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Happy “technically it’s Sunday, but it’s the start of yet another work week for me” day, everyone!  I know, it’s a mouthful, but I’m making it work.  So, how’s the weekend treating you all?  Read anything spectaculous?  Done anything exciting?

The local high school held reunions this weekend.  I totally spaced it out–until one of my classmates messaged me on facebook.  So Friday evening, the hubby and I rushed to throw ourselves together and went out to the golf course to meet everybody.  Except when we got there, “everybody” was…six of us.  Way to go, everybody else.

We also received our class time capsule.  As a group…of six…we decided to open the damn thing and read through allllllll the things inside.  Which was pretty entertaining…except somehow, only one of us present even had anything in it?!  My question is, where the HELL was everyone when they collected those things?  Out of a class of about 100, there were maybe 20 notes to future selves in the thing.  Did I even write one?!  Did I miss the time capsule memo? (I mean, that’s totally a possibility given how much time I was allowed to spend outside the house growing up.  Read: not hardly at all)  I don’t even know.

And, of COURSE, the husband’s birthday was yesterday!  He had to work 5 am to 3 pm, so I spent the morning reading and getting reviews/blog stuff done, because I turned my computer off promptly at 3.  We spent the rest of the afternoon/evening virtually technology free.  We played Lego Hobbit for a while, and then watched some stuff on Netflix.  It was epically and perfectly quiet–loooooved it.

Which pretty much catches us up!  I’ll be putting up another poll; not many of you voted last week, so either you didn’t want to or I picked some super obscure books.  Hopefully this week’s poll is more lively?!  That being said…

And this reminds me!  I have a TON of ARC reviews, blog tour reviews, and book blitz posts coming up the next few months.  I’m super excited about all of them–hopefully you guys will be, too!  Keep your eyes peeled–the madness begins Tuesday!


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Have any fun stories you’d like to share?  How about book recs?  Music?  Funny Disney spoof videos?  Adorable animals doing adorable things?!  Feel free to share down below–or link me to your own weekly wrap up!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Post (#23)

    • Oh noes! Bahahaha it does sort of have a creepy/dark feel to it, but I’m so sorry it scares you! *grump* That was definitely not my intention!

      And thank you, I’ll pass your message along to the husband! ❤


    • Right?! I’ve been seeing it around a lot, too, and was really interested in picking it up…so I was super excited when the publisher approached me for a review! WIN! Haha, happy book-ing to you, Molly!


  1. Oh my, six people, haha. That does sound rather disappointing. But apparently your school wasn’t very good at handing out memos for anything since hardly anyone knew about the time capsule and hardly anyone knew about the reunion o.0 That’s cool that you had fun reading the letters though 🙂

    Btw I like this Starset song! I just recently started listening to them because someone else recommended them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL right?! It was actually quite a mess. We had a few people step up to the plate something like 3? months ago to try to get a plan in motion for our reunion, because the school decided last year was the last one they’d be going all out on. But…nobody?! seemed interested. Nobody responded. Nobody helped. So those people just sort of gave up. And then–like with a WEEK to go before the reunion–suddenly EVERYBODY decided we needed to do something (and by everybody, I mean…those who actually showed up that night) I just don’t even know what the heck with my class.

      One of my coworkers recommended them to me a while back and I just ADOOOOORE them so much!


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