Sunday Post (#34)


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It’s only the middle of October and I’ve already read, like…14!?!?! books.  Wait, let me go count them to be sure…

Yes, I was right.  14.  FOURTEEN!  What IS this madness?!  Who slipped the good reading juju into my water?!  I must know my own secret, someone tell me what it is so I can tell myself to keep it up!

Seriously, I’m not complaining, but at the same time, I still intend to read…uhm…10.  I have TEN MORE books I have to read by the end of the month.  Am I crazy?!  I must be crazy…I don’t know how else to even explain myself…Oh my penguins, someone send help.

I am trying to stop picking at my fingers.  I’ve had this obsessive picking disorder since I was three, and I’m SO tired of mutilating myself.  It’s been a struggle, but this is the longest I’ve held on to my determination.  I mean, I’ve slipped up a few times, but I’m hoping I keep fighting.  I SO want to finally overcome this thing.  So if you guys have been through this or something similar, and have advice, PLEASE feel free to leave it for me below!

Annnnnnnnd… I guess that’s it!  How’s your week treating you?  Know what you’re dressing up as for Halloween yet?!  Have anything FAB planned for the coming weeks?!?!?! Let me know!


Girl on the Brink: A Novel

Love and Other Unknown Variables


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When, by Victoria Laurie

Frost, by M.P. Kozlowsky

The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2), by C.K. Brooke

A Fabrication of the Truth, by Katie Kaleski



Have any fun stories you’d like to share?  How about book recs?  Music?  Funny Disney spoof videos?  Adorable animals doing adorable things?!  Feel free to share down below–or link me to your own weekly wrap up!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

One thought on “Sunday Post (#34)

  1. I have the nervous habit of chewing the skin at the side of my nails and of course, I end up with inflamed fingers on a regular basis. It can be hard not to do it as you do it without thinking! I’m getting back on the reading horse too and it’s a great feeling!


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