Summerlypse: This Romance Felt a Bit like a Bad Lipsync

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After his crush rejects him, seventeen-year-old Colton catches a plane to Mexico, hoping to forget all about girls. But a night out at a dance club crowded with long legs in miniskirts doesn’t help, especially when he meets the club’s beautiful DJ, Alex.

In awe of her mixing skills, Colton finds it hard to believe Alex is deaf. As they bond, she asks him to help her win a DJ contest behind her rich, estranged father’s back.

Colton’s not a wimp or anything, but millionaires with armed bodyguards are not his ideal vacation buddies. The only problem—if he helps her, he may fly back home in a body bag.

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gerardo delgadillo

Gerardo Delgadillo lives in the Dallas metropolitan area with his wife and children and dogs and cats and the occasional rabbit. Originally from San Francisco and raised in Mexico, he loves to write about contemporary teens in distress in English and Español. So no magic, dragons, or unicorns.

Gerardo’s fun facts:
– At the tender age of sixteen, when giant lizards ruled the world, Gerardo was a DJ–turntables and all.
– Cloud computing is his area of expertise–just don’t ask him what cloud computing means.
– He loves football, the one played with the feet by footballers, La Liga from Spain being the best.
About his novels:
– His writing must be emotional, or else…
– He believes in the Oxford comma, but the Oxford comma doesn’t believe in him.
– Loves first person present tense POV.

Author Links:

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Quick Reasons: entertaining, though not always believable, plot; diverse characters; insta-love to the millionth degree; the romance didn’t feel completely realistic; interesting character growth; “stream-of-conscious” prose with a ton of personality/voice

Huge thank yous go out to Gerardo Delgadillo, Whole Enchilada Press Publishing, and Sara @ YA Bound Book Tours for sending me a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.

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This book was, overall, pretty entertaining. The plot was filled with action, drama, and angst–though also, at points, some pretty unbelievable situations. There were moments I found I couldn’t QUITE suspend my disbelief enough to get into the action–there were situations that, in the end, didn’t make much sense save as plot devices. These were, however, few and far-between.


A large part of this read, however, focused on Colton’s love life… or, rather, lack of one. It was insta-lovey. It was sort of obnoxious at some parts. It was, in the end, very unbelievable for me–I just didn’t connect Colton and Alex as a couple. I didn’t SEE it. I didn’t FEEL it. I wasn’t shipping them at all. Colton does, however, make quite the large amount of character growth. Alex, also, has a story arc and fair amount of growth. So while I wasn’t shipping them as a couple (their romance seemed contrived to me, I suppose–disappointing, not realistic), I WAS rooting for them both in vastly different ways.

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The prose in this book is…unique. Unique is the best way to describe it, I think. There’s a sort of “stream of conscious” feel to it that both put me into the mind/thoughts of Colton immediately…and also made bits of this read very awkward or confusing. I LOVE how much voice and personality this POV allowed the book–from page one, we knew everything going on in Colton’s head. There were no surprises. Gerardo Delgadillo really dove into his character, and achieved a sense of “closeness” for his readers that I wasn’t expecting going in. There are, however, some “broken” moments. Not every thought makes sense. Sometimes topics leap-frog. Sometimes, a sentence was put in such a way that I was confused, and had to go back over it three or four times to figure out what was being said.


I love how diverse this read is–and not just in the usual terms. These characters were written in such dynamic, unique ways–I could SEE each of them, they leapt to life for me during the reading, and they surprised me consistently. Colton, especially, was a delight in characterization–his personality, his general traits, all came together in an entertaining and satisfying way. The rest of the characters do not, in any way, fade into the background though–they all stood out and held their ground throughout this read, though a few were given much less emphasis than I’d have liked. Martin’s grandma, for instance, was a character I’d have LOVED to see more of. I get it, though–books are only SO big, and sometimes side stories exist that cannot be given a specific focus to. Still, I was intrigued by her, and sad to only get a few small scenes with her and the rest of the crew.

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Overall, this was a quirky and entertaining read, though I’m slightly disappointed with it in the end. The romance felt a bit stiff and contrived, though the plot was FULL of drama and danger. I definitely recommend this read to lovers of fast-paced contemporaries, diverse characters, and wide-arcing character growths. I had fun with this one–but now, it’s on to the next!


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