Cover Reveal: Spies & Sinners Series



Spies & Sinners #1-4
by Annika Martin
Publication date: February 16th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense


She hates him. And now she has to play his girlfriend.

Deadly abs. Deadly aim. Deadly brilliant. Cole is one of the Association’s top
agents, but he’s never come up against a psycho like Borgola…and he’s running out of

Then he catches Angel cracking the man’s uncrackable safe. He’ll blackmails her
into helping him. He can’t worry about her safety. She’s just some criminal…right?

But the deeper they fall into Borgola’s web, the more innocent Angel seems…and
the more real those fake kisses start to feel.


Where do you hide when your ex is the world’s most dangerous psycho?

Laney fled to Bangkok—new life, new identity, new everything. She keeps mostly to
herself until the night she meets arrogant, gorgeous Professor Peter Maxwell and the
sparks fly. He shatters her defenses—along with her pride when she discover he only
seduced her to steal some secrets.

Just hours later, she finds him shirtless and sweaty, chained up in the hotel
basement. He’s some sort of undercover agent. She should probably leave him there
after what he did to her, maybe even kick him for good measure. But her pscyho ex is
on his way back—she can feel it in her bones—and she could use a dangerous


He’s gorgeous. He’s a killer. And he can never discover he’s Benny’s father.

Nadia fell for the most feared hitter on her late father’s payroll, but she’s not sorry;
without Thorne she wouldn’t have their beautiful boy. Now Thorne’s burst back into her
life, arrogant and demanding, making himself right at home. She can’t let him figure out
Benny is his…so she enlists a friend to play their son’s daddy.

Thorne knows exactly how Nadia sees him—as a brute and a killer just kinky
enough to play her sexy games. And that’s how it has to stay. Leaving her two years
ago was the hardest thing he ever did, but it was the only way to protect her. Now his
undercover mission has thrown them back together…and it drives him crazy to see her
with this other man, this new family.


What do you do when dangerous criminals win your twin sister in a card game? Trade
places, of course.

Zelda and her sister grew up with identical faces, but their paths went in opposite
directions—Zelda became a secret agent while her sister got caught up in drugs. Zelda
will do this one last thing to save her sister. She’s handled lethal men before…she can
do it again.

But things don’t go as planned. Zelda ends up getting traded deeper and deeper
into South America. Suddenly she finds herself at the beck and call of a domineering
and mysterious new captor. Is he just another criminal? Or is could this be the
legendary killer she spent so many years hunting back in her secret agent days?

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annikaAuthor Bio:

Annika Martin is a NYT bestselling author who lives with her awesome husband and
two cats in a home full of plants, sunshine and books. She’s heavy into writing love
stories about criminals–some of them are dirty and fun, others are dark and intense.
She also writes as the RITA-award winning author Carolyn Crane. Get on Annika’s
private email list here:

Website / Goodreads / FacebookTwitter



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