Immortal Writers: Okay, I want to Move to THIS World!


Immortal Writers

Young up-and-coming author Liz McKinnen has no idea that her life is about to change forever when she comes home from her first book tour. When she’s kidnapped and told by her captors that she has to kill her fantasy book’s antagonist, she thinks that she’s fallen into the hands of crazy, dangerous fans… until her antagonist sends a real, fire-breathing dragon after her. Liz is quickly initiated into the Immortal Writers, a group of authors from throughout time whose words have given them eternal life, and whose prose is so powerful that it’s brought stories over from the Imagination Field into the Reality Field. As Liz meets authors such as William Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen, she has to learn how to control magic, fight dragons, and face her own troubled past before her power-hungry villain takes over the world. Will she survive the ultimate battle against the dragon lord whom she created?

296 Pages
Blue Moon Publishers
Publication Date: November 5th, 2016
Get a copy here!

Quick Reasons: hugely entertaining; I ADORE the unique, creative take Jill Bowers took with this plot; gorgeously descriptive, detailed writing; fast-paced, heart-pounding action scenes; imaginative and enthralling; realistic, steamy romance; DRAGONS!

So many thanks to Jill Bowers, Blue Moon Publishers, and Netgalley for sending me an advance copy of this title free in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.


Quick note to sensitive or easily triggered readers: there are scenes of physical and sexual abuse in this book. If such subjects are difficult for you to read, PLEASE be careful going into this book! Stay safe, penguins.

That being said… I am SO super in love with Liz, I can’t even. I mean, let’s just ignore the fact that we share a first name–that has almost absolutely nothing to do with this. For one thing, she is SUPER fierce. She is wholly independent, hard-headed, and snarky. In the midst of everything that happens in this book, she holds her own–and she does it with admirable strength and determination. Seriously, I want to be friends with her–I think I could learn a LOT from just being in her presence. Of course, the rest of the characters are just as entertaining and complex! I adored each and every character this book introduced (or re-introduced, in some cases) me to–and had SO much fun following all of them on this journey!


AND OH, my penguins–this read is super unique, super inventive (at least, I think it is, and that’s all that counts right now). The plot is fast-paced and TO THE BRIM full of action, adventure, and–most importantly–dragons! Also, a literal ton of literary references, writerly characters, and plays on things like world-building, plot devices, and world immersion. Seriously, penguins, if you’re in any way at all interested in writing or being writerly, you should check out this book JUST for that–I had so much fun with how creative and awesome Jill Bowers made this read!

I am super excited to have been given the opportunity to start this journey, and I cannot wait for book two–from the tiny snippet of an excerpt I got at the end of this book, I can tell it’s going to be just as unique and entertaining! These characters are bomb; the romance is realistic and steamy and endearing; and the plot is super enthralling. I just… So much yes in one book. Jill Bowers wins, and has been put on my “to watch out for in the future” list. I recommend this to lovers of dragons, fantasy, and writerly awesomeness. (I know, I know, writerly is totally not a word–don’t care, using it anyway!) Jill Bowers is a debut author to watch out for, penguins–pick this book up!

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