Sunday Post (#8)


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Hi, bookish peeps!

How are things in all your lives?  I feel like I talk and yak and rant about myself on these posts, but never really hear from YOU, so…let’s change that!

If you WANT to (you know, if you’re not worried I’m being too nosy or something) feel free to answer the following in the comments!

What’s your favorite color RIGHT THIS SECOND?!

Said like that with emphasis because my favorite color is forever shifting.  For instance, right this second, I’d have to say this:

YES, that is a sunrise.  YES, “sunrise” is a color.  At least…it is NOW, okay?!

What was your favorite moment from the last week?!

So.  I chose to wear an inflatable crown to work on my birthday, because WHY NOT?!  Don’t judge me.


One of my favorite regular customers (he calls me Dragon Girl, which is just all sorts of epic in my book!) came in just as I was pulling breakfast out of the oven.  He grabbed a bag, came swaggering up to the counter, and looked at me like “…What?  I’m hungry!”

I made him curtsy for his sausage rolls.  He did it very prettily.

I only wish I’d gotten it on video!  Still, best memory EVAR!

What is the last movie you watched?

The husband and I watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 the other night.  LOVELOVELOVE these movies so much.  Toothless is bae–and maybe part cat.

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Up Next:

The Cresswell Plot

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And that’s a wrap!

Feel free to share your own comments, stories, or thoughts below on anything mentioned here!

Until next time, happy book-ing!



2 thoughts on “Sunday Post (#8)

    • LMAO two colors I don’t especially like usually! Imagine that!

      So far, it IS interesting–the dad’s just a smidge bit obsessive and a LOT creepy. XD

      Thanks so much for stopping by; have a great rest of your day!


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