Grey: This World-Building is Anything But Dull


Grey (The Romany Outcasts #1)

Goodreads Rating: 4.24 Stars
344 Pages
Harper Voyager Publishing
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Can you still love with a heart of stone?

Sebastian Grey always thought he was a fairly normal teenager – good friends, decent grades and a pretty sweet job in his foster brother’s tattoo shop.

But when Romany gypsies arrive in town, Sebastian discovers that his world is not what it seems. There is an age-old feud between his family and the gypsies – and this isn’t the only secret his brother has been keeping from him. His life is not his own. The girl he’s been dreaming about has just turned up at school, and he feels compelled to protect her at all costs.

Even if that means life might never be normal again.

Quick Reasons: awesome characters; unique world-building; intriguing, complex plot; engaging story-telling; fantastical, magical characters; I haven’t read anything quite like this; CIRCUS! (because you all know the circus holds a special place in my heart); insta-love…but for a reason; I did not see that ending coming

Huge thanks to Christi J. Whitney, Harper Voyager Publishing, and Xpresso Book Tours for sending me an egalley of this title in exchange for an honest review! This in no way altered my read of or opinions on this book.

Grey Quote1

Penguins, this book is fantastic! No, really—I can’t even right now.

Christi J. Whitney pulled on Roma culture and folk lore to weave a beautiful, captivating tale—and create some unique, awe-inspiring characters at the same time. I have never read anything quite like this—it enthralled and ensnared, it crept across my skin like mist and stuck there like glue… This book, for lack of a better word, was magical for me. And that? That doesn’t happen very often.

Grey Quote2

The plot is fast-paced and unique. I had NO IDEA where this story were headed, when I stepped into this read—and I’m going to leave it that way for you all, as well. The less you know about this book, the better. Trust me. There aren’t plot twists, necessarily…but there’s no way to know what’s coming next. This book took the path NEVER traveled by, and leads readers into wild and unknown territory. Christi J. Whitney started this book with huge secrets, and reveals them just a little at a time. No, scratch that—she dangles readers on a hook of mystery and bewilderment, and only reels them in enough to keep them tantilized. I was enticed throughout…and am now drooling to dive into book two. It’s a good thing I have a copy of it waiting for me.

There IS insta-love. There are TWO special snowflake characters. But. BUT. These tropes are so warped and twisted to fit this story, I think you’ll forgive their use. The insta-love? Has a much deeper, farther-reaching momentum…and doesn’t lead quite the place you’ll expect it to. And the special snowflakes? Well…this book IS magical, and part of the magic is that this trope is muted. Watered-down. I’m sure book two will at least help to clear a few things up, in regards to this specific trope.

Grey Quote3

I just…GAAAAH! I will be immediately jumping into book two—I can’t wait to see what the future has waiting these awesome characters! I definitely recommend this to lovers of fantasy/magical realism, unique and engaging story-telling, and well-written literary tropes. This book reeled me in like a penguin on a hook; maybe you should bite, too!

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