Bookmark Monday (#27)


Bookmark Monday
Description:Do you have a bookmark you want to share? Just take a photo and link up in the linky!

Find their latest post here!

My Theme:  Wolves and Dream Catchers

Because they sort of go hand-in-hand, don’t they?  Also, they’re both gooooorgeous.

Real Wolf Fur and Feather Bookmark - White Arctic Wolf fur in a tiny glass globe

Fur Filled, by WildHeartedOne

This one?  Has real wolf fur inside it, which I just think is awesome!  I love the feather and color contrasts, too-soooo pretty!

Dream Catcher, Cross Stitch Pattern, Cross stitch Chart, PDF Instant Download

Stitching Dreams, by NewLeafCraft

Download the pattern, and you can make your very own!  There are SO MANY color options you could pick from, I just can’t even.  I wish I knew how to cross stitch.

Wolf Leather Bookmark - Celtic Wolf - Laser cut and engraved - Gift boxed

Celtic Wolf, by ThePinkMonkeyCompany

Isn’t this GORGEOUS?!  I’m always so fascinated by Celtic knots–they’re so so pretty to look at!

Gorgeous Dream Catcher Bookmarks

Beaded Dreams, by FireHorseSpirit

Again, this is absolutely stunning.  I love the color combo for this one, but there are several others in their shop to choose from as well!

Howling Moon, by FinePenArt

I love everything about this one–the fact it’s wood, that they’re in feathers, that the moon is there as well… SO pretty!  And you can add your own embellishments, if you want!

And there you have it!  Five unique bookmarks for your page-saving needs!  Which are your favorites from this batch?  Have any bookmarks you’ve discovered recently you’d like to share with me?  Let me know below!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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10 thoughts on “Bookmark Monday (#27)

    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear you like my selection this week! I agree, these are all so stunning!…I need them. ALL of them. Right now.

      Haha, thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great week!


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