Villainous Love Songs (#27)


Because c’mon–you think those characters with the hearts of ice, the unbreakable wills, the huge tendency to bully DON’T jam out to the mushy-gushy on their iPods sometimes?

I am of the firm opinion that villains, just like everybody else, have a love song they just can’t help but…well…LOVE!

This will be a consistent new feature on my blog–probably posted every Monday.  Because there are a LOT of villains, and a LOT of love songs, out there to match… and I’m bound and determined to do it!

If you like this meme, feel free to post up your own–just be sure to link back to mine!


Image result for doctor who gifs

Image result for doctor who gifs

The Doctor
(Doctor Who)

Tell me I’m wrong, penguins.  TELL ME, I DARE YOU!  I mean seriously, The Doctor and all his companions?  This song is his MANTRA, okay?

“Because you’re not here and now I fear,
I’ll never get back to you.”

I apologize for any heartbreak I just caused, but…this pairing works.

Image result for men white hair purple eyes

Image result for men white hair purple eyes

Reese/Reese’s Pieces
(Untitled Beauty, by C.E. Wilson)

I KNOW the eye color is wrong in these images, BUT GUYS–Reese is one of the greatest characters EVER, this book broke me about a million times, and this song?  This song so belongs to him for the rest of forever.  I just… Yes.  Read this book.  READ THIS BOOK, and tell me this pairing isn’t perfect.  (and I know, I know, he’s not ACTUALLY a villain–but for a large part of this book, we’re led to believe he is, so…)


Villains…and the love songs they don’t want anyone to know they rock out to.

If villains in your world had a favorite love song, which would it be?  Let me know what you think of this post below–or feel free to jump in and post your own pairs!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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