Sunday Post (#19)


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Happy Sunday, everybody!  And Happy Memorial Day, tomorrow.

I hope the past week has treated you well…and that the next week treats you even better!

Things have been pretty quiet this week.  The husband and I had an employee appreciation dinner Tuesday.  I felt SOOPAH pretty.  See?!

It was sort of weird, though.  The “bosses” just sort of sat at their own table and ignored the rest of us.  Ah, well.  The food was soopah yummy.

Have any of you been having trouble navigating my page with the new menu?  Have you figured out that while there ARE drop-down boxes, there are also clickies in the main menu itself?  Let me know if this is confusing for you all, and I’ll work on fixing it!

I chopped my hair off the other day…and then dyed it.  It’s PURPLE!…but at most angles it looks sort of auburn.  I’ve done it this way before, but I still luuuuuurves it.  It was time for a change…plus, it’s summer time!

Just a reminder:  I’m ALWAYS up for buddy reads!  If there’s ever a book you see me haul, or that we talk about in the comments, that you’d like to buddy read with me…feel free to shoot me an email (found on my sidebar), send me a message on goodreads/twitter, or leave me a comment!  I know I’ve been super busy with ARCs and review requests lately, but I can always make room for other books too!  I promise I don’t usually bite!  If you’re ever curious what books I own and need to read, feel free to stalk these shelves:

Already Own To-Read

ARCs To-Read

And…that’s about it!  How are things treating all of you?  Done anything wild lately?


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Until next time, happy book-ing!

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Post (#19)

  1. At least the food was good! 🙂
    I keep seeing buddy reading posts everywhere, I find it so nice.
    I really want to change my hair color but all hairdressers keep telling me not to go for a drastic change. It looks like I can’t do what I want with my own hair!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Really?! I guess I’m not following the right people, I haven’t seen anything about buddy reads around the blog block!

      That’s so strange. I mean… I get that sometimes hairdressers want people to start with something smaller first, to make sure they like it, but….it’s your hair? It should be YOUR decision in the end. The first time I chopped all my hair off, the hairdresser tried pulling that with me. “Are you sure? It’s so long and pretty!”… Uhm, yes. I’m positive. Just do it already. XD

      I go to the same hairdresser now, though, and she knows I go through phases–let it grow out long, and then chop it all off and start over again. So that helps. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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