelion And Hedgehog No. 3 Art Print


Which are your favorites from this batch?  Have any bookmarks you’ve discovered recently you’d like to share with me?  Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!


5 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday (#66)

  1. I looooooved bookmark #2! Because, beside the pretty dandelion, THERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL BALL AND I LOVE SHINY AND ROUND THINGS! I think I was one of those little birds that collects shiny things in my past life, because this panda loves glitter and crystal things!!! (even glass crystal hahaha!)

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