I Challenge You!


Regarding Challenged/Banned Books

So last night before wrestling started and I lost the husband to the madness of male soap operas

AHEM…he stumbled across the ALA’s list of most challenged books for 2015.

I busted a gut–

–listening to him read the various reasons for *why* these books have been challenged.  Like, this was me:

A few SPECIFIC *reasons* struck me as oooooodd, so…let’s talk about those, shall we?!

First things first…

Inappropriate for Age Group 

I’m sorry, let me repeat that:  this book, an ADULT novel, written for ADULTS with consenting ADULTS as the main characters…is not age appropriate.

Like…I’m gonna be honest, as an abuse survivor I could never read this series myself –just reading ABOUT these books gives me serious panic attacks, I mean I literally hyperventilate–BUT.  BUT.

–It’s an adult novel?!
–How is an ADULT novel “not age appropriate” ?!
–All adults are, apparently, now considered naive, precious cinnamon rolls.  Adults are no longer allowed to make informed decisions about the books they, consentingly, pick up.  Adults are no longer able to even with their reading.  At all.

I just…can’t wrap my head around this.  I mean yeah, the reasons went on to say that they’re “worried teenagers will want to try it”…..BUT C’MON, people!

Good gracious penguins.

Which brings us to…

“Age” Appropriate

Because honestly, this has been bothering me for a while.  I have just one question:

How does anyone have the right to decide what is “appropriate” for…anyone?!…else?!?!?!

–Every reader is different.
–Most readers know what they are/are not comfortable with.
–The internet exists.  Readers know how to use the google machine.
–They can always, y’know, choose NOT to read the problem book?  Or, GASP!  put a book down if it’s not working.
–Common sense?

I mean, I guess I just figure most 3 year olds will NOT be starting their reading careers off with Stephen King.  (Of course, there are exceptions.  My husband, for instance, who WAS reading King at 3.  No worries!  He turned out fine!  Uhm.  Mostly.)

I mean…I dunno.

What do you think?  Does it make sense for an adult novel to have an “age” restriction?  Where do we draw the line with that, even?!  How do we know when to stop censoring and start letting people make their own choices/mistakes?  THIS LIFE IS YOURS TO DO WITH AS YOU WILL!…am I right?!

Any comments or things you’d like to add, guys?  What reason for “challenging” a book is your favorite?  Which one reaaaaally grinds your gears?

Let me know below!  Until next time, happy book-ing!

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9 thoughts on “I Challenge You!

  1. Maybe it wasn’t age appropriate in terms of being in a school library or something? Still weird, but hey. I won’t read it either way.
    I think for younger readers there is definitely appropriate material and inappropriate material, but it is still dependent on the individual, and it’s really up to parents to help their kids decide what they are comfortable reading. I mean a book written for fifth graders probably shouldn’t have explicit material. But a book shouldn’t be banned or censored. It shouldn’t be kept out of a public library or anything like that(school libraries are different because they have to consider the age group of the students). As for adults…we’re capable of making our own decisions.

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    • I mean, yeah, obviously younger readers should play by different rules…but for a novel that is targeted toward *adults*…it’s weird to have “not age appropriate” as a reason, I guess is what I was getting at. Yeah, it’s categorized as “new adult” on goodreads buuuut Anna is still over the age of 18 and, therefore, an adult. I dunnoooo.

      I guess I’m also sort of jaded, though. Growing up, my mom never cared WHAT my younger brother or I watched. Obviously we always watched movies WITH her, and she’d skip over certain scenes if they got to be too much, but I only ever remember her telling me once that I wasn’t allowed to watch something. And books? There was no cares given at all to what I read. So…*shrug*


  2. Such a weird reason! They’re totally creepy books (🙈), but certainly for an adult they should probably be considered age appropriate! You’ve just gotta laugh. Also totally agree, age isn’t a definitive indicator of whether someone is ready to read a certain book or not! Great post. 🙂 xx

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    • Mahgosh, right?! I spent like five minutes giggling and ranting about all the things I said in this post, and the husband just sort of looked at me like, “wife, you’re crazeh. why did I marry you!?”

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it–thanks for stopping by, and sharing your thoughts with me!

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