Bookmark Monday (#43)


Bookmark Monday
Description: Do you have a bookmark you want to share? Just take a photo and link up in the linky!

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My Theme:  Watercolor

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE art forms, penguins–you have no idea.  It’s just so super pretty and soft and gooooooodness, yes please!

Once again, click the image to go to the etsy shop!

Okay, these are probably the prettiest feather bookmarks EVAR.  The colors are gooooooorgeous and I just… I need them.  I need them NOW!

Printable Watercolour Bookmarks Set, Feminist Quotes, Instant Download, 2.25x7.5

First off:  can anyone say inspirational?!  (and funny.  FUNSPIRATION, penguins!  it rules the world!)  I’m not so sure on the colors, but since these are downloadable, I imagine you could switch up the background if you so desired.

set of 3 handmade bookmarks, unique bookmarks, original watercolor bookmark, book lover gift, abstract watercolors, gifts under 15 dollars

See, these are gorgeous toooooo.  I just cannot even with all these watercolor bookmarks, I want them all.  I want them all in my books, right this second.  I particularly adore the purple one in this trio–SO pretty!

Hand Painted Bookmark ,Watercolour  Bookmark  ,Unique drawing , Elf girl , Gift idea , For book lovers

Anyone else get a sort of Peter Pan feel from this?!  I mean, let’s be honest–the green.  The fairy-esque ears.  THE GREEN.  This is Peter Pan, you cannot tell me otherwise so don’t even try.

Small Gift Ideas, Planner Bookmark, Personalized Bookmark Favors, Custom Bookmark, Abstract Watercolor Bookmark, Unique Bookmarks for Books

And finally…these beauties!  This shop personalizes bookmarks just like this, and they’re all gorgeous, and they’re all drool-worthy, and… Someone just GIVE ME THESE already, won’t you?!

Which are your favorites from this batch?  Have any bookmarks you’ve discovered recently you’d like to share with me?  Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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