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Welcome to the end of another week, penguins!  I honestly don’t know where the time is going…there must be some sort of time toilet suctioning all the extra minutes from my life.

(I’m hedging my bets on the Ministry of Magic)

All things considered, this week’s been fairly quiet on the drama front (yay!)

My blood sugars, on the other hand, have been finicky bastards.  Needless to say, I feel a sorts of fatigued…and have been sleeping way more than usual.

(or…maybe this is just because I’m getting old.)

A friend of mine and I (is that proper grammar?  I don’t even know right now) have been getting into long and entertaining GIF wars on facebook the last few days.

No, really–we take them very seriously.



I think we spend at least an hour each day bombarding one another with GIFs.  It gets pretty out of hand…but MAHGOSH, is it fun!  So…maybe you should, y’know, try it one of these days.  Or somethin’.  If you wanna.


In His Corner, by Vina Arno (romance)
Fairic Stone, by C.R. Sedore (fantasy; novella)
–TEASER REVIEW: Wreckedby Maria Padian (contemporary; hard-hitting)
The Map of Bones (The Fire Sermon #2), by Francesca Haig (dystopian)
–TEASER REVIEW: Surviving High School, by Lele Pons (humor; contemporary)



I started reading this this morning, and LET ME JUST TELL YOU: this book is frakking hilarious.  I absolutely adore the MC.  I just…Gah.  So much yes!  So much giggling!



because I’ve been stumbling across some pretty epic posts/discussions lately and we all know this penguin loves to share…

–Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews would love to… Let’s Talk: Blogging Anxieties

–Cait @ Paper Fury asks… How Do You Know if Your Blog Post is “Inspired” or “Copying”?



Have any fun stories you’d like to share?  How about book recs?  Music?  Funny Disney spoof videos?  Adorable animals doing adorable things?!  Feel free to share down below–or link me to your own weekly wrap up!

Until next time, happy book-ing!

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Post (#13)

  1. Your grammar was correct! It is “A friend of mine and I…”. Basically, if you would say the sentence with the word I if it was just you alone, you use I. If not, you use me.
    My friend and I did this or I did this. (so you use I instead of me)
    She gave that to me. (you wouldn’t say She gave that to I).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww, Beth! Thank you so, so much for mentioning my Let’s Talk post 💜💜💜

    I’m sorry to hear about your blood sugar levels 😦 I hope they start behaving themselves.

    GIF wars sound like they’d be super fun!

    Also, I’m freaking out that you’re listening to Our Last Night. I LOVE THEM! And that song is one of my favourites! I had the chance to see them live, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love GIFs! Especially the Supernatural ones. And I recently found a page with Buffy the Vampire Slayers ones. I need to figure out how to make my own, because I always think of scenes from tv shows or movies that I want to use as a GIF, but can’t ever find them. I’m going to be anxious to get to Wrecked after what you said on my blog. Thanks for visiting my Sunday Post earlier!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I always have a TON of fun finding GIFs and figuring out how to work them into my posts! I’m partial, lately, to all GIFs Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. For some reason, these two shows have the greatest GIFs EVAR…and I luffs them!

      Buffy GIFs, though, are also soopah fun! Haha thank you so so much for stopping by–have a great rest of your day!


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