Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Men and Monsters


Men and Monsters (Nightfall #2), by Elena May
Paranormal/Sci Fi/Fantasy/YA

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publication Date:  February 2nd, 2017


The stakes have risen. For fifty years, Prince Vladimir has tolerated the Resistance, but now they threaten what he holds dear. The vicious vampire will no longer hold back. A plan he has been working on for decades will finally reveal itself and entangle everyone standing on the way.

For the first time after the Nightfall, the Resistance holds a true bargaining chip. For the first time, they have a chance to tip the scales of the war and ensure humanity’s survival. But Myra has made a promise, and breaking it will destroy all that is human in her. She is loyal to the Resistance, but nothing is black and white. Long-buried secrets emerge, showing her that vampires can be more honorable than humans, and humans can be more monstrous than beasts.

A desperate nobleman, fighting to save a doomed culture. A reclusive poet, choosing art over immortality. A vampire, rejecting her raw nature. Past and present weave together in an action-packed tale of power games, a hopeless fight for survival, and the indestructible human need to create art.

PENGUINS, JUST LOOK at the gorgeousness that is the cover art for this book:


Isn’t it SUPER pretty?!  I LOOOOOVE that the theme was kept with the gorgeous ornate dress; also, the colors and tone?  Spot.  On.

Want to know more about this series?!

Check out the info for Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall #1):

Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, #1)Myra never witnessed the Nightfall. She has only heard stories from the eldest among them; tales of the Old World and of the scientists who invented the WeatherWizard—a technological innovation that controls the weather. Unfortunately, the device also gave an ambitious vampire prince the means to cover the world in impenetrable clouds, allowing his armies to crawl out of their caves and conquer all.

Vampires rule over the New World, breeding humans for food. After fifty years of guerrilla warfare, the Resistance is fading, its supplies dwindling. They must rally and succeed—and soon—or all hope of restoring human civilization will be lost.

When Myra goes on a desperate mission to help the Resistance, she ends up a captive in the vampires’ palace. With time running out, she must find a way to stop Prince Vladimir, and every wrong step leads to the death of innocents. Her battle abilities prove useless, but Myra discovers she has another skill that can give her an edge over her captors. Now, Myra must defeat the vampire leader at a power game he has been playing for almost two millennia.

And how about some teaser quotes from the read (stolen from my review) for your tasting pleasures:




Want to know even MORE?!  Check out my review for the book RIGHT HERE, PENGUINS!

Also, I promised you a giveaway, so…


Click the image above OR CLICK RIGHT HERE to go to the giveaway!

(open worldwide; giveaway closes February 15th because EPIC VALENTINES DAY GIFTS, okay?!)

About the Author:

Elena MayElena May is a fantasy and science fiction author. Born and raised in Bulgaria, she has studied in New Zealand and the US, worked in Germany and the UK, participated in various research or volunteer projects in Israel, Liechtenstein and Turkey, and traveled to over forty countries. After years of moving around, she has settled in beautiful East Berlin.

Out of all the places she has visited, the one that provided the greatest inspiration for her Nightfall vampire series is foggy London. She spent a year there, sharing a tiny basement room with a humongous rat and wishing her landlord allowed cats. In the absence of cats, she faced the rat in battle, armed with both modern and traditional weapons, including ultrasound, garlic, chili peppers, and fresh mint. The rat wasn’t impressed, but at least all vampires stayed away.

She holds a B.Sc. degree in Physics and a M. Sc. degree in Mathematics, but her one true love remains speculative fiction. Her debut novel, NIGHTFALL: KINGDOM OF ASHES, was published on Halloween 2016 and received stellar reviews from multiple bloggers. She is currently working on the sequel, NIGHTFALL: MEN AND MONSTERS.

Author Links:

Website | Goodreads

And…that’s all I have for you today, penguins.  Seriously, GO PICK UP THESE BOOKS–the first one is SO SO SO good, I cannot wait to get my little penguin flippers on the second!

Until next time, happy book-ing!


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