How to Hide your Inner Book Nerd


Don’t lie, you all KNOW you’ve had those moments.

You’re decked out in your fandom tees, your bookish necklaces, your character-inspired goodies.  You’re in your own glittery, unicorns-and-rainbows (and maybe heartache?) filled world…when suddenly…

great grandma who you haven’t seen in seventeen years is coming over!  you have to GO OUTSIDE!  you have to INTERACT WITH OTHERS!

What can you possibly do?  Here are a few ideas for how even YOU can

Hide your Inner Book Nerd

Step One:

Never ever ever EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!! admit to being a book nerd.  Ever.  I mean, hear me out.  Do you really want to TALK?!  about books!?!?!?! with people?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! Yeah, I didn’t think so.  Best just sit back and keep your mouth tightly closed.  Grandma brings up a book she’s currently reading and you LOOOOOVED it to Pluto and back?  That’s nice, Peaches.  Don’t.  Say.  Anything.

Trust me.

Step Two:


No, really, step two is soopah important guys.

Pull your sleeves down.  Tuck those dangly bits and bobs up into said sleeves.  Earrings shaped like Harry Potter’s scar?! Nawwwww, they’re just lightning bolts.  Fandom tee?  Put a HOODIE on it!

If all else fails and everything you own is literally book-inspired….wear a bag over your head.  Call yourself Rustles.  Look nobody in the eye.

Step Three: 


Step Four:

Invest in the old Rory/Lane book cover switch.  Because the world’s a scary place, guys–keep your reading safe!  By switching book covers, you can avoid HUGE AWKWARD TALKS with other people.  I mean, who wants to talk to other people anyway, right?

Say you’re already out in the wild, hands full of the book you’re currently binge-reading, when…OH NOES!  Someone else sees the cover and WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT!  What are you gonna do?! (if you’re anything like me, you’ll do one of two things:  1. run far far far away, find a lovely boulder to crawl beneath, and hide for the rest of forever; OR 2. glare murder at the person for interrupting you.  Hello, I’m reading here?  Could you BE any ruder!?)

With the book cover fandango, the world will think you’re reading something boooooooring and will never approach you, ever.  I recommend an advanced calculus cover.  Make the people run screaming the other way.

Step Five:

Seriously, ADMIT.  NOTHING.

Grandma got a glimpse of the Rune temporary tattoo gracing your collarbone?  It’s just smudged dirt, no biggie.  Your second cousin twice removed on your father’s sister’s aunt’s side sees your collection of bookishly nerdy and wonderful tees?  Nawwwww, you don’t know where those even came from.  Someone GOES INTO YOUR ROOM and discovers–beneath the bed, in your dresser, stacked beneath your collection of beanie babies–all your beautiful hardcovers?  What, thooooose?!  I don’t… I’m not sure…. YOU’RE TOTALLY IMAGINING THINGS NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM!

Or you could just, y’know, suck it up like we all do and take anything life throws your way.  I mean…who wants to go to all the trouble of hiding things, anyway?

Do you guys hide your inner book nerds?  If so, how?  If not…what are some situations you might consider it?

Let me know what you think below!  Until next time, happy book-ing!

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8 thoughts on “How to Hide your Inner Book Nerd

  1. HAHA! Oh my god, Beth, this post was incredible 😂 It’s so hard trying to pretend you’re casual fan. Like when someone is just all “yeah, that book was good” and you just want to cry over how absolutely perfect it was but you want to seem somewhat socially acceptable so you just kinda nod and be like “…yeah, it was alright”.

    I mean most times I don’t have to hide my inner nerd, my family all knows how obsessive I am 😂 but I definitely try to tone it down a little around people I don’t know simply because I don’t feel comfortable around strangers.

    But mostly I don’t care. I am a proud fangirl 😀

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  2. I couldn’t hide my inner nerd even if I tried hahaha. I don’t try. Never. I just take pride in babbling about things that other people don’t get and it’s kind of entertaining too! So, yeah unleash the fangirl and let her strive for greatness. Or mostly for screams and squeals.

    Liked by 1 person

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