Friday Fever (#2)


Hello, and welcome to Friday Fever–your one stop igloo for all things bookish and sales-worthy!

I decided to make this meme because:

1.) I don’t know who hosts the Friday Finds posts anymore;
2.) I’m too lazy to go seeking out the new host, if there is one;
3.) I always did my own thing with Friday Finds anyway, so why not just make it OFFICIALLY my own idea?!

As  always, these are all epic finds under $2.00 $5.00 on Amazon Kindle!
Click the cover to be taken to the AMAZON page!

Remember:  these deals can change at any time.  ALWAYS double check before hitting the buy button!

No descriptions because HOLY BOOKS, PENGUINS (also, lazy)!

All the EPIC

99 Cents (or under) Deals

$1.99 (or under) Deals

Egg and Spoon by [Maguire, Gregory]

Made You Up by [Zappia, Francesca]

Damage Done by [Panitch, Amanda]

$2.99 (or under) Deals

More Happy Than Not by [Silvera, Adam]

Every Exquisite Thing by [Quick, Matthew]

The Haters by [Andrews, Jesse]

the princess saves herself in this one by [Lovelace, Amanda]

The Hatching: A Novel (The Hatching Series) by [Boone, Ezekiel]

$3.99 (or under) Deals

Truly, Madly, Deadly: An Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller by [Jayne, Hannah]

Ugly by [McHeyzer, Margaret]

Awake: A Surprising and Chilling Thriller by [Preston, Natasha]

What's Not Broken by [Parker, D. J.]

$4.99 (or under) Deals

The Doldrums by [Gannon, Nicholas]

A Curious Tale of the In-Between by [DeStefano, Lauren]

Tease by [Maciel, Amanda]

Cut Both Ways by [Mesrobian, Carrie]

Welp, there you go!  Some awesome reads for epic prices!  Have you guys read any of them?  Are there any you’re dying to read and bought immediately?  Let me know your thoughts below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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