Bookmark Monday (#39)


Bookmark Monday
Description: Do you have a bookmark you want to share? Just take a photo and link up in the linky!

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My Theme:  Woodland Critters

Image result for woodland creatures gifsImage result for woodland creatures gifs

Woodland Creatures Bookmark

Doe, a Deer, by LittleSproutsCrafts

Simple or not, this woodland silhouette is stunning.  I LOVE the backdrop to it–the colors are pretty inspiring, too.

Cute Bunny Wildlife Bookmark, 2x6 Book Mark

Little Bunny Foo Foo, by ShannonValentine

First off:  this bookmark is adorable.  Second off: let me just squeal a minute longer?!  because CUUUUUUUUUTE!  I just wanna floof the little fluff!

Green Fox Page Clip Planner Clip Bookmark FiloFax Erin Condren Day Planner Kikki K Plum Paper Planner Inkwell Press

What Does the Fox Say?, by HoweCute4You

For one:  this color? LOOOOOVE it.  For two: glasses and bow ties?!  MY GOODNESS, I think my heart just stopped from all the cute in this post!  Can I just floof them ALL, all the time?!

Fox Planner Clip, Woodland Creature, Bookmark, Plannerclips, Paper Clip, Paperwork Organizer, Planner Accessories

The Fox in the Snow, by NicolioWithLove

Because I just HAD to include this adorable white guy.  Who could EVER turn away from that face?!  Just look at it!  LOOK AT IT!

Image result for woodland creatures gifs

Which are your favorites from this batch?  Have any bookmarks you’ve discovered recently you’d like to share with me?  Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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