The Sacrifice: Emotionally-Driven, Poignant Reads


The Sacrifice

In this collection, meet:

Guillaume, who gives up everything to protect his child; young Matthew, who stakes his life to save his home; and François, who makes the biggest sacrifice to rescue his grandson.


Short Stories/Contemporary
219 Pages
Publication Date: August 25th, 2016
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Quick Reasons: thought-provoking, emotionally-driven reads; each short story explores and imparts a spine-chilling message; the prose is smooth and effective overall; some of the plot lines seemed a bit forced/too tidy

Huge thanks to Estelle (the muse!) for reaching out to me for a review and sending me a free copy of Indrajit Garai’s short story collection in exchange for my honest opinions! This in no way altered my read of or thoughts on this title.


This collection of short stories is both haunting and emotional. Each plot introduces a complex, thought-provoking moral implication or message, and carefully crafts the story around it to the most heart-wrenching or powerful end. Indrajit Garai plays on his readers emotions throughout this series, leaving them breathless, angry, or hurting in turn. Each story manipulates the heart of readers in a beautifully engaging way, and is bound to leave people thinking long after closing the final page of the book.

I did, however, find a few of the plot points to feel a BIT awkward or forced. It seemed in several places, things happened in a weird or unnecessary order strictly to keep the plot moving and the story rolling, dragging out a situation or event. While this isn’t a bad thing necessarily–several times, these moments led to the more profound and poignant revelations–there were moments I found myself wondering over the realism of said events or situations. Some of them felt, I suppose, a bit fake or unbelievable in the end.


The prose, however, is smooth and easy to follow, and the characters find their place within these pages. In fact, each character felt uniquely individualized and wholly separate from the rest, and while there were some interactions or reactions that I found myself doubting, they helped to draw me in more fully and immerse me in their stories. I believe the last story, especially, stands out as a favorite in my mind–the trials and tribulations faced and suffered by the characters, the climax and resolution of the plot, all came together in an emotionally powerful and deeply profound way.

While I don’t read many short story collections, I would definitely recommend this to lovers of contemporary fiction, powerful characters, and stories with punch. These emotionally-driven, heart-wrenching reads are bound to open readers up to a variety of different settings and characters…and, hopefully, impart some powerful, poignant messages in the process. Picking this book up isn’t a sacrifice, penguins–maybe you should consider it next time you’re seeking a turbulent read.

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