Cover Reveal: Shadows of the Forest


Shadows of the Forest

Emma Michaels

Publication date: November 5th 2016
Genres: Fantasy,
Young Adult

Everyone is dying to live in the
Shadows of the Forest.

They gave me three rules to follow in exchange for my brother’s life:

1. Do not enter the West Wing;

2. Do not go outside after darkness falls; and

3. There is only one exit; The Gates.

This is what happened when I broke them…

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emmaAuthor Bio:

Emma Michaels is the award winning author of the Society of Feathers series with
over 15 publications under her belt. With a love for all things story-telling this bibliophile
plans to take over the world one cup of coffee at a time. A rule breaker who isn’t afraid
to have uncommon opinions she is an avid lover of mathematics and stand out fiction
which transcends both its genre and format whether books, games, movies, or
otherwise. A good story is a good story. When she isn’t online she is out dancing in the
Washington rain or seeking new adventures.

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