Loved and Loathed (November 2016)


November 2016

GUUUUUUYS!  November is OVER.  I have TWO WEEKS!!!!! left of work.  I have THREE WEEKS!!!!!!! left before I leave the town that has been my home for practically 5ever and set out on a new adventure.  I just… I KNOW I was complaining about how slowly time seemed to be moving, but then today happened, and I realized… No, there’s really not that much time left, what the heckles, where did it even, WHAT AM I DOING?!

Don’t get me wrong–I’m SUUUUUPER excited about the changes soon to take place.  One of my siblings lives something like 4 hours from Indy, and has already started talking about driving out to meet up with me.  I haven’t seen her in like…ten years?  More than?  so aside from A NEW START and NEW EXPERIENCES, I’m also getting the chance to see and maybe get to know family that I before now haven’t really had the opportunity to.

But…I’m also super nervous.  Which, I mean, who wouldn’t be in my position?  I’m leaving what has, for pretty much my entire life, been my safe zone.  My nest.  I left for five years for college, but I was only on the other side of the state–not SEVERAL STATES AWAY.  Also, there are other things to worry about–like finding a job (I’ve already got a list of places to start applying to, soon).  Like finding new insurance (I mean, fortunately I’d probably be doing this anyway seeing as it’s going to be a new year blah blah)

But with the insurance thing… I don’t know what’s going to happen there, because of Trump taking over office in January.  I don’t know what his plans are, aside from “pulling” Obamacare……..thanks to which I HAVE insurance in the first place.  It’s kind of terrifying, actually–with the chronic illnesses I have right now, I can’t just let things slip.  This is my LIFE–as in life or death–we’re talking about.  Without the medications I take 4+ times a day, I will die.  Without the help of insurance to afford said medications, I’m not sure I can afford to pay for them myself, which leads back to…. I will die.

So…I’m nervous.  But I’d be nervous even if I was staying where I’m at, so it’s all good.

Also, I’m COLD.  In the last week or so, we went from the awesome 50-60 degree weather….to snow, and wind, and 20-30 degrees, and…. I mean, it’s Wyoming.  It’s November.  We SHOULD have been freezing a long time back, honestly, but…. Can’t I be a WARM penguin?!  Isn’t that a thing?!

Image result for cold penguin gif

According to goodreads, I managed to read 12!  books this month.  Honestly, I expected that number to be a lot lower.  Also, I’ll be finishing a book after posting this, so let’s say 13, because it’s still November.

Are you ready?  Here’s the list (click the titles to go to goodreads):

November Rain (Bad Bloods #1), by Shannon A. Thompson

Damned If I Don’t (The Harker Trilogy #2), by Erin Hayes

The Kiss that Killed Me (The Tidal Kiss #1), by Kristy Nicolle

Magic Poetry, by Píaras Ó Cionnaoith

The Bad Boy Bargain, by Kendra C. Highley

The Boxer and the Butterfly, by Sasha Hibbs

P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2), by Jenny Han

The Spot on the Wall, by Rob Santana

The Charming Life of Izzy Malone, by Jenny Lundquist

In a Gilded Cage, by Mia Kerick

Immortal Writers, by Jill Bowers

Love Addicts Anonymous (Part 1), by J.C. Reed

Piper Perish, by Kayla Cagan

Cover Love

Because there are some GORGEOUS covers out there, I’m adding a new section to my loved/loathed posts!  My favorite covers in November were:

Piper Perish

The Charming Life of Izzy Malone

TBR Challenge Update:

(all titles will take you to my reviews!)

#RockMyTBR Challenge

I am going to TRY to read at least 5 books I already own each month.  In November, I read:

P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2), by Jenny Han

LOL I only read one book I “already” owned.  OOPS?!

2016 Debut Author Challenge

I’m going to try to read at least 1 debut book/author every month (maybe more!) In November, I read:

Immortal Writers, by Jill Bowers

2016 Diverse Reads Challenge

I’m trying to read more diverse books.  I don’t have a specific goal in mind for each month–I’m hoping for at least two, but we’ll see what happens! This also isn’t excluding any other books set for the month that also fit the challenge!  In November, I read:

P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #2), by Jenny Han

In a Gilded Cage, by Mia Kerick

The Boxer and the Butterfly, by Sasha Hibbs

Loved (5 Penguins):

Unfortunately, I had NO 5 penguin reads this month!  What the heckles is even UP with that, I mean seeeeeeriously?!  Hopefully I’ll have at least one in December.  Hopefully.

Loathed (2 Penguins):

(because I totes just realized, DUH, I don’t DO 1 penguin reviews anymore?!  So let’s switch it to 2 penguins, yes?  Yes.

The spot on the Wall

What awesome books did YOU read last month?  How are you all doing on any yearly challenges you set for yourself?  Feel free to comment, or link me to your monthly wrap-ups below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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52 thoughts on “Loved and Loathed (November 2016)

    • Yassssss, and I’m SO so ready for something new–I’ve needed a new chapter in my life for a long long time, but have always been held back by my fears and what ifs. It’s about time I break free a little, I think, and let myself actually live! 😀

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  1. *hugs penguin Beth* I’m so sorry for your situation right now, my princess penguin! But don’t worry – I’m sure you’ll be alright! I’m a true believer that Trump is a barker rather than a biter and he doesn’t have gods power within the goverment. I’m not saying he won’t screw up, I’m saying he’ll screw up lightly because people smarter than him will put him into his place as soon as he sets foot on the White House ❤ I'm a panda journalist, I know what I'm saying ❤ Also, you're suffering way before you need to. One thing at a time, as my therapist used to say! Focus on the nice things coming your way with the moving ❤
    Also, I already said so, your reading month was awesomeee!!! You go, girl!!!!! /o/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uhm. The hubs and I split up in September, we’ve been divorced since then. I went to visit a friend in Indy and decided I kinda LOOOOVE it out there?! so while it’s a ways away from my family, I think it’ll be worth it. I’m trying to live more in the here and now, and to allow myself to take risks–I’ve lived too long holding myself back with fears, you know?

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  2. Ugh I know how you feel about Obamacare. My family is low-income and luckily, living in Connecticut, we get free insurance from the state (we did even before Obamacare existed) but it’s still scary for us. It’s hard to tell how Obamacare being repealed might affect us. And my mom is diabetic and has other medical conditions too and takes a lot of medications which we could not afford without insurance. Fingers crossed it works out for all of us.
    12/13 books is an impressive amount for one month! A few of the ones you read are on my TBR. I really want to read In a Gilded Cage. 🙂
    I hope December is a great month for you!

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    • Thank you. There are a lot of people out there who I know are worrying about the same things I do–it’s just frustrating when my family gets on one of their, “you worry too much” bouts. Because…no? This is literally my LIFE we’re talking about? XD I’m sure it’ll work out the way it’s supposed to, though, for all of us–hopefully it won’t be as bad as I’ve been imagining.

      And thank you! In a Gilded Cage was super interesting and suuuuuper dark–I enjoyed it! ❤

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  4. Ahh, I can’t even imagine how stressful making the move will be, Beth. I really hope everything goes the way you need it to and that it turns out to be the best decision ever 😀 I am sending unlimited positive penguin vibes your way ♥♥♥

    Great reading month too 😀 Sorry you didn’t have any 5 star reads, but hopefully December will be full of them!!

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