Cover Reveal: Obsidian Sky




Obsidian Sky (Dark Sky #3), by Amy Braun
Publication date: February 7th 2017
Genres: Dystopian, Fantasy, Young Adult

The final struggle against the Hellions has arrived. A trapped
engineer and a desperate marauder scramble to fight an enemy with unspeakable
power on its side. Time is running out, and one world will be destroyed…

After sacrificing herself to save the lives of her friends and family, Claire Abernathy
struggles to outwit her Hellion captors. They torment and terrify her into working on a
weapon with the sole purpose of obliterating the world, friends, and love she has
struggled to save. If Claire has any chance of saving those she loves, she must delve
deeper into the Hellion world, and witness nightmares she could never imagine.

In Westraven, Sawyer Kendric is desperate to find the woman he loves. To do so,
he must finally embrace his family’s atrocious past and heal the wounds it has caused.
He will be forced to make new allies, uncover secrets that change all he knows, and find
the courage to lead a ragtag crew into the darkest, deadliest battle of their lives.

Claire and Sawyer fight to save their broken world in the final installment of the epic
DARK SKY trilogy.

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Previous books in the series:

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amyAuthor Bio:

Amy is a Canadian urban fantasy and horror author. Her work revolves around
monsters, magic, mythology, and mayhem. She started writing in her early teens, and
never stopped. She loves building unique worlds filled with fun characters and intense
action. She is the recipient of April Moon Books Editor Award for “author voice, worldbuilding
and general bad-assery,” and the One Book Two Standout Award in 2015 for
her Cursed trilogy. She has been featured on various author blogs and publishing
websites, and is an active member of the Writing GIAM and Weekend Writing Warrior
communities. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, watching movies, taking photos,
gaming, and struggling with chocoholism and ice cream addiction.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



3 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Obsidian Sky

    • Aren’t the covers absolutely GORGEOUS?! I am determined to buy them all in physical editions as soon as I can because I’d LOOOOVE to have these covers on my shelves! (And also, I really do enjoy the series, so it makes sense)


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